Zwift Running Setup: Best Footpods

(door squeaking) – Yeah Trainiacs, yeah, yeah yeah! Open for freshness. What’s in the box, what’s in the box!? What we’ve got here are
the Nike Free Flyknit 4%’s. These maybe, we’ll see today,
are going to potentially be the running shoes that I wear
Half-Ironman Puerto Rico. I used the Zoom Fly’s
in Half-Ironman World in all my speed work last
year and I really liked ’em. And this today is gonna
be final key long run, fast run session that we do. So hopefully, these make me
like scientifically guaranteed to be 4% faster in the run,
Half-Ironman Puerto Rico. Science. But you know what, today
isn’t about these shoes. If you wanna see the full review of these in the next few weeks make
sure you’re subscribed, because I haven’t even ridden them yet. Today is about RunPods
and how to get a RunPod that communicates with Zwift running for a Zwift running setup. I actually talked with
my contact over at Zwift and I got some nitty gritty details about some of the RunPods that work, some of the RunPods that work amazingly, and some of the RunPods
that are works in progress. So, let’s do that right after this run. Also, it’s an all the
colors kind of running day, blue, green, black, green, red, purple, blue, blue. I’m so fashionable. (upbeat electronic music) (groovy electronic music) Oh yeah Trainiacs, yes, yes! That was encouraging. These, I think they’re legit. Make sure you’re subscribed
for the full review, I am pumped about that. That was an hour 35 run,
going 19 and a half K, and go follow me on
Instagram if you’re not. I’ll post a picture of me running in all the colorful clothe
with the full details. Oh it felt good, oh, oh it felt good. Okay, let me go pretty up and
we’ll talk about some RunPods for Zwift running. Oh, oh, oh yeah! All right Trainiacs, let’s
talk about running footpods that you can use to get Zwift running. All right, so if you
want to get Zwift running there’s a few ways that
you can go about it. Number one, and the
easiest way to get into it is with a footpod that measures
ever single foot stride the speed and the distance, the
cadence that you are running and then it calculates
that into a running pace communicating that with Zwift
so that it propels you forward in a faster, slower rate,
and displays your cadence and your pace on Zwift running. Now the other alternative is
a Zwift compatible treadmill. We’ll talk about that in another video. But most commonly people are
using running pods with Zwift. And when I was in Zwift they told me that they are constantly
testing running pods, not just their own Zwift running pods, but things like this, the
Stryd RunningPod, Garmin, all these different running pods, and they have an updated
list of the Zwift compatible foot running pods, and
what we’re gonna talk about is just these Zwift
supported foot running pods, and there are a bunch
out there that I’m sure you can hack in, but long run, it’s safest just to get yourself a
Zwift supported RunPod. And one of the most commonly
known foot running pods is the former Milestone running pod, which is now the Zwift RunPod. This is the cheapest way to get into it, it costs about 30 bucks,
it’s actually Zwift’s own foot running pod, it weights 13 grams, it does require battery replacement. It’s fairly basic. It measures speed, distance, cadence. Connects via Bluetooth and while Fellrnr, which does a lot of
calculations comparing footpods to GPS devices to smartphones
and seeing which ones are the most accurate, it
rated the Milestone running pod as fairly accurate, but if
you look at some of the forums all around the internet they’ll
say that the Zwift running footpod isn’t necessarily
the most reliable. I ask my contacts at Zwift about this, and they said they are aware
of all of those comments and that the nice thing
about that technology is if there is in fact
anything that they can do to improve it, it’s going to get improved with firmware and software updates. So, easiest way to get into
it, and if there are issues with it that are in fact the case, it’s going to be improved
in the future, hopefully. Even though that is Zwift’s own footpod, they highly recommend the
Stryd running footpod. I like the Stryd running footpod. That said, it is by
far the most expensive, coming it at $200. It does, however, measure
a lot more metrics than just that speed, distance, cadence. It measures all of that
extremely accurately. Fellrnr actually said that
this without calibration, whereas the Zwift RunPod
needs frequent calibration, this without calibration is
more accurate than most GPS, like all GPS watches. It also measures things
like leg spring stiffness, ground contact time, stride length, a bunch of different things
that you can then use to start dialing in your training. Like in my case, I’m not able
to do a whole lot of long runs because I’m not quite as durable. As I start doing lots
and lots of long runs I start getting lots and lots of injuries. And sure enough, what
this says, is based off of the interaction with
my foot on the ground during long runs, I end up breaking down and it recommends more long runs for me. I’m like, you know me better
than I know myself Stryd. Now this connects via Bluetooth,
it’s also only 10 grams, so even lighter, and like
I said, Zwift has mentioned that they really like this, they said it’s extremely accurate,
and there’s a good chance that they are going to start incorporating some of those additional
metrics that this measures into the experience in Zwift running. Stryd also has a Zwift
live version of this which actually this orange clip is from, that this is the full version, and that is just a Zwift
only limited edition run that frankly isn’t really even available, if you can find one, it is less expensive, but it also doesn’t have
really any of those features. However, apparently Zwift
says that it works just fine without all of those fancy features like leg spring stiffness
and all the additional training data that you get. And this doesn’t require
battery replacement, that’s partly why it’s so light, it just has a charging dock
that it sits on to recharge. So those are the two key ones, budget, basic,
full-featured, very accurate, lots of training data that
you can pull out of it. Now there are some other
options to consider. There’s the Polar Stryd
sensor, which is kind of tough to find out there, you
can find it on Amazon ranging anywhere between
about 80 and 124 dollars. Still a little bit less
full featured than this, it measures speed, cadence,
stride, length, and distance. Connects via Bluetooth,
however, it is the largest of all of these sensors, at 15
grams it is about the length and the width of an egg, while
being about half as thick. So, it’s a little bit bulkier. It also requires battery
replacement when it runs out. Now the thing about the Polar Stryd sensor is that it’s not rated as
being tremendously accurate, it does require frequent calibration, and even at that point
Fellrnr ranks it kin of around like a smartphone, an iPhone
4 as far as the accuracy. And then the last footpod
sensor that Zwift supports is the Garmin ANT foot pod sensor which I don’t really even
know why you’d get it, I think it’s kind of being phased out, it is also fairly hard to find online. It does only cost about 80 dollars, but because it’s ANT+ you
typically if you are going to stream to phone or an
iPad, which most people are going to do, you’re
going to need an ANT+ key and a lightning port to
get it into an iPhone. So that could take the $80 foot pod, get it all the way up
to 160, $180 price tag. It is quite accurate, it does
require battery replacement, it does require calibration,
but when you start looking at it, it all starts coming
together to be about the same sort of price as Stryd, but it
doesn’t have all the features and doesn’t really even seem
to be a big focus for Garmin, because it’s not really
available everywhere. Why not just spend your money on that? So if you are going to spend
money, it seems like all things are going towards Stryd. If you want something
a little more budget, go for the Zwift RunPod. Just know that if you
get that Zwift RunPod there may be some updates
that you’ve gotta go through before it gets to be
tremendously accurate. And a final thing to note is
that even if I’m not using Zwift running and I’m just
going for a treadmill run, I will quite often use
this and sync to my watch, because it’s so accurate,
meanwhile that treadmill and a lot of treadmills are so inaccurate, like I’m talking .4 miles
per hour off in some cases, that I will often use
this to dial in my pace. So it’s not just for Zwift
running, it’s to when you want to start doing really specific workouts at really specific paces
and have it be replicable workout over workout
over workout, these help. Sorry Trainiacs, if you wanna get yourself into Zwift running, I highly recommend it. A couple of years ago
when I was doing long runs on the treadmill of even 50 or 60 minutes, very difficult to get through. And meanwhile, this year, I’ve been doing 95 minute treadmill workouts here and they’ve been perfectly enjoyable. All right, that’s it for today. If you aren’t already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below. And if you are subscribed,
check out some of the other popular Zwift videos that
we’ve got up here and here. Pete loves Zwift, he loves it. He’s also a really big camera hog. When I start talking,
you wanna get involved. Later Trainiacs.


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  • Hi Taren,

    I noticed on your Race Day PR 70.3 video posted the other that you weren't wearing a fuel belt during the run. You've given Traniacs the nutrition calculator, which is super helpful and thank you for that! I'm just wondering how you're able to keep track of how much nutrition you're taking in during the run if you're not using a fuel belt and instead are relying on aid stations?

  • Love my Stryd 👍

  • Hey Taren,

    I'm going through a very hard phase at the moment. To keep it short: I've been fat, then too thin, then less thin but still too thin, started triathlon, too many sessions => OVERTRAINING (I'm 15). Now I've been back for about 3 months, just doing some bike and gym sessions. Did my first run about 3 days ago and well, kinda sad when you see yourself running at a pace of 5:45/km instead of 4:45 and feelin your knees and muscles that theire not used to this movements… My question is, could you please make a video about overtaining and, if you have, share some experiences. If not, I'd be nice anyway cause you're one of the few that can really make me feel happy right now. Thank you so much for being you and for being so kind and thank you for just EVERYTHING.

    Lots of greetings from Germany.

  • The Styd pod was a big dissepointment. Half my outdoor runs it would not record any data and it's very hard to troubleshoot. Their CS was clueless.The Milestone has not let me down yet & @ 1/6 the cost it's a no brainer.

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  • Do you think the cadence measurements on watches are very accurate? Or would it be more accurate with a foot pod?

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  • Yup, the 4%s are pretty nice. But I think the Zoom Fly are so similar that it’s hard for me to judge. Maybe down(up) in the rarefied zone of sub 4:00kms there’s a discernible difference, let us know.

  • Thank you thank you for all the information! So very helpful.

  • Can you review the Scosche Rhythm 23, I use it as my go to HR monitor and it has ability to do running cadence and works with Zwift running. Curious to get your take.

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  • So does the Stryd need calibration or not? Thought I read it did but you noted it was super accurate without calibration.

  • Taren I have watched you for years now, and I love the show. I have used wahoo HRM and Garmin HRM tri. The HRM tri blows wahoo's HRM out of the water. Plus it gives you your running dynamics. You should consider giving it a tri;).

  • Funny watching this regarding your new 4% Nike’s which are for most way to expensive & your run was average in Porto despite a epic overall performance 🤟🏼 I have the stryd which is also over $300 Australian dollars but it’s super accurate & works fantastic inside on Zwift or outside being far superior to Garmin. I take my training seriously to justify the cost though. Good vid as always T😎

  • I have a milestone footpod. It’s pathetic. Can’t even connect to Zwift anymore. Always drops out. Also doesn’t work until I was running over 6km/h. I’m saving for a Stryd but it will cost me $350 shipped from the states to Australia.

  • I have the milestone pod (now Zwift) and also use a Garmin Ant+ footpod. I'm connected to my Laptop so Ant+ is not an issue. I find that the Ant+ Garming footpod is much easier to use. The Milestone pod takes a really long time to connect. I sometimes have to run for 2-3 minutes on the Milestone to get it paired. It's sometimes very frustrating and often the speed drops out sporatically.

  • I have a Zwift pod. The accuracy for pace (and therefore distance) is so far off that it isn't really worth running on Zwift. They sent it to me for free through a competition so I can't complain about the price…

  • For someone who is not yet on Zwift, or on a treadmill, but may join in the future (but not quite yet), which one would you recommend (so, would be used MOSTLY for open road running in the beginning)? I'm guessing the Stryd?

  • Thanks key words even Zwift recommends the Stryd and not their own version from milestone. Which can have all the tech needed at an attractive price but its garbage. Why, as just about everyone who's got 1 has too do frequent updates via milestone & the accuracy is awful a m.p.h. over/ under when it does connect which is rare as it never stays connected long enough for u to complete even 1/3 of a mile

  • Just started zwift running with the Garmin footpod, very easy to pick up online (in UK) and seamless connection for me as I'm already transmitting bike power to zwift via an ANT+ dongle.
    There is a zwift running Facebook page which is a good place to read up on what others are using…. Most people there highly rate the stryd footpod. The zwift/milestone pod gets mixed to negative reviews.
    For me as long as the footpod measures changes in pace and i get a good workout at ballpark distances on the treadmill I'm happy. Accurate distance and pace work will be stuff outside on the track and at measured races.

  • I've never, never ever , been even half as excited as you were after a treadmill run. 😉

  • Taren, have you compared the pods head to head to see how much they vary one from the other? I have a garmin and recently got a zwift one due tousing my phone on the treadmill and not able to connect it to zwift. I have run with both at the same time and have noticed a significant diference of up to 45 sec per mile between them garmin reporting the fastest pace, but the zwift one seems to be more in sync with the treadmill numbers. Kind of frustrated with this since i like using zwift but hate that i im not getting accurate numbers with it.

  • Thanks for your review? Did you know if Stryd is compatible with Polar Vantage V? Thanks!!!

  • Do someone know where to buy stryde in norway?

  • Just finished half marathon with my second 4% exactly the one you have. I think this new version of flynit is better since you dont have to adjust the shoe lace. The awesomeness of the Flynit of the Nike Freerun, and the carbon sole of the Zoom 4% and you've got the perfect Flynit 4% ultimate running shoes from Nike IMHO!

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