World Championship in Shoe Shining 2018

OK, welcome to the final of the World Championship in
Shoeshine in 2018 hosted by me, Jesper Ingevaldsson of Shoegazing to g ether with The Shoe Snob, Justin Fitzpatrick and we’re doing this in
collaboration with the shoe care brand Saphir. So we rank things on the position with the number of votes just below was Pete Bultitude here and I can start with you then. You were in the final
last year as well and you work for Gaziano & Girling in Northhampton as a Shoeshiner and Patina Specialist
in the finishing department. That’s correct yes. It’s good to be back – nervous, but
back! And you have a former colleague of yours
to your right, Thomas Brunschwick, who
also worked at Gaziano & Girling before and before that
[unintelligible] among other things. And now you are set to learn shoemaking in Florence. Welcome. How does it feel to be here? Nervous! That’s what everyone says! All right. And then the final finalist is John Chung from Singapore. He owns and runs the shoe care and shoe shining bar Mason and Smith. But you’re also based in Tokyo, where you’re learning shoemaking. You work for, you’ve been learning with the Misawa workshop and will start as an apprentice at
Yohei Fukuda. How do you feel about being here? I’m excited and happy to be here!
May the best one win! We have three professional shoe shiners here basically and the shoe shining and patina takes
work. So it should be interesting to see
what they come up with here. What will happen now is that we give
them 20 minutes to polish a brand new pair of Loake Aldwych shoes straight out of the box. No more work than that. And they get one can of Saphir Pate de Luxe and can of Saphir Mirror Gloss. And they have shoe care brushes. They can bring their own polishing
cloth and they also have water and a nylon cloth for potential finishing. So they pick their own colors and all that. John and Thomas have picked the dark
brown and Pete picked black for the Medaille d’Or Pate de Luxe. The World Championships in Shoe Shining 2018 starts now! We have 20 minutes to polish this shoe as beautiful as possible as we stated. Which means that of course the shine, the glacage is one part but also how they use the whole shoe and how they work with the color with the small possibilities that they have with one can of colored wax. So I think we’re going to see some
different techniques. That’s usually what happens. You can see that John here to the
left has quite a high frequency on things, working very quickly. Pete looks bit more relaxed, I would say. I’m not sure if that’s the case but that’s the look of things. Yeah Thomas also takes it more relaxing from the view of it. And as you can see they mix waxes with water to get a less friction on things and get the shine out. So the hard thing with this is when it’s a new shoe, it’s not that much wax on it. So it can take a very long time to get a good shine on. And I think you’ll be amazed of the
resource that we will see today because only doing this in 20 minutes, they will achieve some amazing stuff. Pete, you were in the final last
year, as I mentioned. What did you learn from that? I wasn’t as good as the winner! But
it was a good experience but it’s an eye-opener to see how different people polish. I’ve been doing this 16 years and I’ve never seen the way some of these
people do it, with no cloth and things like
that. It’s good, I enjoyed it.
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W hen we talk about that, you can
see that John here uses his finger to apply the wax directly. What’s the purpose of using your fingertips? I feel that you can allow the leather to absorb the waxes much
better, you can press it into the pores, and I think it creates a depth of color, and it takes a lot
of time with the cloth. So for the competition I’ve decided to use a little bit of my fingers fingers first before polishing the shoes. Have you been practicing ahead of
this? This is a bit special, normally you don’t polish shoes for
20 minutes. How have you been preparing yourself? I’ve been practicing polishing with
different colors, especially with the Mirror Gloss. But I’ve been using Saphir for quite
a while. I’m getting sweaty just by standing in here, so I can just imagine how things are for you. Would you call this a sport? I never used to, but since something like this happened, I would say it’s getting that way. It’s something you see people seem very interested in. It’s just something I’ve done as a
job but now has become more an art and a sport. I didn’t realize it would happen. It’s great that it’s getting the
recognition it deserves. Yeah and you told us you work with patina and shoe shining in the shoe industry for quite a while. How would you say that the interest
in shining has changed over the years? Well people are interested in having
shoes that look good. That’s quite recent, but for many years I feel like people
[unintelligible]. So you have worked for seven minutes, so 13 minutes left, so you still have some time and as you can see when you look at
the shoes I mean, for only seven minutes in, they already started to work up a
shine on these shoes which is really impressive. And as I mentioned, we do this collaboration with Saphir Medaille d’Or, which is a French premium shoe care brand, and the products that they use here are a
bit different. We have one color of Pate de Luxe which is more of a basic wax polish and the pigments which you can work up the color
with. And then they have a relatively new
product, called Saphir Medaille d’Or Mirror
Gloss, which is essentially a high shine product, which many find makes it easier to get a high shine quicker. So it’s two a bit different
products, but they all work toward the same goal
to get a nice shine and protection on the shoes. And what the winners will receive, here, or the winner because we will only
announce a winner, we won’t rate everyone, we will announce one champion and the shoe that they are shining, they picked their own size so they will get the Loake Aldwych shoe and get to bring home and they will also get a shoe carry kit from Saphir Medaille d’Or. And that will also be for all the contestants. And then we also have this lovely glass award which they bring home afterwards. I’m not sure if you see this, it’s new. Something to put on a pedestal back home afterwards. So getting close to w ards the end
now. And they have brushes, also we have a nylon cloth which is basically like
women’s stockings, which if you don’t know is awesome to get a final shine going. So I think we see some of them use that towards the end there. And that during the last minute I
give you more updates so that you really know when you are supposed to be finished. And when I say that the time is up you have to release
the shoe and step away from the table as they say in the chefs competition. After they are finished, we, the jury members, will ask you to let us come forward and have a look at the shoes
first. And once we have had a look on them, we will come forward and announce the winner, then after that, you are free to
come and look at the shoes. Stay tight for a bit, ok? 30 seconds 30 seconds. Twenty seconds. Ten 9, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and we’re done. Let’s give a big round of applause
to the finalists of the World Championship in Shoe Making. So as I mentioned, I will call
forward the jury members: Sergio from Saphir, Justin from The Shoe Snob, and Phillip from Loake and we will have you review t he
shoes now and we will go away for a small session so please stand by before we come back and announce the winner, alright? All right. So we have had a short jury session where we discussed the shoes. Yes, as always it’s impressive results
that we see here. We came to the conclusion that the World Champion in Shoe Shining 2018 who will receive a Loake shoe, shoe care products from Saphir and this prize, Sergio from Avel will hand it out. So the World Champion is John Chung from Singapore!
Congratulations! And the other ones will also get some nice prices here. So thank you everyone for following this and thank you very much, our finalists. Thank you. Thank you all in the audience.


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