Zendaya Shows One of Her and Zac Efron’s Trapeze Fails for The Greatest Showman


  • My thought.
    Zendaya 23
    Zack 31….
    Well nice kissing dude

  • Oh i love her sooo much !!

  • Jimmy’s drunk

  • Who else felt that slam in their soul?

  • She’s purrty.

  • 2:12 HAHAHAHAHAH omg
    tAKE ME UP

  • I feel weird because I shouldn't care about this but I love the idea that Zendaya and Tom Holland might be dating. They are adorbs. She's so great.

  • Zendaya is so funny hahaha

  • The thwap when they smacked together hurt me 😂

  • put up some green net

  • I feel bad for Tom Holland he’s got Zac Effron as competition for her

  • I feel like Pink would've been a perfect person for this role.

  • Who heard Zac say "o shi*"
    At 3:57 xD

  • Holy holy lots of views

  • Rewrite the stars was my favourite song from the movie.

  • 3:57
    Zac: "Oh shit!"

  • Johhhy Baningalsbffgoids💜💜💚🐔💕❤💕💚💕❤💕❤💛💚💕❤💕❤💕❤❤

  • Where does Zendaya get the second rope in the final scene?

  • Was anybody else mesmerised by Zendaya’s bouncing hair?

  • 2:05 You're welcome.

  • Queen Z

  • 😂 Join a circus he says well now there all closed soooooo

  • She looks a lot younger than in the movie…

  • Once I misread the title of the movie and thought it said the" greatest SNOWMAN " I thought it was another Christmas movie because when I first heard of the movie , the time was around Christmas or something I believe. Kinda embarrassing not gonna lie lol

  • I love zendaya

  • Tom's lucky to kiss zendaya

  • I Will always See her AS a Disney Channel Star not a normal actor

  • 3:57 u can hear Zac Efron say"oh shoot"before they slammed together

  • I dressed up as her from the greatest showman for Halloween

  • I need Hugh Jackman to call me a badass!!

  • Who else is watching in 2019 lol

  • OMG Zendaya, I remember her from my younger days.

  • I am currently asking my mom if I can sign up for a Disney's kids casting so I might be able to get into acting 😀 my family line was full of performers so my parents are so they might just make an exception! I might just be able to audition wish me luck if I do!

  • Z !!! #Zendaya is a Pretty Artist 😍💪🙊👊

  • Right! even someone as famous as her if Hugh Jackman calls you [email protected]$$ like heck yeah take me up! I can do anything

  • This is how many times zendaya clapped her hands

  • Anyone here after far from home 😂

    Cough *cough TOM HOLLAND

  • Zendaya❤️

  • Such an actor

  • I bet that body slam hurt her…. Chest parts (I don't know how else to put it ;^;)

  • What ever Hugh jackman used to make kendaya feel powerful I need

  • Did anyone watch kc undercover

  • 2:58 its a nice icebreaker……….

    And leg breaker 😂😂😂😂

  • love sent from noah schnapp

  • Why is 2017 jimmy Fallon in my 2019 recommend

  • she's so fcking pretty

  • 3:54 my blind ass trying to see from the back of the classroom

  • Me scrolling down to check if there is Noah Schnapp's message

  • Tell me why YouTube has decided to bring me back late 2k19?

  • Isn't she also MK from spider man far from home

  • 0:03 Zendaya's Face
    When you know you shitted your pants

  • Love her

  • Fuck

  • Pls check out the videos i made on my channel i made about rue pls take alook at it🙌

  • im so jelly that she got to body slam with Zac Efron

  • https://youtu.be/X2KiUPg3NOY pls watch this video that i made for zendaya/rue from her new show euphoria
    Pls subscrive and like support my channel for more

  • That scene had such fabulous choreography. I haven't even seen the movie yet, but Pandora made me love the songs & YouTube made me love the clips I've scene. Time to finally watch the movie!

  • I want to be like her… being a teenager I am looking for someone whom I can copy a good personality… and now I found her

  • I just realized in the real clip its weird how his rope suddenly turns into two when she needs one as well

  • 4:35 reaching for a rope that's non existent then suddenly appears 😁

  • zendaya is so lovable fricifudjdjd i am turning gay for her

  • I would like to know where the second rope came from XD

  • If Hugh Jackman calls you a badass you get the power to do amazing things.

  • omg december 20 is my birthday!!!

  • She more personality here than in the Spider-man films.

  • It's time for sex!!!

  • Honestly I have a crush on zendaya

  • 3:44

  • How good did it feel to get it right?

  • Zendaya is so funny😂😂😂

  • So amazing Amazing amazing everything is so amazing! Its the rich and famous' word to describe everything! Want to hear something really disturbing listen to the interview Liv Tyler did at Oxford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Axd5SnGglI it a great drinking game every time she says AMAZING take a drink. I love Zendaya tho shes just young and trying to play the fake roll everyone has to play to succeed in this hypocritical shat country.

  • Zendaya is the main reason why I'm not straight, lol 🙁 , seriously an amazing, talented, beautiful, breathtaking QUEEN, how could anyone not like this woman, i really love and respect her with all my heart 💚and trust me her personality is so inspirational and special, we stan a queen ❤👑

  • She said take this ellan

  • KC

  • TAKE. MEI. UP!

  • Who’s here when Tom Holland is out of MCU

  • U see her arms moving, that’s how u grabs ppl attention when talking

  • When ever you are feeling like you cant do something…

    Imagine Hugh Jackman calling you a badass.

  • never seen a more likeable person

  • 4:22 Tom holland is jealous

  • were my euphoria gang at??

  • Imagine growing up at the same time as zendeya but she gets to kiss Zac effron and youre sitting home eating cheesepuffs and failing in school lol just me?

  • She slipped and fell on DAT DICK a couple times!!

  • 핵인싸 그자체

  • oh she’s amazing I like her

  • 3:55 y'all welcome

  • Happy birthday Zendaya I hope and have a great time

  • This is the amount of times she hit her hands together ⬇


  • This is my don't-know-how-many-times-I've-watched-this-clip and I just realised something.

    Zendaya just magically made a rope appear out of thin air. She's a witch 😀

  • If wolverine calls you a badass, your life is complete

  • Yaass lmao

  • 3:39 literally looked like it came straight out of shake it up

  • Another celebrity taken the Ariana stare! Can any of these celebs see cameras without down the arianna squint?

  • Love her.

  • 2:09 "Zendaya…….u r a badass"

  • Bruh I skipped the video to see the trapeze fail and the only words I heard was her saying uh, um, uh

  • Roses are red
    I am alive
    The minute ur searching for
    Is 3:55

  • She’s perfect

  • She's so Awesome! Why can't I be like her.

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