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Our feet are the real protagonists in our walk through life Nowadays we mistreat them with inappropriate footwear, creating imbalances both in our interior and exterior walking barefoot is truly a relief. Children walk barefoot spontaneously in spite of the living conditions today. In this way they connect with their natural balance. We know that the sole of the foot is the receptor of reflex projections of everything that takes place in our body Over the last two years, Lina Rodriguez, researcher and expert therapist of long experience, Together with Astrid Weissenborn, sculptor and plastic artist, have worked with great care to create “Yol Sandals” This footwear generates a gentle simulation of all the reflex zones on the sole of the foot. Zonal reflexology is an ancient and powerful medical energy technique Through its use, we are able to bring the body’s Yin and Yang into balance, activating all the body’s transformative and self regulating mechanisms. In the design of Yol Sandals, the reflex equivalencies of body organs and energy centers have been respected Yol Sandals is especially recommended in situations of stress, anxiety, back pain, headaches, chronic constipation,and more generally to help us toward our goal of a health and happy life. Walking regularly with Yol Sandals is a practical and effective form of self regulation. In our everyday life which doesn’t involve any additional time or effort. “The feet are the way” is not just a slogan; it is the “Leitmotive” of our project. We have created Yol Sandals so we can share
this path with everyone who would like to join us on this road to well-being. Will you join us?

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