Woden Sneakers – Mock Croc Leather Unboxing and On-feet | Works of Denmark Ydun Croco Dark Grey

hi there, you might see a box over to my right hand side and just say i don’t really buy this much stuff however over the past couple of weeks i have said goodbye to two of my favorite pairs of Vans that just had too many holes in and I couldn’t wear them anymore which I was very sad about but we had several years together and we traveled some very happy miles together, so erm, yep also this week it’s been chucking it down with rain here in San Francisco and my favorite pair of Superga’s, I never know how you say actually it, have had it and these got so wet yesterday my feet were soaking, I needed a new pair of shoes and, i think i actually jinxed the weather when i did my ‘Dunks’ video a few weeks ago because I said that it never rains in California and ever since I pulled out those dunks it’s been raining so I can’t wear them. So i may have purchased a pair of shoes which are here, erm, now these are actually come from the UK they’ve come from Woodie and Morris, who are independent boutique in Haslemere Surrey, UK. They have some fab stuff in their shop for every price range and Mel who runs the store is absolutely lovely so if you like what I’m about to show you, give them a shout. Now I spotted these trainers on Mel’s instagram feed and, this going to be a failed unboxing, i can tell you now because it’s been packed so well. I spotted these on Mel’s Instagram feed … and thought ‘oh there quite nice and then when i was at a barre class a couple weeks ago I actually spotted somebody wearing a pair as I was getting ready to leave and I thought they’re actually really nice and ever since then, they were on my mind so I dropped the lovely Mell a note and they had a pair left in my size. So if i can actually get this open … ahhh I’m really no good at this and also i left the scissors in the car which was a bit foolish but these are so well packed customs weren’t’ gonna bother trying to get into this package that’s for sure. One more go with the trusty Global. This poor Global knife. jeez. OK, here we go, here we go, I’m sorry, this is all very boring. danish friends old wax of Denmark and shorter than to wider they’ve been around since 2013 i believe that only available in europe because i did say like a body’s anywhere here in America and I couldn’t is the box beside careful mr. be on the camera today’s camera work as much and so there you go bring the Thunder move the Stars be authentic respect the world that should be a matter for everybody so I’m really hope little notes inside and really high I like which had a first leg and hip it peace peace peace so click they do these traders in a variety of colors they come in a goal to seal the black pony skin and I’ve got silver traders I’ve got great got like leopard print etc I went to for gray look at those great and brown white they are a book croc effect they are real lever and if we can see inside really nice cork start in so and which is all ever as well Hey look it is actually cork feel enough these are really nice and so impressed days nice soul well yeah that is a really nice shoe now I could’ve just gone to the mall and bought another pair bands i love bad living with all the time but i just wanted to like a bit different and because it is raining here and lost at the wrong idea one that I could wear out without my feet getting wet and free time I step outside front door they are so nice i’m glad i got those and i will try them on in a bit and let’s hope they fit in fact this tribal I’ve actually got off listen this is how cold is it worth living on their riches and cute clue q there for the dog commander so tried them and they fit yay and the theater salt is actually really well cushioned they are quite bouncy and comfy I’m really quite impressed the design is love it is so beautiful I think that the camera probably picked up just quite how nice they are you this lovely mock croc effect against the brown they are just so nice and they perfect for what i want to just nice pair of shoes nobody else here in California is really gonna have a part from the one other person I see it bar class i’m pretty sure she’s European just from how she looks and how she dresses I see I’m really really impressed today’s these are going to get a lot of wear over the next few weeks / modes and while it’s winter here in California and that noise our dishwasher finish in the raccoons have a happy dishwasher though so that finishes how random say yeah love for traders big thanks to where the cameras were shipping these over to me and get them to meet so so quickly and big shout-out to widen very impressed so in America and in America Californians love thanks for watching as I said there isn’t gonna be that reading or boxes of me i’m pretty much spent out on everything over the last few weeks to my shop in and it’s Christmas going to buy stuff that somebody else alright thanks to watch it and see you see the point to staff by

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