Women Wear Mom Jeans For A Week • Ladylike

– I’m literally already regretting this. Which is an all-time
record in terms of how fast I have regretted a decision, I think. (upbeat music) – Mom jeans. – High waist. – Long crotch. – Wide hip. – Can we get away with wearing mom jeans without being moms? – We’ll find out. – It’s Ladylike. And we’re playing Can I Wear That? Mom Jeans Edition. – I don’t really like pants in general. So I feel like any jeans trend is just a thing that’s
happening over there, away from me. – I already dress like
a mom most of the time, especially in springtime. I love kimonos, I love Keds. – I’m into the trend. I like the trendy
versions of the mom jeans, but in terms of a true mom jean, like a Kohl’s mom jean, I’m a bit concerned. – I always planned on being a leggings and multiple scarves kind of mom. So the idea of mom jeans is
kind of terrifying to me. – Mom jeans are usually higher waist, and tapered at the ankle. I really like mom jeans because
they are super versatile. Just depending on the top and the shoes, it can totally transform the look. When I’m wearing mom
jeans as a casual look I usually like to wear
a tank top or a t-shirt and tuck it in in the front because that high waist is really what is gonna lengthen everything. And if your wearing with sandals and they’re already cropped you should roll them up a little. It’s really easy to throw
a button up shirt over it and a blazer and you can
put on some nice shoes and you can go to the office like that. People will take you very seriously. You do not have to be a
mom to rock mom jeans. You just have to have an ounce of style. That’s it. Figure out what makes your butt look good and you can rock mom jeans. (photo snapping) – We got our mom jeans. – We have our mom jeans. Kohl’s certified. – I keep forgetting I have
them on, they’re so comfy. And then I stand up and
realize that they rise all the way up to the bottom of my tits. – I always lose my parking ticket, but today I didn’t
because I just kept it in my back pocket. And it didn’t fall out
because they’re actually deep. – I don’t know how to style these at all. Pants are so complicated. What do people do? – Those are mom jeans? (laughs) I didn’t notice. I thought that you were just
wearing them really high up ’cause that was like a new style. – I wore the mom jeans on the plane, felt light as a feather, slept so great. They’re great. – I literally just Googled “how to pants”. So that’s how this day is going. – We just walked by two
moms wearing skinny jeans and I think they judged me. I think they judged my mom jeans. – Normally when I get
home I take off my bra and change into comfy pants, but today I don’t feel the need to change into comfy pants because I’m already insanely comfortable. – You’re always putting good twists on it with like modern style. – Like seriously, I don’t even
know if this is an outfit. Like I don’t know if you can legally call something an outfit if it’s just what you would wear to sleep plus pants. – I look very 90s today, like Meg Ryan in every movie ever. – The other weird thing about these jeans is you have to worry about
the upper panty line. Which is a panty line that no one has ever had to fix before. – I see why they’re a trend, ’cause it’s kinda like this
like ugly, pretty thing. Like, oh, it’s not really
enhancing any of your features, but it’s kind of a statement piece. – Every time I’m eating, I happen to like waste things on my mom jeans, but it’s okay, I just feel like a mom and I use the Tide-to-Go pen and just get that stain right out. – Okay, so I’m killing the
game right now with braids, minimal makeup, as you can see. Birkenstocks and my mom jeans. I am mom-ing out today. It’s so insane. – Today it was great, like
I put something together that didn’t involve a t-shirt and wasn’t a total disaster. And I liked it. And I was comfortable in the pants. That was also amazing. By the way, pants are kinda great. – Mom jeans. We did it. – I learned to love pants. – I love these pants
because they’re stretchy, they’re mobile, but I do wish that there was a tapered leg. – I agree and I wish they were black ’cause like the wash is a little difficult at times. – What I did like about
them was the fact that like choosing an outfit
each day was pretty easy. – Yes, very easy. – I was just like mom
jeans and then it doesn’t really matter what else
you wear because it’s just mom jeans. – I feel like we all needed more crotch in order to fill out the jeans, but like– – Oh my God, there’s so much
extra room in the crotch– – Yeah, like not how a body works. – Yeah mom jeans are made for penises basically, is what we learned. – Alright, guys. Lady-tested, (all girls simultaneously) Lady-approved. – Ah. – Liked it. – Love them. – Yeah. – [Voiceover] Hey, nice mom jeans! (laughter) (simultaneously) Thank you. – Oh, I like him. – He’s a good egg.


  • So funny that what people call "Mom Jeans" now were just…jeans…when I was in high school and college – and at some point jeans became really binding and uncomfortable. I thought it was because I wasn't young anymore, but no…no…its because jeans now are binding and uncomfortable. Thanks for posting! Now that I know it's not me, but modern jeans – I'll just buy "Mom" jeans and go back to the comfy jean experience I remember!

  • Ahaha little did they know…

  • I do it all year

  • I love mom jeans!!!!!!! ❤️ They are my fav type of jeans!

  • Freddie suits mom jeans so much! She’s rockin’ the mom style lmao.

  • Were high waisted pants not in fashion 3 years ago lol ?

  • Kristen’s jeans were not mom jeans

  • I wear them since 2015. And still, I mostly wear them throughout the year.

  • 2 years later highwaist pants and mom jeans are totally in

  • I love Mom jeans and im 11 lmao

  • "How to pants" ~Kristin 2k16 😂😂

  • It’s 2019 and now mom jeans are trendy

  • Idk why but I always feel like mom jeans are like for super fit-skinny girls and not for bigger girls like me, thats why I haven't bought one yet

  • Who could've known, these are trending so much now.

  • now mom jeans are super aesthetic,now im looking to buy a pair 😂

  • Basically, a basic white woman

  • Kristen annoys me

  • Ripped mom jeans 😉

  • I just can't seem to like kristin smh

  • 4:21
    “I wish they were black”
    Ahh I am dying 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
    Love her 😝

  • Little did they know 2 years later that would become the trend😂

  • were mom jeans ever actually regarded like this or was it just a ladylike cringe thing? (idk if that makes sense but)

  • It’s so weird to see saf with long hair

  • High waisted pants

  • I wear mom jeans every day legit 😂

  • little did they know…

  • Of course Saf wants them in the color black😂🖤

  • Investi em várias calças mom jeans, é super confortável, amo essa modelagem, se a moda passar irei usar mesmo assim 😁. Bj 😍😍😍😍

  • for me mom jeans are so comfortable like seriously, after wearing them for about month I cant wear skinny jeans anymore,,,,,

  • with mom jeans i just size down so they have a tight fit with loose legs

  • Not to be mean , But I feel like lose , bigger Jeans do not suit bigger people so good you know I think skinny Jeans Look better on figures like kristin has 🥰

  • 3 years ago these weren’t a thing 😂

  • Lol remember when they weren't fashionable

  • I’m a teen and have curves and mom jeans are a life saver

  • I love mom jeans

  • I want to wear mom jeans but i'm kinda afraid that they will not look good on me… cuz like my thighs are SHORT and they're thick… but my waist is preety small.
    I'm just complicated smh

  • Guess who’s wearing mom jeans to the first day of school

  • Girl Kristen.. your pants

  • All the other girls: I’m IN LOVE WITH MOM JEANS!!!!!
    Kristin: how to pants?!??!??!!!?!!

  • Aww back when saf wore color

  • I’m only 12 and I wear mom jeans bahaha

  • Who else is wearing mom jeans rn? Just me? Mk…

  • I’m 13 I wear mom jeans-obviously not a mom

  • I love that they wear actual mom jeans not the “trendy” light wash 90s kind

  • saf looks so cute in plaits !

  • mom jeans are better when their like torn

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  • how to pants sounds like something i would do at 4 am


  • Mom jeans are my fav jean style, super comfortable

  • im srry that im the person who points this out but 3:53 is that sweat on her armpits or am i crazy

  • women try on jeans 10/10 video buzzfeed

  • I love mom jeans and not just because I’m a mom lol I loved them before that you all looked great thanks for the video

  • Lol I’m watching this in 2019 and mom jeans have came so far

  • i literally dress more like a mom than my actual mom

  • I’m 12 almost 13 and I wear mom jeans 😂

  • All my pants are mom jeans

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  • 2 years later….
    Teens wear these more than moms

  • I am 12 and I wear mom jeans

  • Now this is the majority of what people wear..

  • I love how mom jeans and Birkenstocks are a trend now but they did this two years ago when it wasn’t it’s kinda like they knew what the future was😂😂

  • Kristin: trying to find how to pants
    Me: bruh

  • None of these are mom jeans. You can’t get them at Kohl’s you have to go to a thrift store

  • ”I never looked good in mom jeans”

  • Kristens jeans were so weird

  • buzzfeed predicting the mom jean trend !! 🤩🤩

  • Kirsten vs the pants is a mood omg

  • It's JC Penney for the OG Mom Jeans. Not Kohl's. Do these people not know the SNL skit?

  • Omg that was too funny

  • 2019

  • mom jeans are d best because they not too tight or too loose ya know? plus theyre very easy to style

  • I always wear mom Jeans
    Edit :and I am 14 years old

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  • Flash forward 3 years later now they’re one of the biggest fashion trends

  • freddie killed every bit of this

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  • 2019 and I wear mom jeans. They are comfy

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  • lmao in2k19 all the vsco girls are shocked

  • Now they are trendy…

  • Lol I'm 14 and I wear mom jeans all the time

  • I love mom jeans

  • And now they are in style!!

  • Mom jeans look great on girls without the mom pooch. But alas, they are the only wearable jean for moms with the pooch.

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  • I love high waisted pants. They’re super comfortable and cover your stomach so they make you look a lot slimmer and taller.

  • I find it funny that mom jeans with Birkenstock’s are trendy now

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