Xero Shoes Review | Jessie Barefoot Sandal Review | Best Minimalist Sandals Womens

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to review the Jessie Sandal,
which is one of the Barefoot Minimalist Sandals offered by Xero Shoes. Here it is. Here’s the Jessie. Now, out of all the Xero shoes and sandals
that I’ve tried, this is probably the thinnest one. Super lightweight, super minimalist like all
Xero shoes and sandals that can bend and flex. There’s the evidence right there, how it rolls
up. This one’s going to make it into my travel
bag. We slow travel full-time and my two chosen
pairs of footwear for that are going to be the TerraFlex, which I’ll have on my feet
while I’m traveling and then this one is just going to take up zero room in my bag, which
is the main thing. I absolutely love the Jessies. It is a woman-style sandal, but I have seen
from Xero Shoes posts that many men also love this style, so I don’t think they think they
come in men’s sizes at the moment but there are some men opting to wear the Jessie as
well. And I really love it because, first of all,
I wear these on the beach a lot and I have a newborn baby and it’s not always easy to
take my shoes on and off all the time. Sometimes I didn’t have any hands free, sometimes
I have one hand free, so I leave these on, usually, when I go walking along the beach
and you might even be able to see they’re full of sand at the moment. So that’s my everyday beach shoe. I have taken it up one little hill. They’re going to be okay to wear on small
off-road trials or small hills. I wouldn’t take them on major hikes or anything. I find that my toe would probably slip out
of the front if the terrain’s too uneven. You can definitely break into a sprint if
you’re into that everyday sort of lifestyle activities and I really love them because
I think they look really great with a dress as well. So it’s middle of summer here for me. I have been wearing more dresses, especially
when I was pregnant and I just think the style goes really nicely. So if you’re looking for a real minimalist-type
wardrobe where you’ve only got a couple of pairs of footwear and you need your footwear
to be really versatile, then this is a great one to have on board. And like all Xero shoes, they follow the barefoot
philosophy, as you can see by how thin they are. So that allows your feet to move and function
as feet should and for your sensory receptors that you have on the bottom of your feet to
work properly and provide feedback to the rest of your body on how to move effectively. So that’s the Jessie. I love it. I’ll be taking it on my slow travel lifestyle
when we leave again in about three or four weeks. Can’t wait to have this in my bag. Like I said, it’s going to take up zero room. Remember to like, comment and subscribe to
my channel for more of these videos and check out my other Xero Shoes reviews as well. I will leave a link to the Jessies at the
bottom in the description, so make sure you check that out and you can see the full range
of Xero Shoes on offer.

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  • Awesome! Love my XeroShoes. I need to get my wife to try them out and maybe these are the ones to convert her to XeroShoes. 🙂

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