Wolf & Shepherd Shoe Brand Review: Comfortable Dress Shoes For Men

– Hello and welcome to Bespoke Unit. In today’s video, we’re
gonna be looking at the Wolf & Shepherd shoe line and explore if they are
truly the most comfortable dress shoes in the world. Like walking on clouds. (light instrumental music) Hello, my name’s Paul Anthony. – I’m CP. – And today as we described
in the intro there we’re gonna be looking at the
Wolf & Shepherd shoe line. So Charles-Philippe, I know
you have a pair of boots there on the table that you’ve put through
the absolute ringer over the last, how many months? Three, four months? – Yeah, about three months, yeah. I’ve been punishing these. I have been really punishing these and you’ll be able to see in a video. Whether it’s been published yet, or previously published, where
I’ve actually reviewed them, I used them for walking the dogs. I used them for running errands. I took them shooting this morning. I really have beaten them up to see just how much they can take. And, the way that I can
actually enjoy them. – Sure, like all of our
content here on Bespoke Unit we really try to actually,
you know, well we don’t try, we always do review and
look at the products that we’re gonna be
promoting on the website and here on YouTube. And one of the things that
we were discussing, Charles, when we were especially building out the shoe-related content, which is now in excess of 200 pages where we have shoe formality guides, shoe color guides, everything on there, including shoe brand guides. And some of the stuff we were gonna cover, we wanted to cover in the future, was the most comfortable dress shoes. And it’s kind of an interesting category. I know myself, I go to New
York fairly frequently. I live here in Philadelphia,
and when I’m up there, as many of you who’ve
been to New York know, it’s pretty much just easier
to walk between meetings and sometimes I walk in
excess of five miles a day when I’m in New York. And even when I’m in London,
as a kind of faux tourist, you know, in my old home city, I will walk an
exceptionally long distance. And I didn’t always wanna wear
sneakers or a casual shoe. I definitely wanted to find, you know, a more comfortable shoe. And I think through our testing, I know we’ve gone from Blake Construction, which is a little more forgiving
that say a Goodyear Welt. We’ve really come to Wolf & Shepherd as probably being one of the
most comfortable dress shoes. – Yeah, I was really skeptical at first until I received these and tried them out and really put them through the runs. And I wouldn’t say, okay, I will, I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a convert. For certain instances. – Yeah, definitely. – These are tools that are
more adapted to your needs. And I found that the
Breakaway boots, for example, in terms of construction,
offer a really good experience if you’re walking long distances. I’m a guy who gets foot pain much more often than he’d like to admit. I wear dress shoes quite regularly. I have quite low arches. My feet probably pronate a little bit, which means they rotate when
I walk due to the low arches. And I found with these, they
really improved my daily life and I did really feel much better. – Yeah, I know, I have the
blue Double Monk Straps that they offer. And I found those to be, kind
of, extremely comfortable. I am a little bit of a shoe snob. I’ve kind of, relatively
recently, in the last year or so, come to appreciate kind
of the Blake Construction, which is, thanks to Andy
Murphy, actually by the way, for kind of educating us a little bit more on the history of Blake
Construction, Goodyear, talking about different climates of why people may pick those. I’ve actually got a pro/con video of Blake versus Goodyear below. But obviously, a lot of
people think that Goodyear is the kind of, the holy
grail, of shoe construction and then Blake’s inferior, which again, we don’t necessarily agree with. So when you get to a cemented stroke Blake hybrid constructed shoe, which you’ve gotta show
the bottom of that shoe. You know it isn’t your
typical leather shoe. – Sorry, these are very
dirty, like I said, put them through the runs. I asked Paul, do you think
I should polish them before? And he goes, nah. – It’ll look good. It’ll just show people that we’ve actually used
these things, you know. So, again, I would’ve typically seen the bottom of this shoe like this, and been like, why’s this
guy got a rubber-soled shoe? But this is not a rubber-soled shoe. There are actually many layers in there, I actually think we can kind of, they probably don’t want me to do this, but you know, if we actually
pull out the inner sole of the driving shoe here, you can actually see the different layers. How many layers do they have in there? It’s a good number. – Quite a few. So the outsole is PhoenixTECH rubber, which I believe is Wolf & Shepherd’s own. It’s a very lightweight rubber, so here we’re reducing that weight which is a huge contributor to– – Oh, yeah, these boots
are so much lighter than– I favor Goodyear Welt
construction in a boot, but I mean even down to the fact they use a carbon fiber shank. Again, saving a few grams. Yeah, one of their marketing ploys is the guy who ran a half-marathon in a ridiculous time,
you know, but anyway. – Another thing which I really like is in the heel you have a EVA. If you don’t know what EVA is, it’s basically a type of plastic, but one of the most
shock-absorbing plastics so it gets you a really nice bounce on the back of the foot. And actually, I quite
like these when driving and I’m not a fan of
wearing boots when driving, because it gave me this nice, sort of, relaxing, comforting feeling. I felt my heels were really cupped there. – Well talking of driving, we actually have the Wolf &
Shepherd driving shoe here which is actually made for the job. Okay, this is probably the most casual, well it’s not, it is the most casual shoe that they currently make. Yeah, this is it, guy. This comes in about $195. I believe the boot are the
most expensive at 3-9-5. And the regular shoe, dress
shoes, kind of the Monks and the Oxfords are around 3-6-5. You know, so these are not cheap shoes. But they are definitely comfortable shoes. And if that’s a literal pain point within your shoe collection, then Wolf & Shepherd might be something that you wanna look at. If you’re looking for value
for money comparisons, we actually have a video below where we compare Wolf &
Shepherd against Allen Edmonds and talk about the pros,
cons, and particular use cases that may be good for you. So, anything else you want
to add to this one, Charles? – Well, we didn’t, did we
mention the memory foam under the foot bed? You showed it, but– – Yeah, I showed the memory foam– – So you know what it is. Here we’re looking at memory foam and like I mentioned
earlier, I have low arches and I just felt that
the contours of my feet and the arches were very nicely cupped, very nicely sort of protected when I was making some quite
large strides with my dogs. And when walking, when we
were shooting out together, earlier today. But just wanted to just
throw that in there. – Sure thing. So in short, the major pro
of the Wolf & Shepherd shoe is it’s an extremely
comfortable, attractive-looking, comfortable dress shoe. There are other comfortable
dress shoes out there, but they do look like you’re in moon boots or they are exceptionally ugly. Basically, I think Wolf &
Shepherd have really kind of nailed this one on the head, where you know again, if
you’re a shoe snob, you know, and you’re willing to go
through the pain barrier, that’s great. If you’re an actual working individual that needs to commute, needs
to walk between meetings, is on your feet all day, or is walking the dogs
like Charles-Philippe, then this is definitely gonna
be a great option for you. As I say, I think they’ve
nailed this one on the head. Definitely worth trying out a pair, links below to the website where you can see where to buy ’em. And we have full written views
on BespokeUnit.com as well. You can also check out other
men’s lifestyle guides there where we cover topics such as suits, watches, cigars, champagne, which is Charles-Philippe’s
favorite breakfast drink. He actually likes Mimosas
without the orange juice. (laughing) As he likes to say. He likes to make it sound like
he’s getting his vitamin C. – Exactly, it’s good for the eyes, right? – Yeah, definitely. Anyway, with all that being said, please comment below if
you know of any other extremely comfortable dress shoes that you particularly like to wear. I know Charles-Philippe and
I like to keep the resources up-to-date on BespokeUnit.com. – We’re always looking for new brands. – Wolf & Shepherd are the
current reigning champions on our most comfortable dress shoe list, so, you know, we’re always
looking at contenders across all of our buying guides that you guys may be able to help us with as it’s impossible to cover
every single shoe brand in the known universe. So please help us out with
that which would be great. Please leave any other
comments or questions you may have. Please like the video if you
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when that actually happens. With all that being said, my name’s Paul Anthony. – I’m CP. – And we’ll see you next time. – Take care. (light instrumental music)

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