World War Nerf

Sir come on, lets go lets go OMG Medic,Medic Yes sir, *ah* YOU HOLD STILL, Yes sir Kid whats the plan, just scope out the area, YES SIR! Captain *blows up* Is it bad, we got you bro come on come on *bugle in back round* Get to cover, *tank blows up* Hey Andrew here and hoped you enjoyed the video remember to like and subscribe.


  • 2019???

  • Русские есть?

  • what every boy,s back yard party was like

  • Que ridiculo

  • WWII short film ( low budget )

  • 0:53 Batman thingy

  • American hit alot amma
    Almost survived
    German eat one shot

  • Lol no machine gun at tank?


  • RiP out guys😁😁😁

  • When the Soviets run out of bullets. (low cost remake)

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • woasam wow pld episod 2

  • 1:23 has darts in his clip 1:28 grabs dart from the ground and fires it

  • College Teacher: Ok class we’re going to have a nerf war!

    Girls: no the bullets hurt too much!

    Boys: This Video

  • Пипец

  • А где сиськи?

  • 2:21

    34 million people have seen his nipples


  • Uriejrdjhegehrjrbsjgsyeuwgeiwyru2urheuehrhururutuututuutu5uyriireikrurorireoirututitihgcuurirjfurhrurufheurgrhduruurudueufyuruu$iufi4itoui4itii4yiu5iitutuyu5uyUjjthtyttu4u5u5u5utu4u54i4yu54uu4u4yttu5uu4utu4u5uu5y4u4ruruurururyutitu48uthry4ytyyuururuttu7ruur7rurryryryr7yr6tyty4yty4yty4tutjtrhutututyytyttututuyt7rut7utututituuuthutytytytu57ty47tu4tu75ty4u57tunfndxhjfhfhfjdjeuieuteugoehtierioetirijtithetjirieirjjrfj#jtgjgngnbfbfnfbfbui4iurutigiritit

  • Кто от саранго?

  • 30 миллионов людей видели его соски x
    UPD: Лучше бы на канал так подписывались
    UPD2: уже 35 миллионов

  • Есть кто от саранго боя?

  • Я пришла из-за поста в реддите о сосках парня на 2:21

  • кто с реддита ?

  • Saranago Boy

  • 30 million people saw his nipples.

  • New from nerf

    Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf.E

  • Says get tog cover and rushes on tank gg

  • Так где его соски

  • Кто от Saranago?

  • Теперь мы тоже видели его соски 🙂

  • Хеллоу мазафака

  • Its so funny

  • nice nipples

  • Girls: I hate nerf, the boys take it to seriously


  • When me and my friends play a simple game of nerf war and my imagination be like:


  • Who is from Reddit or Sarango Boy?

  • What you imagine high school to be like because of all of the nerf war stories

  • Batmen bandaids cure all injuries. Lol

  • yenildiğiniz şeyi neden yapıyorsunuz

  • I am sooo scared 😦

  • Да, я здесь ради сосочков

  • I love this video

  • Pls next time its pelet gun

  • Там танк Tiger 1

  • 0:33 other team members running by enemy that's attacking team mate

  • our tiger series has gone too far folks.

  • How many Nerf bullets were lost?

  • Это нерф

  • At the Omaha beach the allied forces were having troubles landing due to heavy German enplacments 1944 colorized

  • о брат ты тоже здесь?

  • Nerf Mega is more a grenade launcher than a simple machine gun

  • i am a simple man.
    i see tank, i click.

  • Yo quiero ese tanque xd

  • Hi reddit. Dude ur Nipples are awesome

  • 2:33 ну смотрите

  • 응 아니야

  • Türk yokmu aq

  • What parents see: Me and my friends playing with nerf guns

    What we see: This video

  • Nice

  • This is why this video so good there’s literally a nerf tank WHY ISNT THERE A NERF PLANE OR BOAT OR TANK IN ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!

  • 35 лямов видели его соски))

  • Nerf tank wate fukc

  • 2:22 похоже это его… (кто с реддита вот вам тайм код)

  • really? playing war with toy guns do it with real guns dumb fucks

  • What me and my brother see: world war nerf
    Vs what my mom sees: mess

  • 0:16

    It’s an meme when u wanted to fight

  • 2:22 соски тут

  • Клас

  • this is so cool

  • Me:*sees kids outside playing with nerf guns* heh dorks
    Also me: 0:01

  • 2:56 “GET TO COVER!”

    Runs straight towards the tank

  • 12345 67890.

  • 35 гребенных миллионов увидели его соски

  • I need nipple’s timecode

  • I love this nerf war

  • 너무 제미있다

  • Girls : No Need for any nerf wars besides the bullets hurt like a ton.

    Boys : May god have mercy on our enemy's , because we won't.

    The people walking across the street Or wherever : What the hell… We don't need another world war God forbid.

    People watching : Epic.


  • Of that nerf tank was real I was buy it and surprise my friends if we had a nerf war I would come up to them with the tank like say hello to my little friend b*tches

  • War… War never changes

  • 1;32

  • The modern battle of Berlin 2016 colorized

  • 2:29 кто пришел из реддита для этого?

  • …. a tank has A MG … so it does not have to waste bit shells on infantry

  • Stu pid

  • HANS

    A TANK


  • 0:33 how did all of the soldiers walk past and ignore the German soldier?

  • This is pro

  • war for nerds.

  • Girls:boys are too lazy they have never protected us
    Boys: Fights for nerf freedom"

  • girls in locker room: ugh i hate pe skskskskskskssk

  • Wow amazing awesome u have a nerf tiger tank for nazi germany !!

  • 2:38–3:49what the name of that song?


  • 0:27 why the freak would they run to the enemy area

  • G

  • Modern problems need modern solutions

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