Women Who Hate Heels Wear Them For A Day

– So today we’re wearing heels for a day. – Heels are hot on other people. And I don’t ever wear
shoes that make me taller because I already tower
over everyone in my life. – I feel like I want to be
someone who wears heels, especially as a four-eleven woman. – I have like a love/hate
relationship with heels. I use to wear heels all
the time in college. When it comes to heels, I
really don’t like walking. Just to make sure you don’t fall. And I like not to fall. – I’ve never worn heels before And it’s not really my identity. Also, they’re not comfortable. – I’ve honestly worn heels like two or three times in the last four years. – Here you go. You have a bunch of heels to choose from. – This is going to be a struggle. They’re high, man. – If anyone can wear these
for more than 10 minutes, they are a hero to me. – This is very tight around this area. I’m anticipating some
potential blistering. – They’re already uncomfortable. I’ve been in them for like one second. – I don’t know how many inches these are, but my knees already like to my forehead. – How do you get it in the hole? Oh my God, I’m already tall. I feel like I just worked out. – I feel tall as fuck. So I’m just going to try not to walk as much as possible today. – I’m nervous about all the laughter and ridicule that I’m going to get. And tripping over and
potentially breaking something. Twirl around. What the fuck. Oh, shit. It’s fine. – So I literally have
been wearing these heels for like one minute, and my feet are so sweaty. – You are really tall in these. You look like you’re Naomi Campbell tall. – [Auri] What do they call it, Lacy? – Shoeicide. – [Auri] What is Shoeicide? – When your feet hurt
but you look really good. So shoeicide. – Oh my God. Why do they make this so hard? Hi. – Hi. – Race on by me with
your comfortable shoes. – Wow, you look really beautiful. – The heels are bringing out
a more dressy side of you. So you’re willing to experiment
more with some, like, cooler things in your closet. – Hey there! – [Tan] Hi. – How you feeling? – [Tan] Uncomfortable. – You gotta strut your stuff though. – Struttin’! – I’m about to drive with heels on, and I have absolutely
no idea how to do that. It’s probably not that difficult, but I do have a fear
I’m going to like slip, and cause a horrible accident. – I’m about to meet my
girlfriend for lunch. It’s like I’m going on a first
date with her all over again. – Oh my gosh. – [Tan] What’s so funny? – What do you think of it as a look? – It’s pretty powerful. Have you ever run in heels? – I’ve never walked in heels. – This is my view over every single one of
these bathroom stalls. – Can I just watch you do a
runway walk right now, please? Oh, baby! – They’re actually not as painful as I thought they would be. – I will say though that like, there’s a lot of body going on here. And this height really
kind of like evens it out. But I kind of like it, honestly. I like being like, like I’m already about six feet tall, and adding like four inches onto that, I feel kind of like a badass. – I can totally see why people
would want to wear heels. Makes you a little taller, could make you feel more confident. I had a lot more fun
than I thought I would, and I definitely think like
next time I’m going out, I’m going to try wearing them. – So far the reviews have been mixed. Some people are like, “Work it, strut.” “They look great.” And then others are like, “You look like a baby giraffe.” – Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I think that I was super
self-conscious about things that was clearly all me. Nobody was like, “Oh my
gosh, you’re wearing heels!” They were just like,
“You look sexy as fuck.” Overall, I need to
start buying some heels. Just because I think it’s time. Men and women who wear heels … Kudos to you guys. Not all heroes wear capes, it’s true. Some of them wear fuckin’ heels. (upbeat dance music) – Ladylike is moving
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  • 1:06 girll you got the shortest heels beyond short

  • I hate heels and I am 13 but my 6 year old sister loves them🤔🤔🤔

  • You cant drive with heels girl

  • I wear heels like jazz almost every day. I promise I'm not lying

  • One of the girls said that she has never worn heals but then she says they are uncomfortable??

  • Try dancing in them! It not that bad after a while (once your feet go numb) XD

  • Actually i have wonky feet my orthopaedic said there is no illness but when i wear heels i have straight feet and i love heels but most of my heels are Block Heels

  • I would marry tan 100%

  • "I'm just gonna try not to walk today" me everyday

  • I live in heels I honestly didn't realise it was that hard till now haha

  • 5'10 and love wearing heels.

  • Jazz is weird person

  • tan looks insane omfl

  • jazzmyne is sooooooo cute sksksksksksks

  • Tan is just…wow

  • I have worn heels but i like my feet on the ground better

  • I would love to wear 6 inch heels… And im a man… In a asiam country… So yeah….. Not even possible

  • No no no. They are bad for your feet. Terrible for your back. Don’t wear them.

  • Auri's bangs make me uneasy

  • Can we pleaseeeeeeee make Jen walk in heels lol 😂😂😂

  • The Australian chick is fiiine

  • What is as/is ?

  • Why does Jazz always sound like she has her mouth full of food?

  • thank you video title for letting us know that these are women

  • All of the ladies looked great!!!!

  • can Tan just give me her height like im only 5' 😂😭😭😭

  • 3:05 LMFAO JAZZZZ😂

  • I've walked miles before in high heels because one day we were driving and the car stopped running so I had to walk in heels never once tripped or fell or had a single blister

  • love that last comment xD

  • Me sooo me

  • Jazzmyne's outfit looks so good with the heels

  • I wore my first pair of heels in second grade, and I love them

  • " Some of them were heels"😂 and some of them were pointe shoes!! 😏😏😂😂

  • I’m 12 and I wear heels.
    Not crazy stilettos or any thing, my heels are 2-4 inches and very comfortable

  • 1:14 thatswhatshesaid

  • Support the cause 1 million people commit shoeicide every day

  • Auri is so beautiful!

  • I thought Jazz would love heels

  • I love high heels

  • I would like to wear heels but if I did I would be literally 6 foot tall lmaoo

  • I just realize jazzmyne is wearing the exact outfit tht I own😆

  • I’m in love with Jazzs shoes!! They were gorgeous 😍😍😱

  • But the look so good

  • I’m 14 and 4’8 but that’s not even why I wear heels i just love them and have worn them sense I was 2 playing in my aunts

  • Shoecide omfg that's so witty. I can't stop laughing

  • How does she know that heels are uncomfortable if she’s never worn them before??🤔

  • I love heals and like 13 I love to wear them. I actually don’t like flate shoes

  • I love how people try things they hate and then
    they like it.

  • I’ve never worn heels…and there uncomfortable…

  • This actually made me feel a lot better that I like to wear heels, now I won't feel nervous or too self conscious so thank you~ you rock on those heels🤘💕

  • Auri has tiny heels compared to jazz and tan

  • Those bangs tho…

  • Shoe-icide that should be a word

  • Love👠most of my shoes are👠

  • Tan has the legs for stilettos.

  • Her uneven eyeliner wouldn’t let me concentrate

  • I am a 10 year old girl watching this and have been wearing a pair of high-heeled's for the past hour

  • So I'm your hero

  • My hero wears Kinky Boots

    Brendon urie💘

  • looks like all of them are lesvians

  • I have an ankle breaking story
    I was at my school graduation and we had to wear fancy and I had high heels on and an extra sneakers and I wore them on the way there and I started raining and so my shoes and socks got wet and I had to wear my heels the whole school day (this was in elementary school)

  • “If anyone can wear these for more than ten minutes they are a hero to me”


  • I am so happy that I have been called a hero for wearing 9 inch heels

  • No straight bangs noooo

  • "men and women who wear heels" fuk off cancer

  • I’m kinda tall already but I love wearing heels and being even taller

  • Bangs… those aren’t heels, they’re… not heals

  • Tan reminds me of
    LP, the „Lost on you“ Lady

  • Auri complaining about everything

  • jazz: I like not to fall
    me: same jazz, saaaammmeeee

  • i dont wear high heels neither do i wear flats
    i just wear short block or wedge heels in like a sandal

  • I'm not even that tall and I tower over people the times I've worn wedges and am like that in bathroom stalls (I'm not quite 5'8"). They just hurt. Not worth it at all. For prom I wore Converse and I generally never go to fancy things anyway. For fancy stuff I'll wear dressy sandals or flats. Also, Auri is so pretty/cute.

  • If don't wear heels somebody else will!

  • Yes team Tan! 5"11 and have been out with a shorter gf ahah I feel you on the mixed reviews. Also never really wear heels

  • Love Tan sooooo much! Gorgeous girl

  • Is that girl with the bangs wearing a wig? I hope so because…she looks bad with that hair tbh.

  • Haha i own the heels jazz was wearing

  • baby-bangs lady annoys me

  • "Not all heroes wear capes" xD

  • Omg, shoeicide 😂😂

  • Jazz: I like not to fall. So relatable.

  • I had to wear heels because we were going to a play at my school and you weren’t allowed to wear sneakers jeans or t shirts which is exactly what I wear everyday so I had to borrow my friends heels and like a week later I had a physical therapy appointment and my physical therapist was like what happened and I explained and he was like yeah no more heels and I was like I know 😂

  • The look in Jazzmyne's face in 3:04…

  • They were like, “Who’s gay here? You? Ok, you’re doing this video.” 😂

  • Is it me or does anyone else want Tan to be made over by LP?

  • to anyone saying "but those heels werent even so high!" y'all need to shut it. Even a centinetre can be really different. I've gone for years always wearing a little bit if heel at least because otherwise i feel like i'll be falling on my butt. It's the same into the opposite direction. If you're not used ti even a centimetre of heel then that can really be a huge difference for some people, especially if you're really tall and used to hunching and looking down rather than up.

  • Heels that dont have super chunky heels are not my friends. I can wear any height if they are a chunky heel.

  • Notice how their all lesbians? (Idk if the one girl with longer hair is but wut ever)

  • Intensely hate Auri's bangs. Who cut it so bad? Looks horrible hun. Find a new hairdresser!

  • Jazz in the stall,… ded. 😋🤣❤ still sexy girl!

  • I’m 11 and I love heals I can run In heals when these guys can bearly walk in heals and im 11

  • My heels are only 3 to 4 cm high, that is alright. But those 10cm high heels… Cannot even stand in those

  • I wear heels like once a month when I wanna feel like a sexy lady ^^

  • well i’m wearing platform stilettos to my 8th grade grad in 3 days… they have a little strap. they’re the exact same ones as 0:56 but they’re black. wish me luck!

  • If Prince can wear them you can wear them

  • My gorgeous girlfriend, says she been wearing heels for years, and they don’t hurt her.
    Maybe from the beginning she did say they did but she says it’s all about Posture and how you walk

  • Nobody wears heels while driving ……right?????1

  • “Not all heroes wear capes, it’s true. Some wear fuckin heels”
    Lol Tam u da best lmao 😂 👌

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  • 1:38 her heels were really small. Two other girls heels were sooooooo much higher!

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