Women’s Digital Nomad Packing List | Clothing & Toiletries For Minimalist Carry On Travel

– In this video we’re excited to share our Women’s Specific Items from our Digital Nomad Packing List with you. Hey, I’m Rebecca from Pack Hacker where we use our expertise
and world experience to find practical resources
and honest opinions guiding you towards smarter travel. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. I spent most of 2016 up until now living out of a single Fortaleza backpack, while also working remotely. So between us here at Pack Hacker, we’ve been able to test
a range of products that we’re excited to share with you. So let’s jump into the
Women’s Specific Items for our Digital Nomad Packing List. (upbeat digital music) First, a few details. We’ll be covering the
clothing and accessories, and toiletries and personal
care sections in this video. The bag, tech, and productivity,
and miscellaneous sections of our Digital Nomad
Packing List are all unisex. So if you’d like to check those out, which you really should, make sure you watch our original video and head over to packhacker.com. All the information is on there, as well as our other packing lists, too. Check those out in the link
in the description below. After publishing the original version of the Digital Nomad
Packing List, we had a ton of comments asking for a
women’s specific version, too. Now of course we couldn’t
just throw a list together. We wanted to test everything first. It’s what we do here at Pack Hacker, and it’s what we pride ourselves on. So everything you’ll see on this list has over one month of testing. It’s also important to note that every item we’ve added here still fits into the original
bags and organizers. We decided to stick with
the Aer Travel Pack 2, because even at full capacity, this pack will work
well on a smaller frame. For more information on this
bag, check out the full review. The intention of this video
is to give you all the items you need to create your
ideal packing list. We recommend that you use
this list as a framework that you can adapt and change
to you and your use case. Which is why we don’t
recommend going out to buy all of the items straight away. We’ve found that traveling with less stuff is usually better, and it’s best to slowly optimize your gear, and find
out what works best for you. So without further adieu, let’s jump into the
clothing and accessories. (upbeat digital music) From out experience, we’ve found that darker colors work better for travel, as they’ll show up the
least amount of dirt when you’re on the road. However if you prefer a pop of color, then feel free to mix it up. Also from testing we found these clothes will serve you well in most climates, as long as you layer them up. But we’ll go more into detail
on that later on in the video. Let’s start with the Icebreaker Siren Bra. Now this is merino wool, as are most of the items on this list. We really like this material. It’s durable, breathable,
and super comfortable too, among many other things. We like this bra because not only is it comfortable to wear all day long, but it’s also supportive
enough to wear for exercise if you wanted to go for a
run or do things like that. Next we have the Icebreaker Siren Thong. Sounds familiar because
this is a matching set, which we really like. These are comfortable as
well, made from merino wool. We packed two of these. Next we have the THINX Hiphugger. Now these are slightly different. These are an alternative to
your usual sanitary products. They’re period-proof underwear, and they look just like normal underwear. So you can wear them when
you’re not on your period, and when you are,
they’ll be able to absorb everything really well. They’re super comfortable
and super stylish. We really enjoyed using these. Moving on to the socks. And first we’re going
to look at Darn Tough’s No Show Invisible Light Socks. These are made of merino wool, which means you only need two pairs. Crazy, right! But merino wool is breathable,
comfortable, odor-resistant, which means that you can wear these multiple times without them smelling. Which is ideal for travel. These small socks also
work really well in shoes when you don’t want to see the socks, and they won’t slip or pinch
up, or anything like that. They’ll stay exactly where they are, which is what we really like about these. Next up we have the Darn
Tough again, Basic Crew Socks. If you’re looking for an
everyday pair of socks, these are the ones you need. They’ll keep you warm when it’s cold and they’ll also keep your feet cooler on those warmer days, too,
which is really awesome. And they offer a great warranty as well. So these socks will keep up
with you on your adventures. Next up are the Calzedonia
Perfect Skin Tights. These offer some great coverage for when you wear them with a dress. They’ll keep you warm
when it’s a bit colder, and we’ve also found that
you can even wear them underneath your pants as well, for that layering-up effect
when it’s really cold. Next up, the Icebreaker 175 Everyday Cami. We found this top to be super versatile. You can wear it on its own, or you can layer it up
under other tops as well for a bit of extra warmth. Super comfortable to wear. The merino wool means you
can wear it all day long and you can even wear it to
bed as well as a pajama top. Now let’s take a look at the Anatomie Techno Chino Mid Rise Pants. These offer a great combination
of comfort and style, which you can dress up
for a business meeting, or dress down for everyday wear. While we would have liked to have seen some pockets on these things, you can’t deny that they
are great for travel. With their lightweight
and wrinkle-free material, these things will keep you looking great when you’re on the road. Next up we have the
Arc’teryx Oriel Leggings. Now these aren’t going to be smart enough for a business meeting, but they are definitely
comfortable to wear all day long. They have a next-to-skin
feel, which is super great for running, exercise, or just lounging around working on your laptop. They are great. Plus they also have some
really practical pockets in them too, which we
really enjoyed using. And here we have the Chrome
Industries Seneca Shorts. These look super smart and snazzy while also being really comfortable. Comfortable enough to wear all day long. Plus they have so many
pockets in this thing. Some are even zippered, so that makes them really great for travel, too. Moving on to the swimsuits, and this is the Une Piece
Original Cap Sleeve. Actually getting into this thing will take a bit of getting used to, but once you have it on, you
won’t want to take it off. Now the swimsuit offers great coverage, so it’s ideal for most
locations around the world. If you’re looking for a swimsuit
that’s going to be better in somewhere that’s more conservative, or you feel like you’re somewhere where you need to cover up a bit more, then this is a great option. Next up we have the 175
Everyday Icebreaker Crewe. Now this thing is an everyday t-shirt. But it is made with merino wool. So it’s odor-resistant, breathable, durable, and super comfortable, too. You can also match this up
with any of the other items we’ve had, the shorts, the pants. And you can even layer this up too for when it gets a bit colder. Keeping on the theme of t-shirts, we have the ADAY Made it T-shirt. This thing is smart enough
for a business meeting, but also comfortable enough
to wear all day long too. Now this will give you a different fit to the Icebreaker tee
that we just mentioned. The Icebreaker tee is a lot more fitted, whereas this is more free and flowing. So you can mix it up to however you feel with those two, as well. Now this also offers a great lightweight, quick-dry material. So it’s also great for travel. Next up we have the Wool
& Rowena Swing Dress. This has been our go-to
dress that has a really relaxed and casual feel,
but still looks super smart. We also found that because
it is made of merino wool, it works well in warmer temperatures too, event though it’s long-sleeved. Which is really great
for those places you feel you need to cover up a bit more. But it’s just a super smart dress that you can also team
with the Calzedonia tights that we looked at earlier
too, when it’s a bit colder. Moving on to the Wool Light
100% Merino Wool Sweater. Now this isn’t going to be
the warmest sweater around. It is lightweight but that’s what makes it great for travel. The thing is, this is excellent. You can wear it on its own, you can wear it as an additional layer under a jacket, over a t-shirt. Layering is really key when traveling to make sure that you have enough warmth. But the lightweight
materials also mean that this won’t take up too much
weight or space in your pack. Let’s move on to the
shoes, and we’ll start with the Vivobarefoot Lisbon. These shoes are ultra minimal
and extremely lightweight and packable, making
them great for travel. They’ll work well just for everyday, when you’re going out to the shops, or walking around the park. But they’re also smart enough to wear if you’re going to a business meeting, or you want to dress up
a bit for a night out, which is really good. A versatile shoe is ideal for travel, and the fact that these things
can just go so small and flat within your pack and save so much space. It’s awesome. The leather here is super soft, and we found that you can just
wear them from the get-go. But if you haven’t tried
Barefoot style shoes before, then they may take a
bit of getting used to. Up next are the OluKai
‘Upena Slingback Sandals. These have a really smart, minimal look that we found went well with every item we have on this list. The dress, the shorts, the pants, they all worked really well together. They also have a really
cushioned sole as well. So they’ll provide that all-day comfort so that you can go exploring. These will work really well when the weather gets a bit warmer. You want to have your feet a bit freer, and you don’t want to
have the Lisbon’s on. Next up we have the
Encircled Everyday Twist Top. Now versatile clothing
is great for travel, and this five-in-one cardigan
takes all of the boxes. Now you can wear it as a cardigan for a relaxed and casual fit, or you can snap the fasteners together and create a really sleek-looking blazer. The good thing is that you can find what works best for you and your use case. So if it’s business or casual, you can really mix it up with this thing. And the best thing is, it’s just one top. So you’re going to save a lot
of space in your pack as well. Now let’s take a look at
the Smartwool Liner Gloves. These things will keep your fingers warm, but they will also keep them moving, as they are touchscreen compatible. So you can use your smartphone while also having these gloves
on, which is really useful. Especially for a digital
nomad on the road, as well. When it’s sunny outside, you’re going to want a pair of sunglasses. And these are the ROAV Zuma Sunglasses. They get the job done in a
really small form factor, and they even come with a silicone case as well to protect them. And small enough to fit in your organizer, or even your pocket. Now the flat lenses will
take a bit of getting used to, but it won’t take that long. That rounds off all of the women’s specific items that we’ve added. Everything else on the list are also on the greater Digital Nomad Packing List. Now the first one is the
Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody. This is great as another
layer and it offers a great warmth-to-weight ratio. This comes in a women’s fit
too, which fits really well and includes all of the same features. On top of that, you can also use the Patagonia Storm Racer Jacket. This is your waterproof that
you can wear over a t-shirt, or even over the Micro Puff Hoody as well, for that extra warmth and to
protect you from getting wet. The women’s fit in this
also fits really well. Next up is the BUFF USA
Lightweight Merino Wool Buff. Now this is another versatile product, which is ideal for traveling. You can wear it as a hairband to pull your hair off your face, you can wear it as a scarf, even as a hat. It comes in super, super handy. Last on the list we
have the GORUCK Tac Hat. Now this is great for a sunny day, or if you want to cover up a bad hair day after those long travel days
and overnight bus rides. It’s also got some ventilation, and you can change the patch on the front. So here we have the Peak
Design Packing Cubes and all of these items are
going to go inside of here. So let’s get going! We’re going to put the
bigger items in first, just so that we have some
kind of organization inside, so we know what’s going to
be in each packing cube. (upbeat digital music) Zip up and I’m gonna
compress that in a second, let’s just fill the other one up. (upbeat digital music) We can also fit the wool buff in there. (upbeat digital music) You’ll notice as I’m
compressing these cubes that these do have different
zipper pulls on them as well. So this just makes it
instantly recognizable for which packing cube is which. Now for all the items that we haven’t put inside of these cubes, they will go into the main
pack or the organizer. So, in the main pack will
go the Micro Puff hoody, the Storm Racer jacket, and the gloves. Now they will all go together. In the bottom of the Aer Travel Pack 2 there is a shoe compartment. So both of the pairs of
shoes will go in there. And in another compartment
the GORUCK Tac Hat will go in there as well. Last but not least we
have the ROAV sunglasses, and these will go into the organizer. (upbeat digital music) Moving on to the toiletries
and personal care, and let’s start with the
Gillette Venus razor. Now who’d have thought finding a razor that’s not pink would be so difficult? But we found one in the end. Now we would have preferred
this to have a lid, but it works really well and provides a really smooth, clean shave. Now the heads are replaceable,
so you can pretty much find these in most
places around the world. Next we have the Tangle Teezer. This is the Compact Styler so
it will fit in your dopp kit. We’ve been testing this for over three years now, and it is amazing. It won’t pull your
hair, it won’t break it. It does a really good job whether you have thin, thick, curly, or straight hair. So it works for everyone. Now let’s take a look at the
Crystal Mineral Deodorant. This is the travel size
version, and it’s great because it’s natural and it lasts forever. It’s actually a rock and it also works really well with merino clothing. Here we have the Take
My Face Off Mini Mitty. We’ve got two of these. And these are basically a sustainable alternative to normal makeup wipes. Now, not only are they
better for the environment, but they’re also super
soft on your skin as well. They remove makeup really easily, and the shape of these work really well, especially for that stubborn
mascara to take off. Now these are great, they dry quickly. But also you know that you’ve always got them in your pack as well. Next up we have the
Tweezerman Slant Tweezer. These are sleek and minimal, taking up such a small small space in your pack, but they come in so handy. The slanted blade is really
good for grabbing the hair, but they also come in useful
for those dreaded splinters. Basically these are a small and versatile, handy tool for the road. Next up, The Body Shop Shea Butter. This come in different packaging, but we put it inside one of the GoTubbs. This shea butter is super versatile. You can use it on your hair when it’s dry, your skin, your face, your lips. It just works for everything, and it’s really deeply moisturizing too. Now moving on to the makeup. Now we’ve picked out a few choices here, but of course if you don’t wear makeup, feel free to leave this bit out. Or, if you want more, than of
course you can add that in. So let’s start with the Charlotte
Tilbury Instant Palette. This is really compact and
it includes eye shadows, highlighter, bronzer, and blusher as well, as well as a small mirror in there too. Next up is the Laura
Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. This offers a really great everyday look. But you can build it up if
you want some more coverage. It’s also got SPF 20 sunscreen in it too, so it’s versatile in that way as well. Next up we have the Laura
Mercier Long Lash Mascara. Now this long-wearing, waterproof mascara means that it’s going to stay on, even in those more
humid locations as well. Which is really great to know for travel. It also has a really thin brush, which is going to really make your lashes longer, for a more natural look. However similar to the tinted moisturizer, it can also be built up to
give you a bit more volume. Next up we have The Body Shop
Double-Ended Eye Shadow Brush. Now this two-in-one, saving you a little bit of space in your pack. These brushes will put on
the eye-shadow really easily, and also we found that
the different shapes create enough versatility
for you to create any look. If you want something more natural, or if you want to build it up if you’re going out, this brush can do it. Now the EcoTools Retractable
Kabuki makeup brush. Now this is like we said, retractable, which means it will keep your dopp kit and your brush cleaner. As well when you’re traveling it’s not going to break any of the bristles inside while you’re carrying it around. Now when you use this
brush it is super soft, and applies your blusher
or bronzer really evenly. And over here we have the
Encircled On-the-Go Scrunchie. Now this is great for pulling
your hair out of your face, and it’s super soft and
we found that it doesn’t break your hair when you’re taking it out, which is really great. It’s also comfortable enough
to wear on your wrist as well, so you’ve always got it to hand. All of the other items
on here are the same as the original Digital
Nomad Packing List. So we’re going to just
run through those now. First up is the Quip Toothbrush, which is one of the best and smallest electric toothbrushes that
we have found to date. Next up is the Matador Nano Dry Towel. This is super handy if you’re in a pinch. And if need be, you can use it to dry yourself off after you
get out of the shower or from the beach if you need to. Now let’s take a look at the Ziploc bag. This is handy to have for
those TSA liquid allowances, should you ever need to
separate your liquids when going through airport security. We’ve also found it handy if you did get a leak in one of your products, if you wanna separate them from everything else in your pack, this
is a great way to do it. Then of course we have our
Tom Bihn Double Pouchkin which includes our first aid kit. Next up the Victorinox
Swiss Army Nail Clippers. Now these are nail clippers
that pack super small and thin. And they even have a
nail file on them too. Next up is the Matador
FlatPak Soap Bar Case and inside that we have Dr. Bronner’s tea tree pure castile soap bar. This thing is going to keep your dopp kit nice and clean and stop your
soap from getting everywhere. Next we have two go-to pluses. These are going to contain our toothpaste and our merino wool wash. And last but not least,
we have two small GoTubbs. One we’ve got with our tablets in it. You can include if you take vitamins, anything like that that you need when you’re on the road, in one. And in this one we’ve actually
got The Body Shop Shea Butter that we’re going to use as a lip seal and keep in our organizer. Now we’re going to pack it all
up in to the Aer travel kit. (upbeat digital music) This GoTubb fits in nicely
next to the Tangle Teezer. And on the bottom we can fit
in the Crystal deodorant. (upbeat digital music) I like to keep this on the
outside just for quick access, should you ever need it at an airport. So put that in there. And same thing with this kit,
I like to keep that in there so that it’s ready to use. Okay, so that is
everything in side of here, apart from the scrunchie
and the small GoTubb, which will both go into the organizer. So, there we have it, the
Women’s Specific Items for our Digital Nomad Packing List. Remember the full list, along
with the unisex products and sections is available
on packhacker.com. The link is in the description. And, if for whatever
reason, you haven’t watched our original Digital Nomad Packing List, then make sure you check that one out. Lastly, please feel free to
leave us a comment below. We love chatting with
our fellow pack hackers, and hearing your thoughts
and opinions, too. Thanks for keeping it here at Pack Hacker, your guide to smarter travel. We’ll see you in the next one.


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