Fit Tech: Which running shoes do I pick?

hi, my name’s Jewels. I’m the running buyer here at one the most popular question that we
get here in what type of running shoe do I wear What is pronation? What is motion control? well let’s help you figure it out. So you can see here, when the outside of her foot hits first and her ankle and her arch roll in – her arch actually collapses. She pronates excessively. so she needs much more support that
would require a motion control footwear. Here you can see that the heel actually strikes first. absorbing the shock of the body. This is
the perfect gait cycle as he pushes off with his forefoot. You can see here when she is running, the outside of her foot is hitting first and she’s rolling in, just not excessively so she’s mildly pronating, she would need a stability shoe. 80% of runners actually fall into the stability category, and just don’t know it. If you’re not sure what type of runner you are wet your foot in a shallow pan of water and step on a paper towel. Use this easy guide, to fit into one of these 3 categories. I hope that the super helpful if you
have any questions feel free to call us 24/7 happy running

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