Wonder Woman’s New Armour And Weapon Upgrades In Wonder Woman 1984

DC’s first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 gives
us a good idea for what to expect of the movie. From new villains to the return of Steve Trevor. Although we are yet to see Barbara Minerva,
played by Kristen Wigg, in her Cheetah form. Another interesting thing about the trailer
was a sneak peek at Wonder Woman’s new Eagle armour. So, today we are going to discuss all you
need to know about her Wonder new costume and weapons upgrade and why does she need
these upgrades in the first place. So let’s get this video started. The first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 gave us the long-awaited first look at Diana Prince’s
latest adventure. The trailer showcased the film’s 1980s setting
in an array of absurd and delightful ways, while also teasing the conflict between Diana
and Maxwell Lord played by Pedro Pascal. Much of the trailer showed Diana in her signature
red, blue, and gold costume, but towards the end, we got a look at her newest costume in
a pretty epic way. We see Diana donning an all-gold suit of armour
with wings, which she somehow sheds before blocking a bullet with her bracelets. The introduction of new Amazon armour has
left some people wondering where did Wonder Woman manage to find this badass armour. As we know she can’t return back to her home
island of Themyscira. But said in trailers we do see some shots
of Themyscira, which might just be flashbacks or maybe movie really finds a clever way to
take us back there. But whatever the case be one thing is sure:
That the backstory given to this new armour will beat the comic book version, since the
Golden Eagle Armor is as it is called in the comics is just a suit of gold armour. And that’s it. It has no special superpower other than the
fact it is battle armour made for the Amazonian. So, it isn’t really the armour that tells
the story, but the fact that Diana hardly wears any, to begin with. So when she does armour up–with massive metal
wings and a beaked helm, we know for sure that the upcoming fight is going to test her,
even if it doesn’t actually, since she’s, you know, Wonder Woman. In the comics, the suit of armour was originally
made for Wonder Woman’s mother. And the armour came with the Sandals of Hermes
and the Gauntlet of Atlas. The sandals gave her the powers of flight
whereas the Gauntlet of Atlas boosted her powers by ten times. And it plausible that we get to see both of
them in the movies too. Maybe Wonder Woman is already wearing this
new Gauntlet in the trailer but we will have to wait for the movie to know that for sure. Another thing to point out here is the fact
that Wonder Woman can’t yet fly in the movies, unlike the comics. In the trailers we see her using the lightning
and her lasso to swing into flight. And that makes sense from the point that Zeus,
the god of lightning, is her father. But again this Amazon-made armour is just
armour and does no more than providing protection to the wearer. Which makes us wonder why DC is introducing
it in the second movie? As it is one of the most obvious questions:
if plate armour was on the table, why is this the first we’re seeing of it? The first Wonder Woman movie required Diana
to deflect every bullet sent her way as we saw her march into the No man’s land, so a
suit of armour would have been more than a little handy, to say the least. And not to mention her leaving the island
to kill Ares. So if that armour was on the Island why didn’t
her mother allow her to take it with her. There might be a simple reason behind that,
maybe that armour was lost which somehow gets found in some archaeological discovery in
the recent times and given the fact that Barbara Ann Minerva is actually an archaeologist by
profession. It makes much more sense that this is what
might be the case. And to finally fight Cheetah towards the third
act of the movie, Wonder Woman might end up using her former friend’s own discovery to
defeat her. Which brings us to the question why does Diana
need an Armour to fight Cheetah? Since we know she is more than capable of
taking on anything that there is without any armour. As in Batman V Superman, she shows up to fight
Doomsday in normal Amazonian costume rather than this elaborate armour. To answer that we need to know a bit about
the villain Cheetah. While Cheetah may resemble a human-cat hybrid,
her origins in the comics have always been tied to the mystical, magical, and supernatural. And I have already done a separate video on
that, the link will be in the upper right corner. Since Cheetah’s powers are boosted by magic,
Diana could feasibly need extra protection to resist it. However, that explanation for Barbara’s curse
offers the most likely reason for Diana to suit up. But there might be a more interesting reason
and that to do with the fact that she gets suited up because she doesn’t want to have
this fight at all. I know that might sound a bit confusing at
first but here me out. Since Cheetah was originally her friend. Wonder Woman might try to get through to her
while making sure that she can absorb most of Cheetah’s damage while she doing little
to none in retaliation. It’s still speculation on my part, but if
Jenkins and Gadot are adapting the DC Rebirth version of Cheetah’s story, then one of the
comic’s most powerful and unforgettable scene seems an obvious inclusion. The sequence begins with Diana seeking Barbara
out, and withstanding one lightning-fast slash and claw after another, requesting Barbara
to listen to her, and refusing to attack. In the end, it’s Barbara who finally gives
up which allows Diana to reach out to her and let her know that nothing has changed,
that she is still loved. Since after being transformed into Cheetah
Barbara pretty much considered herself to be some kind of savage monster. And it is Wonder Woman’s compassion and love
that saves the day for her. And since we saw this theme in the first movie,
when Wonder Woman refused to kill that scientist while the villain Ares patronised her to get
the revenge that she needed. So, it makes sense that DC would double down
on this particular aspect of Wonder Woman. Now, in the upcoming movie, Diana donning
the armour to simply stand and survive Cheetah’s onslaught could offer the kind of CG spectacle
that we expect from a third act. But it needs to be nicely done as it was also
the most heavily criticized part of the first Wonder Woman. Let me know in the comments what do you think
about the movie’s subversion of our expectations when it’s revealed that Diana’s most glorious
armour doesn’t grant her more power in a fight, but simply helps her survive long enough for
her words and compassion to make a real difference to her former friend. And with that, we will bring this video to
an end. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like
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  • Do you guys think this will be the new permanent costume of Wonder Woman going forward? Bcz that would kind of break the continuity

  • Yes it may be

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