With Amanda Nunez imagine just put yourself in her shoes…

With Amanda Nunez imagine just put yourself in her shoes Right. Now imagine having the biggest fight of your life ever and the the fight everyone’s looking for special for your female fighter did You get so much notoriety you get all the cameras pointing at you people you finally get to hear your story and she has a great story and Then you can’t do interviews. There’s none of that. There’s no promotion. We’re not gonna show your videos can’t do interviews There’s me. No open workouts Imagine being her right now. Like what the fuck? well, the good news is She can concentrate on the fight and just constantly she would always do that I understand that and the good news for Ronda is that she can also just concentrate on the fight? But she doesn’t have to do any of these interviews. I like that but I don’t like is I feel like We have to respect what a champion is and it doesn’t matter if you’re the most famous person you’re still the champion and we’re the champion of a giant organization like the UFC and How about she’s the first openly gay women’s MMA champion ever or amazing story the champion MMA champion there’s never been an openly gay MMA champion and She’s fuckin badass. It’s not like she doesn’t have a highlight reel It’s not like she’s grabbing to hold these girls and just sort of winning by staying on top and do nothing So there’s no highlights. You can pull no she knocks girls out and chokes them unconscious. She’s very good. So it’s exciting It’s an exciting technical matchup. It’s an exciting story with Ronda coming back after being out for over a year There’s so much exciting shit But to concentrate only on one person to sell it. I understand that that person is huge I understand that person’s the biggest person. She’s probably right up there with Conor I would go they both go back and flats would make the difference. What do you think? Argument I would I would agree with you I would I would lean towards that my point is I see one victory she could get launched right into that That place again. I think it’s a weird thing man It’s like you’re you’re a super talented person. Who’s also this giant Personality figure it’s it’s it’s more than just a fighter, right? it becomes his personality figure especially for Connors like that that his whole Shit talking and marketing and he sends out a tweet to sell the fight part of being a fighter is selling the fight See what you want about Floyd Mayweather There’s not an interviewer camera heat and it looked towards to sell that Pacquiao fighting because in in the end it helps the company it Helps it puts more money in your pocket. It helps sponsorship everything. You can’t say anything about Floyd unless you were one of those girls But it’s part of the gig you gotta sell the fight so for me and I think Ronda is the favorite in this matchup, but she has to create these scenarios where it’s me against the world It’s me against are you sure she’s creating anis and this is a big marketing push This is like, you know, this is the new owners of the UFC and this is this and this is the real anjo But this is this really cinematic thing that we’re missing the boat on but we’re definitely missing the boat. The numbers will prove it I bet you will definitely missing the boat on Promoting Amanda that bad for a fact, but you don’t think it was like a pretty exciting promo piece I saw that promo piece up that got me fired up I think the good thing is that it’s like this really exciting very well done. Cool thing. Do you think if Tomorrow you think this fight has as much promise say UFC 205 in New York? No. No, I don’t or Conor fight No, because no one’s doing interviews. Yeah, no I 100% completely agree with you to that point but part of me likes I want to see what happens when the pay-per-view numbers come out because part of me likes that the fighters aren’t going to be bothered I don’t think you need to bother them as much as they get bothered I think when Connor was was pissed off about it When all those pissed off thought all these different fighters who are doing these crazy tours are pissed off about this promotion thing The idea about it is you’re trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, but I don’t know if like that The price that they pay and being distracted from their training I don’t know if it’s haunted you’re talking about a world tour where he’s like dude. Come on. I’m come on We’ll loss Nate Diaz is a tough fight for me 170 I need everything I can do to to get this fight and get my mind right you with Ronda helps Do you think that it helps these big promo tours? Yes, and no, I I you know I don’t know. If you need to go all around the freaking world and promote it but there needs to be some sort of publicity done for Ronda especially I I think her as a role model for a female You can’t get kicked in the face. Take your ball and go home We want our champ to be like Connor or someone where they go. I want back in there man GIMP Give me the fuck back in there. I need this. I think that it’s cool that Obviously Rhonda doesn’t want all that shit. She’s as famous as you can be she doesn’t want that and Someone just said okay, you know they let her just have her piece and focus on the fight. I Personally don’t really watch interviews. I don’t watch that press so I don’t even know how important it is All I care about is that fight that’s it. Once the fight happens. Give me a little project little promo Give me a little our promo. It doesn’t have to be like it, you know anything fancy We’re balls deep in it though for the casual fan. Like my dad the casual fan. He has no idea She was fighting this Friday. I don’t know So for the casual fan that’s where I would think that it would make a big difference people watch ESPN and well that that’s who buys reviews Joe because To get that to get that 60 $70 an ear casual fan. They need to be sold on it Sounds like it sounds like you own a piece of the UFC But you are making very good points My issue is in in Ronnie can do a thing, but you can’t its conflict of interest Here’s some here’s because the Conor McGregor right does Connor goes dude. I’ll fly to New York and do a press conference I’m not going to Vegas cool. You’re not fighting right? Ronnie goes I’m not doing shit Daniels cool different different owners now Different owners have a different approach. I mean it’s a different business. I mean a lot of things are changing They’re changing the change job, but also WME who owns the UFC manages Ronda Rousey. Yeah, they don’t manage Conor McGregor, right? So there’s a conflict of interest there. Well It depends because it’s just a business decision. The only people that should be upset or probably the other people Well, Cody Garber and Dominic crews aren’t restricted from doing anything interviews, right? They’re doing everything are they gonna sell the fight? That’s a problem. It’s gonna get a sound for me. That’s for fuck’s sake I can’t work balls deep in it for sure balls deep the casual fans going I’m not buying I might spend $70 for those small guys. Now it to meets the number-one five, you know to me It’s the number one fight on the card. I love Cody Wants his promos. He’s right. He’s right. No No, what I want is what I wasn’t at is the UFC to keep growing and it it comes with the territory You gotta sell yourself, but do you offer the fighters or don’t you think they’re respecting their wishes? I’d rather be left alone Is the exact reason why she’s as famous as she is okay, though You don’t have to only do press while you’re in camp like that media exists after the fights which is easy for for everybody Just talk after the fights, but during the training in preparation. It’s a giant distraction. It’s gonna take a lot of time it did a decision if someone’s as rich in as famous as Ronda is a decision to To favor performance over finances so likes maybe she’ll make less money But she thinks that she’ll be more focused and a performance to be better. I love that. I love that decision When your will really wealthy successful Athlete like her you could do whatever the fuck you want That’s what I think I think when you get to a point where you get to decide whether you’re gonna focus on Making more money and possibly being less focused and distracted and maybe tired or even maybe get sick because you’re doing a lot of traveling versus only dedicate yourself to training Do all the fucking videos you want put all the promos you want. I’m not doing shit for the next eight weeks So then where’s that strike that who’s gonna sell the fight if everyone has that mentality? Is that the rule now, you know I’m saying No, I don’t know you’re saying because the old way is not the only way you could do both ways You can do whatever way you want. These old footage they could decide that their little promo pieces They could put together without interviews or enough they could fly I might be wrong You know what, they could just fly to her for two days interview. We’re at her training camp That’s as they did for Tony and then they take off Tony was a big kid never left Big Bear they came to him Do you understand? It was no big deal It’s look she definitely could do that or she could no, I just want to completely focus and let’s see how this works but her thing is is that She thinks the media Backstabbed her and that’s why she doesn’t do an interview like they turned on her when she lost she’s a very emotional person It’s one of the reasons one of the reasons why she’s so good I agree, but she’s very emotional. But to me it sounded like my voice was cracking But but to me It’s if you’re a Ronda fit like when you break this light down there’s an that there’s a huge X Factor. What? Front frame of mind is Ronda is if she won’t even face Interview. Okay, maybe oh Yeah, maybe She’s the most folks she’s ever been or maybe she just can’t deal with the questions after last fight. We don’t know Wow Yeah you it’s she’s the only one who knows You know or close Ronda the state like you said famous is fuck lives in a mansion. What about Amanda? Oh, yeah, what about her? She should absolutely be able to do as many interviews as she want But she might not want to either she might want to say hey Good, I’m gonna focus entirely on fighting Ronda – look this might be better. It might be better this way

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