Woman Flip Flops On Who The Real Father Is (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofCampbell v. Hopper.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Campbell, you are
in Paternity Court today to prove that the defendant’s three-year-old daughter Zoey
is your child. You claim that her mother,
Miss Hopper, told you that you were her father,
but not she’s changed story. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. You want DNA test
to prove what you know so you can be a father
to your little girl. Yes, Your Honor. Miss Hopper,
you claim to be certain that Mr. Campbell is not
Zoey’s biological father. So, Mr. Campbell,
why is the DNA test
so important to you? I think it’s time
for me to find out if Zoey is
my daughter or not. Uh, she deserves to know
who her real father is and she keeps flip-flopping saying one that I am, one day
that I’m not the father and, uh, being
the father of Zoey
has given me a reason to, like,
continue on the right path. When you say it keeps you
on the right path, you’ve been making
better decisions… Yes. …since you felt like you’ve become a father? Yes, Your Honor. And you don’t want
that taken away from you? No. So, you say
Miss Hopper told you that you were that father… Yes. And then changed her mind? Yes. Every time
we get into a fight, all the sudden
I’m not the father anymore. So, when you’re doing fine, you’re the father? Yeah. Then when you
get into an argument,
you’re not the father? Yes. And, so,
now we’re currently stuck on, “Not the father.” Yeah. So, Miss Hopper… I only told him
there’s a possibility… I’ve told him
that he was the father. JASON: That’s not true at all. That is true. That’s not true. He knew that
it was between him and my ex-boyfriend since she was,
like, six-months-old. Did she tell you from
the beginning, Mr. Campbell, that it was you
and possibly the ex… The ex-boyfriend? No, at first, uh,
she told me not to worry, that it wasn’t my daughter. JUDGE LAKE:That it was not?JASON:Yes, that’s when
she was pregnant.
After she had the baby,when the baby was
about six-months-old that’s when she told me that, uh,
I could be the father and, like, every time… ‘Cause I FaceTime her
on Facebook, and she has Zoey
called me “Daddy.” (AUDIENCE GASP) I’ve never made her
call her “Daddy.” She does that by herself. Well, she does it by herself because she thinks
that’s her daddy? Her… My ex-boyfriend
isn’t in her life. So, let me understand.
What… What… What is this relationship?
Were you all boyfriend
and girlfriend? Yes. You were? And then what happened
to the point that you get pregnant
by maybe you ex or maybe Mr. Campbell? I was actually
seeing both of them
at the same time um, and… JUDGE LAKE: So this wasn’t
a cheating thing, this was a parallel thing? (AUDIENCE CHUCKLE) Pretty much. Okay. This is want…
We want the truth. Go ahead. Um, and I just kind of thought
maybe it was both of them. The day that they say
she was conceived, I had seen both of them
at the same time… (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) So… Same time, same day? Same day. (CHUCKLES) Not the same time,
same day. Oh, okay. So, you had sex
with both men in the same day, on the day you believe she was conceived. Yes, Your Honor. That’ what we call
a paternity issue. JASON: You Honor. Your Honor. MAN: Yep. Um, Mr. Campbell,
did you know that she was also seeing her ex at the same exact time
she was dating you? I had no clue. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. ELIANE: Yes, yes, he did. No, I didn’t. Did you know that she had
also slept with the ex on the same day
she slept with you? (CHUCKLES) No. Okay. So, that’s why we’re here. How long did you continue
this parallel affair? Um, for about a month
and then I was
with my ex-boyfriend. Um… He was pretty much there
throughout the pregnancy. Your ex-boyfriend? Yes. So, he went
to doctor’s appointments? Yes. Um, and I did give him
her last name and he is on
the birth certificate. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) I want to understand
the flip-flopping in terms of paternity. You told Mr. Campbell,
“Don’t worry she… “She’s not yours.” Mmm. Then you said, “She is yours.” Then you’re saying now,
she’s not his, but Zoey calls him daddy… What is goin’ on? Um, when she was younger, when she was
about six-months old she did look a lot like him. She had lot of, like… You know,
she had really big cheeks she was really chunky, so did have
a lot of features of him. But now she looks
a lot like my ex-boyfriend. JUDGE LAKE: So, you’re
just looking at the child and you’re telling him “Yes,”
you’re telling him “No,” you’re telling him… ELIANE: I’ve only told him
that there’s a possibility. I’ve never told him
that he was the father or anything like that. JASON: She has told me
that I was the father, that’s what make me believe,
you know? (AUDIENCE CHUCKLE) You’ve brought, uh,
your mother as a witness. I’d like to hear from her.
Ma’am, please stand. State your name for the court. My name is Joanie Campbell. Miss Campbell…
Thank you for joining us. Miss Campbell,
were you ever told
that you son was the biological father
of little Zoey? Yes, Your Honor.
I was contacted on Facebook… She let me know
that she believed
my son was the father and, um,
I have some proof of it. Oh, I’d like
to see that proof. JOANIE: On July 23rd,
I receiveda friend request on Facebookand I said,
“Hello, you requested me?
“Please remind me
how I know you.”
She says,
“I’m Eliane, I’m Jason’s ex, “I’m the one who thinks
he’s the father of my child.” Oh, okay. And I said, “Oh, okay,
nice to hear from you.” (AUDIENCE LAUGH) And she said…
She said, “Thanks.” That was cordial, Mom. (LAUGHS) We… We began to talk
and, you know, we had a conversation
and everything and I did ask her… I said, “You really believe
he is the father?” And she said,
“My daughter looks like him, “he is the only possibility.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) JUDGE LAKE: Miss Hopper, now, you just testified in court that you always maintain
with Mr. Campbell that he was
one of two options… Why would you tell his mother that he’s
the only possible father? When I contacted her
I said I thought that he was the father, um… That’s why I said,
“I think…” Well, the message reads, “My daughter looks like him. “He is really
the only possibility.” If you’re telling him
that he is just a possibility, but you’re telling his mom
he’s the only possibility… What… What is the story? Your Honor,
I’ve give him chances
to take a DNA test and he refuses to do it ’cause there’s
a girl he was with. MAN: Oh! ELIANE: So… Did you refuse
the DNA test, Mr. Campbell? Uh, yes. You did? So, why bring her
to court today? I mean… You refused the test… I’m just really ready
to find out or not. I wasn’t in
the right state of mind. You weren’t prepared before? Yeah, and I wasn’t
mature enough… Your Honor… …to take
full responsibility. The only time
that I’ve ever heard from her is right before the birthdays and right before
the Christmases and that’s the only time
that she would even try to contact us and we had, you know, a good communication
going back and forth. She would even
send me pictures of, uh, Zoey, you know, with the birthday
presents and stuff. So, you believe that she was contacting
just to get presents? Well, yes. Yes, ma’am. I… Your Honor, I do. Uh, not only that,
you know, we had
this conversation going on and then all of a sudden
I started noticing
on Facebook how they were…
Had, uh, other men… She was claiming
other men to be the father. Where did you see this? On… On Facebook. What did she say? On her Facebook. She was just claiming
how someone…
Someone’s dad, and talking about
different paternity tests with other men
and then I was even seeing… You were talking
about paternity test… ELIANE: There had not… …on Facebook with other men? There had not been a
paternity test for her at all. JASON: Oh, Your Honor. She has told me
that she got a DNA test… Yes. …for the other
possible father and that he wasn’t the father. Is that true? ELIANE: That is not true. Yes. You told me. We… Me and… JUDGE LAKE: You never
told him that or you didn’t do it? We didn’t do it.
I’ve never told him that. So, are they just… JOANIE: Yes, you did. …making this up,
Miss Hopper? I do… I’ve contacted her
around holidays. Her sending presents
was for her. I’ve taken care of my child
by myself since she was born. You know, I don’t need help
from anybody. I mean, cool, if he’s the father, I’ll let him be a father,
you know? My daughter needs a father. But at the same time,
I don’t need his money. Your Honor,
I’ve seen other women
on her Facebook claiming, you know…
Talking about being
the grandmother. What? You know, I didn’t appreciate
all these other women that… You know, claiming to be
the grandmother. What is your relationship
with Zoey, Miss Campbell? I have never met Zoey. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) JUDGE LAKE: Really? Really. But she’s been in Oklahoma
quite a few times and has never asked
to me Zoey. Your son has
done video chats, you’ve established
a relationship, am I correct? Yes. She calls you “Daddy”? Yes. Why is it your mom
hasn’t had the opportunity
to meet her yet? We live in different states. When she first contacted me
Zoey was almost a year old. She was about a year old
and I was pretty concerned, “Why didn’t you ever
contact me before?” And she let me know, uh… “Well, I’ve tried, but, uh…” My son’s… Mr. Campbell’s ex “had blocked
all the information “to where we could
contact each other.” So, when Zoey was a year old
then she contacts me and we start, you know,
having a conversation,and she was sending me
lots of pictures of Zoey
and, you know,
constantly saying
how she believes
that Zoey is Jason’s.
So, now, why… I’m sorry, Mr. Campbell’s. So you’re just saying now,
Miss Hopper, it’s because of his… Because of her appearance now that she doesn’t seem to look
like Mr. Campbell anymore, you’ve changed your mind. I mean, it sounds like
you were working to develop a relationship… ELIANE: I never
changed my mind. I mean,
there’s still a possibility. But she… I mean, she looks like…
A lot and she has
his facial expressions, she has her nose, his eyes. Is the other man in her life? Um, he takes her like once every
four months or so. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLES) It’s kinda
when it’s convenient for him. JOANIE: Your Honor… Out of the blue
she sends me a message, uh, telling me
that my son is not the father and calls me, uh, old… And tells me to leave my… To tell my fat kids
to stay out of her life. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) Oh, my goodness… ELIANE: That was… JOANIE:
And that’s why I blocked her and that’s why we haven’t had
any communication. ELIANE:
Your Honor, that was not me, and he actually blocked
Jason and his family
off of my Facebook. So, that was not me
who contacted her like that. It was on her…
It was through her Facebook… It was though my Facebook,
yes, but it was not me. It didn’t say, you know,
anyone else it was by. When I see it, I see her name
from her Facebook cussing me, calling me names
and my children names and threatening us,
telling us… Okay. Telling me
that I need to tell my son to take the pictures
of Zoey off his, uh… Off his Facebook or there was
gonna be hell to pay. Okay. Yeah, I, Your Honor… I had Zoey
as my background picture on my Facebook and I was not gonna
take her off, no matter… No matter what
anybody said, but I kinda had to. I was going through a, um, court issue for getting
full custody of my daughter. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And with her being
on his background it was kind of hard. So, I had to remove that to be able
to get full custody of her. Okay. You’ve brought
a witness, ma’am. I’d like to hear from her.
Please stand. State your name for the court. Brittney Hopper. Miss Hopper, you are… Her sister. Her sister. All right. Please tell the court, um, what do you know
about this paternity issue? Um, I know that
I’ve been with my sister
the entire time. I was the only one
that actually
stood there full-time. I’ve only met Mr. Campbell
a couple of times. When it comes down to it,
when she says that they were sleep
with them both, I was in my own world then,
and don’t ever remember her being with two people
at the same time. She just admitted in court. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLES) BRITTNEY: (CHUCKLES)
Hmm. Yeah, but I… JASON: Yeah. I think that
when it comes down… JUDGE LAKE: I don’t think
she’d stand in open court… (BOTH CHUCKLE) …and admit that she had slept
with two men in one day… BRITTNEY: Even if she did… …if it weren’t true. Even if she did,
she was with her ex a lot more than she was Mr. Campbell. JOANIE: But it only takes… It don’t… It only one takes
one time… Yeah. …to conceive a baby. Yeah, and I have a child
because of only one time, but when it comes to…
I just… I don’t think Zoey
belongs to him. JOANIE: Well, I…
All the confusion… All right, thank you so much. You may take a seat, ma’am. All the confusion, Your Honor,
you know, I mean, it’s been… It’s not fair to us and it’s
definitely not fair to Zoey.I mean, I know
how confused I’ve been…
JUDGE LAKE:No, it isn’t.…I can only imagineyou know, how confusing,you know, it is for her.JUDGE LAKE:Absolutely.She’s three now. JOANIE: Mmm-hmm. She calls your son “Daddy.” She doesn’t know you… No. No. …her grandmother. And then there’s another guy that comes
and gets her every… Once every four months,
I don’t who she thinks he is. (AUDIENCE LAUGH) JOANIE: Yeah. Who does she think
this guy is? Um, she kinda goes off and on,
she calls him “Dad.” (AUDIENCE MURMURS) Ah. We’ve gotta get
this straightened out
for this little girl. I think it’s time
to go to the results.
Jerome. There you go. JOANIE: (MUMBLING)
Do I go sit down? These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows… In the case
ofCampbell v. Hopper,when it comes
to three-year-old Zoey, it had been determined
by this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Campbell, you are not the father. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry. I know you really
wanted to be her dad. JASON: Mmm-hmm. Miss Hopper, I wasn’t sure where you were
in this equation. I could never get a read. But I do see
tears in your eyes
in this moment. What are you feeling? Uh, I don’t know. I was kinda hoping
that he was. JUDGE LAKE: Yeah. JOANIE: Yeah. You felt like she looked
like the other guy, but you kinda
just were hoping that he was. (SNIFFLES) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (SOFTLY) It’s okay.
I’m still gonna be here. Do you feel like
the other gentleman will
take more of an active role in her life
in terms of picking her up? Yeah, I doubt it. (CHUCKLES) JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Mr. Campbell. You went over
and you hugged Miss Hopper. Can I ask you
what you said to her? That it’s all right,
nothing’s gonna change. That you still want
to be there for Zoey? Yes. She’s a beautiful,
beautiful little girl.Miss Hopper,
you were very honest
and it took a lot of courage
to just say, “Yes, I was dating
two men at once, “and, yes,
I did sleep with them
on the same day.” Now you need to go forward…
You have Mr. Campbell, you have his mother, they seem like they will be
very supportive to you, and yet, this little girl
has her biological father out here in the world, and it’s going be up to you to try to at least
establish some type
of communication, where he can be
a part of her life and, Mr. Campbell, I want you to know that I want you
to keep doing the right thing. When you spoke earlier
in your testimony about how much being
Zoey’s father meant to you and how it’s helped you begin
to make better decisions and you said
it helped to change your life, but it’s up to you now
to understand that, that little girl
is still counting on you to stay
on the right path. Right? Because at this point
you’re all she knows and that’s important and I want you
to keep yourself on the right path, okay? We have counseling
and resources for you all. Please take advantage of it, and take care
of that beautiful little girl. All right?
Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL)

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