Women Try Plus-Size Clothes From Popular Stores

– Jezra, what do you think? (bright music) – Hi, my name is Jezra Matthews, but most people know me as Jezra M. I am a model, blogger, and
advocate for plus size women. – As a plus size person,
it’s really frustrating to try to find clothes
that are both affordable, high-quality, and look
really, really good. So today, my friend Jezra
and I are gonna be going through some of the top retailing stores that have plus size clothes, and rating them based
on a number of factors. Jezra and I are gonna be
rating ASOS, ModCloth, and Forever 21. What their selection
is, in-store and online, their price point, fuck, what are the other three? Is it cute? Which is like basically
the most important. Their sizing, and then
their return policy. – Hi, my name is Meaghan O’Connor. I’m a fashion stylist who
specializes in plus sizes, and I work with celebrities
like Adrienne C. Moore and Tess Holliday. – So, can you tell us a
little bit about yourself? – I’ve been in the fashion industry for the last 10 or so years. I specialize and focus
on the plus size space. One, because I am a plus woman, and also because the space is growing. I so desperately, deeply
want high fashion for plus. I’ll like look at the runways and be like, “Oh my God, like, why don’t we have that?” – Any final tips for
us before we head out? – I would say be confident,
put on your lipstick. Look good, feel good. Like, get yourself in your zone. We’re quick to give
each other compliments, but we’re really slow on
complimenting ourselves. If you look good you feel good. Head out there and be
confident and patient. And that’s like the key. – We’re at Forever 21
and we’re gonna show you what is available in-store. – This is so freaking cute. Look at these sleeves. Look at this. – Jezra, what do you think? – This is something
definitely I would wear. A lil’ shimmer. First we’re gonna take
a look at ASOS online. It’s a lot of black. It works for me, ’cause
that’s what I like. – For me, I like color. – [Emily] Soft tux jumpsuit. 12 through 24. – [Jezra] They have a lot of sizes. – Now we’re gonna go on to ModCloth. – Ooh, denim.
– That’s cute. – [Jezra] Yas, I love a good denim. – This black caped
dress is so up my alley. I can’t stress how much
I love this outfit. I felt like a movie star. – I’ve never owned a jean jumper, and I’ve always wanted
to own a jean jumper. The quality of the coat was really nice. The texture and the color was really nice. I would’ve wished that
the Forever 21 dress, the 3X, was a little bigger. The midsection was a little smaller. I was kind of surprised that
it didn’t really fit me well. – Dun dun duh! The best selection was definitely ASOS. Ballgowns. Things to work out in. Things to sleep in. You can find anything. – So what about pricing? – Forever 21 really gives you options for a super affordable price point. – If you have a budget, you can definitely work with Forever 21. – Who wins for is it cute? – In reality, all of them was cute. We honestly got three outfits
from each that we would wear. All of them win. – Best in sizing?
– Definitely ASOS. – I was also surprised by ModCloth. Your jumpsuit was really well made. Easy to return, what do you think? – ASOS wins for easy to return. – I agree. They give you a little bag. You just like, stick it in there, you drop it off at the post office. It’s like, so easy. The winner is definitely ASOS. In a tie for second was
Forever 21 and ModCloth. I hope this helps you figure
out where to spend your money, and what’s gonna fit your body best, and get some really cute looks. If you wanna see any of these looks, and check them out for yourself, we’re gonna link to all of the outfits. Thanks so much for watching, guys. (upbeat music)

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