Winter Traction Aid for Minimalist Running Shoes

For many minimalist runners, running in the
winter, especially if you get a lot of heavy ice storms, like where I live, where the roads,
trails, grass, dirt paths, you name it, become nothing but a solid, sheer sheet of thick
ice which can be a complicated and unsafe scenario for any runner, especially minimalist
runners because finding that perfect fully-winterized, fully traction-oriented barefoot-like running
shoe is hard to come by on the basis of there isn’t a lot of those types of minimalist
running shoes around. Not to mention, minimalist running shoes that
are fully winterized can be very pricey and of course, like all running shoes, the outsole,
even if its fully armed with high-quality dependable treads, eventually wears down and
you no longer get reliable traction when you need it the most. Luckily, a much cheaper option that gives
you long-lasting, robustly-durable and dependable aggressive traction are wearable spike, like
the Due North G3 ice and snow traction aid which you can easily wear on most, not all,
but most minimalist running shoes. So, if your favorite minimalist running shoe
completely lacks traction, you can easily turn it into to a beastly winter shoe with
the Due North spikes which are fully capable of supplying excellent ice traction, so you
can cover more ground with confidence in your footing during the dead of winter, especially
on icy surfaces. The DueNorth spikes are wearable spikes that
ensures secure traction, getting your shoe more anchored on loose terrain, on muddy grounds,
on wet greasy slick grass and more importantly, the DueNorth wearable spikes masterfully delivers
dependable traction that reassuringly latches on and bites down hard onto the ice and snow,
without interfering with your stride; you don’t have to rearrange your stride in any
way and also the spikes don’t detract much from the sensory connection that your minimalist
shoe provides with the ground on account of the spikes are very thin and flat, and don’t
have over-built features, so you still end up getting a really good sense of the ground
with the spikes on. The DueNorth spikes are a combination of a
clutchy, fantastically thin layer of soft, flexible, responsive rubber that has 6 very
low-profile tiny metal lugs which overall doesn’t look like much; the spikes put very
little material between your foot and the ground, they keep your foot in close contact
with the ground, like your minimalist shoe, but despite appearing super simple in their
design, the DueNorth spikes delivers a robust mega-grip, without the added bulk, they do
a premium job at firmly gripping anything in your path when winter conditions become
treacherous, and the spikes especially bites down aggressively on icy surfaces. I can’t overstate that enough that these
tiny metal lugs not only does strong work in the snow, but delivers really aggressive
traction that’s great for maneuvering and running on icy level grounds; they really
do provide a lot of latching power and gives good dexterity needed for helping to get your
feet moving quickly on slippery surfaces, ensuring a confident ride and can really withstand
anything winter throws at you. What is more is that there’s also a lot
of functional benefits to the DueNorth spikes that enables you to secure and sustain effective
forefoot strike running mechanics in the snow. For one, the DueNorth spikes have a lot minimalistic
characteristics, which will go over great with the ultra-minimalist crowd, in that spikes
are made of soft stretchy, flexible form-fitting rubber which is very thin, allowing you to
feel your forefoot strike, so you can keep your forefoot strike in line when you run. This is how the spikes won’t impede or interfere
with your forefoot strike accuracy, rather they’ll really help you roll over the snow
and ice like a tank. The DueNorth spikes are completely flat and
like I said, they’re pretty thin, so the spikes won’t increase the ride height of
your minimalist shoe; they wont give your minimalist shoe a heel-to-toe slope either,
so you still retain a low-profile with the ground, which helps provide sure footing when
the feet are fully seated flat on the ground which is the most natural alignment the feet
should have with the ground because it’s proven to be a reliable way to help you manage
good posture and balanced running form from the ground up. Everything just seems to work better together
when the feet are positioned more naturally. And also, a completely flat, completely close
to the ground shoe makes it easier for you to connect properly on your forefoot, as it
helps levy the foot away from making initial ground-contact on the heel during running,
because there’s no under-heel padding and without under heel padding you get better
sensory cues that are linked directly to improved awareness of your foot strike, meaning that
you’re more attentive to engage a forefoot strike since it feels more comfortable largely
because forefoot striking prevents the kind of impact that endangers the knees, hips and
back. Another functional feature of the DueNorth
spikes is that they are completely non-obstructive and adaptable in their fit in that they are
super bendy; they bend whichever way your foot wants to go. They’re flexible enough to flex where your
foot flexes and are expandable enough throughout to faithfully allow natural expansion of the
foot, and doesn’t interfere with natural spreading of the toes which altogether keeps the foot
participating more fully in the way that it should in putting you on safer ground by reinforcing
better balance control which is very essential when running on uneven terrain! The spikes also conform to a wide foot shape
as well. Overall, you’ll be pleased with the shoe-hugging
fit the spikes give and delivers a comfy-feeling underfoot that doesn’t feel excessive and
doesn’t lose comfort over long haul. How do you put on the DueNorth’s spikes
to your shoe? Very simple and quick. You just hook the front of the spikes over
the very front of your shoe and then pull the spikes underneath the entire length of
the sole of the shoe and then hook the back portion over your heel. Very simple placement. Often times during the winter, I’ll just
fold the spikes and carry them in my pocket to keep them on hand for if I find out that
my path is icier than expected; in that case, I take out the spikes, strap them on and I’m
all set to go. In terms of their overall fit and feel, the
DueNorth spikes fits and cinches snug at the front and back of your shoe without any pressure
points along the way. This is especially true if your minimalist
shoe has more overall structure to it, like the Nimble Toes, the Lems Primal 2, the Skora
running shoes and of course the Altra Escalantes, minimalist shoes like these have a bit more
rock-steady sturdy framework of both the upper and the outsole and its minimalist shoes like
those where the DueNorth Spikes fit and feel the best and really anchors well on to the
shoe and stays completely in place! The spikes never shift, they always stay securely
in place because of the way they tightly wrap around your shoe’s outsole and it’s the
rubber compound that the spikes are made of that really locks in a sealed fit to your
shoe, ensuring a super close fit where you never have to worry about them slipping off
regardless of pace in extremely snowy, slippery conditions. The DueNorth spikes fit comfortably throughout
the underfoot and really give an uncluttered, lightweight smooth feel. As for durability, the durability is solid,
the spikes are more than ready for high mileage and can really stand up to long distance running
on hard icy surfaces, even if you get long stretches of dry or wet pavement, it doesn’t
wear down the spikes; the durability doesn’t get degraded in the least. They definitely have what it durably takes
to handle more miles on icy or wet technical flat surfaces and the rubber is puncture-resistant,
giving you an added layer of good underfoot protection to protect against stone bruising. Ultimately, durability is not an issue, the
spikes have more than enough to handle everyday training in the winter and double for running
long-distances in blizzards. I can’t overstate enough that the spikes
are definitely ideal for high mileage in slick and heavy ice conditions. So don’t let certain winter conditions stop
you from running, because some winters can just drag on and you end up running not nearly
as much as in the summer and as a consequence, any endurance gains that you’ve banked over
the warmer months may be a little drained away from taking too much time off in the
winter. Luckily, the DueNorth spikes can be very helpful
in improving your competitiveness by enabling you to keep running at your best all winter
long and thus can help you keep working on the endurance progress that you’ve made
from running in nicer weather Bottom line, there are so many features of the DueNorth
spikes, like being functionally specialized to help you form a stable connection with
icy grounds, helping redouble your balance control which is much needed when running
on snowy uneven terrain. Not mention the spikes low-slung design ensures
your minimalist shoe retains an intimate connection with the ground, making it all the easier
for you to uphold all the right forefoot running mechanics on snowy, or off-road uneven slippery
grounds. Its for reasons like this, the DueNorth spikes
can really help you safely conquer the ice and snow and do so with enjoyment along with
confident steps with the added benefit of supplying an effective layer of protection
that provides a smoothing of hard icy surface and adds a soft, springy-feel to your ride,
while allows you to feel the road, but is protective enough to make chunks of rock-hard
ice feel good. So as you can tell, the positive qualities
of the Due North spikes don’t stop when it comes to how handy, helpful and reliable
they are in helping you run with safer footfalls in the winter. So, if your minimalist shoe has very little
tread, but is warm enough to handle the winter, you can easily turn the shoe into a beastly,
more winterized traction-oriented running shoe with wearable spikes, like the DueNorths
G3’s which enable you to run as fast as you can on slippery level surfaces and offers
as much traction as you need to tackle longer distances in poor conditions. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if
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on the hot button debate about heel strike vs forefoot strike running. Thanks so much for listening and watching. Have fun out there on the roads and trails. Bye for now!

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