Winter Boots Survival Guide | Stop Salt & Water Boot Damage In Wet Snowy Weather

Ultimate Leather Boot Care Guide
[0:00:00] I’m going to start this video off with a sad,
sad story. So, I was in London I found this beautiful
pair of Chelsea boots. I picked them up on sale. I loved them. I wore them with everything until I destroyed
them in one Wisconsin winter. How does that happen? Well, we get a lot of snow, they put salt
on the ground to melt that snow. Then, you’ve got the seasons of spring and
fall in which, you know, there’s slush and all that other stuff on the ground. Guys, they fell apart they got cracks in the
leather within one winter. I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to
you. So today’s video is dedicated to all those
boots out there that need love that need care. Guys, the ultimate guide to taking care of
your boots. [Music]
So, let’s start this video off by talking about the enemy. What is the enemy of your leather boots? Number one is you neglecting them. Yes, guys, everything I’m talking about here
means nothing if you don’t actually take action and take care of your boots. So many guys I see them wearing their boots
they think, oh, they’re boots I can be rougher with them, I can be, you know, I don’t need
to do anything to my boots. That’s true if you don’t want them to last
if you want them to fall apart. If you take care of your boots, I can tell
you the upper if made from a true leather can last your lifetime, it looks better over
time. So number one, take care and take action on
taking care of your boots. Next up, water. Number two, water is going to damage boots. How does water damage boots? Because it can enter the leather and it’s
when it leaves the leather it actually changes the shape it can basically dry out. It pulls moisture out when it leaves and when
it enters it actually expands the cells. Yes, leather is skin. So, think about when you go into the pool
what happens? Or you’re spending a lot of time in the bathtub. You know that — remember how your fingers
kind of look all funny when you were a kid, it still happens and it happens to this leather
as well. You want to make sure that that’s not happening
because you are replenishing the oils. Your skin is going to repair itself, this
leather doesn’t have that option. Finally, salt and other types of, you know,
chemicals and stuff out there. Salt will go in and will dry out the leather
even faster. There are certain chemicals if they get exposed
to the leather they’re going to cause it to crack and basically start to fall apart. Next up, let’s talk about the different materials
you’re going to see on the boots and the different styles. So, if it’s an exotic leather, you want to
be very careful with water damage. That’s going to be like ostrich, crocodile,
things like that. When it comes to suede, what you’re looking
for is a weather-safe suede. Some boot designs like this one right here
use a weather- safe suede, therefore you can get it wet. It’s just going to be a lot more resistant
to damage. When it comes to taking care of suede though
what you want to have is a suede brush. And there are going to be special sprays out
there, look for them they are going to say that they are safe on suede. A lot of the items I’m going to talk about
here especially the creams things that, you know, the polishes, you do not want to use
on a suede. It’s just going to actually change the texture
you’re never going to be able to get it back, so find a good brush and you want to use a
lot of preventive basically care for things like this. Now, this boot right here some of the other
boots I’m going to show — all the boots I’m actually going to show you in today’s video
guys brought to you by Thursday Boots. I’m going to link to them down in the description. And let me tell you about Thursday Boots,
an awesome company. They’re the paid sponsor of today’s video
and I’ll tell you why because I’ve been testing and wearing their boots now for almost two
years. I took this pair right here this one right
here I wore them through a Ukranian winter, I took care of them and I can tell you they
are – they’re great they’re — I mean, they held up snow, sleet, slush. They did a great job. And I walked a lot of miles on these things,
I still haven’t had to re-sew them. It’s a great company. I think you guys are going to be surprised
when you see the price of these boots. They’re an amazing deal. And with that great price they’ve actually
got an amazing selection of different styles different leathers. Guys, go check out their website. What do you think of this? Check out that Blarney Stone Commander. Isn’t that a good-looking boot? I really like that. Now, check out this Black Wingtip. Isn’t it beautiful? What would you wear this Black Wingtip with? Go over check out that midnight blue suede
chukka, I just used that as one of the examples. I had them sent to me, I can tell you I’m
loving this boot. Check out the President in brown. This was the first boot I showed you. The first boot they ever sent me and I still
have them after almost two years. At the end of the day, gents, these are stylish
great-looking boots at an amazing price. I’m linking to them down in the description. Go check them out. And let me know in the comments what’s your
favorite style, how you would wear it this winter, how you would take care of it. And I’m going to be meeting with the founders
here in actually a week in New York City, so I will talk to them maybe I can get a couple
pairs sent out, but you’ve got a comment down below. You’ve got to go check out their website. Let me know in detail how are you going to
pull this look off. Sound good? All right, guys, let’s get back into the content. Getting back to talking about the upper, what
you’re going to notice in dress boots and these are going to be Chelsea’s, these are
going to be lace-ups that have a more of a dress boot design. You can tell that basically they’re going
to have a leather sole. Those you need to be really careful with,
oftentimes they’re going to use a little bit thinner of a leather because they’re going
for a sleeker more elegant type of look, but that can be really susceptible and can show
the damage much quicker, so those you have to really take care of. [0:05:04]
Now, leathers they are going to be of a lighter color. This is a Horween Leather out of Chicago. What we’re going to notice right here is that
if we were to bring on dark polish we bring in a conditioner we bring in a type of oil,
it could actually darken the leather. So, make sure anytime you’ve got a light-colored
leather that you test it any type of product you’re going to put on. Go to the tongue go down in on the tongue
and you want to just apply a little. Let it sit, see how it changes the color. Test. Test. Test. Don’t trust that they say, oh, we’re not going
to darken your boots. Guys, it has happened and these companies
aren’t going to buy you a new pair of light- colored boots. And the final boot offer I’m going to talk
about is that made from a dark heavier weight leather. Now, what’s great about this is it’s dark,
it’s going to more easily cover up stains. You actually have a wider selection of different
polishes, creams, and things you can use. You’re not so much worried about it actually
getting stained. Where you need to be careful though are salt
stains and now let’s get into that. If you live in a winter area and they throw
salt on the road to melt the ice melt the snow, that’s great for stopping slipping. It’s horrible for your shoes though because
once that salt gets into your boots what it will start to do to the leather is it dries
it out quicker, it starts to create cracking even after a few months, so you want to take
care of this. That’s key. So, you want to keep a rag where you store
your boots and just simply after every time you wear them wipe them down. That is going to do wonders. Also, you want to keep a little brush there
simply go through and you want to clean to remove any type of sediment built up. If you do that, you are ahead of the game. But most people won’t, they’ll forget to do
it they’ll go a couple weeks until they start to see that white salt stain on the boot. What do you do then? Okay. So, you want to take one tablespoon vinegar,
one cup water, mix it and then you’re going to take that rag and you’re going to actually
go into it a bit you’re going to spend a little bit of time working to remove the salt stain. It may take a couple treatments. And you’re also then going to take a specific
type of cleaner. There’s a number of different leather cleaners
I’ll talk about here in a second. Those can help pull out the salt as well,
but you’ve got to give it more treatment. Understand, if you’re seeing that salt stain,
that’s not a good thing you want to treat that immediately. So, in that last point you saw me hold a brush. Now, I’ve got a wide variety of brushes here
I’d like to talk about, but I think the key is for you to have your own system. You don’t want to be mixing and matching brushes
and the reason being if one you use to basically buff the shine after a polish, the other one
you use to remove sediment and dirt, if you’re mixing those you actually when you go in to
do a polish you’re going to take small pieces of sediment and dirt and you’re going to actually
rub them right in to your nice polish and you don’t want to be doing that. So, this one right here because of its size
and because of its color I know that this is my cleaning brush. I don’t want to go with something with two
hard a bristles, but I want still bristles that are pretty firm they’re going to be able
to get in there in the various parts of the shoe and be able to remove things. Now, these smaller brushes which you’ve probably
seen before these are applicator brushes. I’m going to use these. This one for a dark polish dark-colored brush,
this one for a lighter or a neutral polish. Now, I do keep one different applicator brush
for every type of different polish. Yes, you’re going to have to maybe go buy
them in bulk, but I find that for me this works best. Now, we’ve got different polishing brushes. This one obviously for lighter-colored shoes,
this one for darker-colored shoes, but understand the brush itself isn’t what’s going to make
it darker, it’s the polish that you use and that is what’s key. A lot of people just simply use a rag like
this an old t-shirt. A nice cotton old t-shirt will work. I’ve got other rags like this which are going
to be in color, so I don’t have anyone in my household coming to grab this think it’s
a long lost washcloth. And ones like this that actually use a really
nice — they’ve got a really nice napped surface. These can be great for a polish. Now, where do you keep all of this? Guys, it’s key you have a shoeshine box. You need to have one central place where everything
goes that way you can find it when you’re looking for it. So, when I look at all the different products
out there, to me they break in just three categories. First off, you’ve got cleaners. Next up, you’ve got conditioners. After that, you have polishes. I’m going to explain how each of them work
and why you would want to use each of them. First off, let’s talk about cleaners. So, in my opinion the best cleaner you can
use is simply a damp washcloth after every wear maybe a wet wipe and a nice brush that’s
going to remove things. But, if you want to go beyond that, there
are a few specialty cleaners out there. One of the most common ones you’re going to
see is saddle soap. So, like the name implies it was initially
used on saddles. People found, hey, I can use it on shoes I
can use it on belts. Now, understand that some saddle soaps they
can remove a little bit of the pigment and the dye, so they can actually discolor some
of the leather make it lighter colored. But, if you’ve got a lot of mud build up a
lot of stuff and you don’t want to introduce a lot more water and maybe the leather already
has water damaged, well, in that case you can use a saddle soap. But, a saddle soap is not a conditioner, so
that’s the next category and one of the biggest categories I think actually out there. Leather is skin, over time it starts to crack
and fall apart. It cracks because basically it dries out. The goal of a conditioner is to reintroduce
nutrients moisture and do it in a way that water can’t. So, there’s a wide variety of different conditioners
out there. I’ve talked about companies like Leather Honey. They’ve got cleaners and conditioners. You’re going to find other ones just out there
are going to say a conditioner and a cleaner. I like going with a true just conditioner
out there. Leather balms are oftentimes a conditioner
and a cleaner. [0:10:16]
You’re going to see rejuvenators out there. Those have specialty types of nutrients and
ingredients in them and they are made when you want to try to restore an old beat-up
leather. Now, understand if the leathers got cracks
in it if it is falling apart, leather just if it’s beyond repair, it get camped, but
the rejuvenators are going to be oftentimes much higher priced. Now, you are going to see some creams out
there and this is where it starts to blur the line between conditioners and actually
polishes. Creams are specialty made to actually penetrate
the leather a bit at the same time they use a dye or a pigment that is going to actually
leave a little bit of a shine, but creams in my opinion never leave a shine like a true
polish will. Next up, gents, let’s talk about polish. A polish is the outer protective layer. It’s not made to enter the leather and condition
it. A lot of polishes are we’re going to use materials
which are hydrophobic, so they’re going to reject they’re going to push away water. That’s a great thing. That is your layer of protection. And over time you can build up multiple polish
layers on your shoes that will prevent it basically prevents scuffing damage, so that’s
why I love a great polish. Now, if you’re using a polish, that’s awesome
because most people don’t and a lot of people are going to ask me, okay, what’s there between
a dollar polish and a twenty dollar polish? It’s going to be the ingredients sometimes
the quality of the dyes, are they using more natural materials are these guys using may
be petroleum-based products. That’s going to be the main difference. Some people will argue, oh, I’ll get a better
shine sometimes thinks that’s a placebo effect. But at the end of the day, go with a brand
go with a company that works for you. Now, dyes. You’re going to see there’s black polish and
brown polish, there are neutral polishes. I love neutral polishes because basically
it’ll give you a shine, but it’s not going to give you any color. But if you have black shoes go for a black
polish. You can sometimes in a pinch if you’ve got
black shoes darker colored shoes, go for a neutral, but it’s not going to do a good job
of basically hiding those scuffs. Now, let’s talk about some of the specialty
waterproofing and polishing products you’re going to see out there. So, if you see something that’s saying,
hey, we’re going to protect you from all the snow all the sleet, understand that they’re
probably just using a beeswax. And if you’re doing everything I’m talking
about here, you may not actually need that product it’s not going to do too much. There are a silicone sprays which I think
are pretty good. After you’ve put on all your layers, yes,
you can spray your boots down, but they can get expensive. I think a polish overall is going to work. Other things like mink oil, yes, it will work
if you’re not using everything else I’m talking about and you want to use this instead this
oftentimes does darken the leather. But understand a lot of these products evolved
or came into the boot industry from other industries. So people using them on purses on their leather
bags. And I’m going to say if you’re doing everything
I just talked about, you don’t have to use all these other products. Some of them are going to be shortcuts. This product right here is made specifically
to put on and it leaves an instant polish. So some of those things I think can work okay. You want to look at the ingredients you want
something that’s using I think not really as too many synthetics. At the end of the day, remember what I said,
none of this matters if you aren’t actually applying it and taking care of your boots. Now at this point, how to apply all this knowledge
how to actually put all this onto your shoes? All right, I’m going to link you over to a
video in which I show you how to clean, how to condition, how to polish your leather shoes. Now, I said shoes, understand the same rules
apply to polishing your boots, to polishing your shoes. There’s really no big difference here, but
with this knowledge with this base guys you can take care and make sure that your leather
boots last. All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn. Let me know what you thought of this video
down in the comments. And don’t forget, go check out Thursday Boots. I’m linking them down in the description. I want to hear from you guys down in the comments
your favorite style. Be specific. Tell me how are you’re going to wear it,
what you’re going to match it with, how are you going to pull it off this winter, how
are you going to take care of those boots with all this information I just gave you. And, guys I’m meeting with the founders here
in New York, I’ll mention I want to, hey, I want to get you guys a few of these pairs,
but you have to be specific. You got to go check out their website. The link is down in the description. A good company. Good quality boots. Like I said I’ve got a few pairs I was like
thinking which ones should I pull up. I’m not giving you guys any of these boots. I love this company I love the boots I wear
them all the time and I hope you go check them out and discover them. That’s it guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [0:14:31] End of Audio


  • How do you take proper care of your winter boots? – Click here to discover your winter style with Thursday Boot Company. Thanks, Thursday Boots for being a paid sponsor for today's post! – Click here to read the article – Winter Boot Survival Guide – Click here to watch the video – How To Spit Shine Your Shoes

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  • I picked up a pair of Scout chukkas from Thursday nearly a year ago because of you and this channel. I'm getting them out for tomorrow because It might get wet out there, they are my go to wet weather boot. I love them and they still get compliments ALL the time! Tomorrow they will probably get paired with some khaki chinos, a blue dress shirt and brown tweed sport coat, it's finally cool enough here in the south to get away with boots and sport coats again!

    Semper Fi brother, keep up the good work!

  • This is one of the most helpful video you've put out
    thanks a lot

  • I've got a pair of Captains in natural colour coming tomorrow.

    What polish and cream do you recommend? And give us more details about your giveaway!

  • Nice overall view on taking care of leather shoes! Especially with winter on its way since salt is deadly for leather.

  • Think you are pushing the advertising way too much. You need to ease off because advertising is a major turn off.

  • Good video, always enjoy polishing my shoes, looking forward to getting some Thursday boots as soon as they make a wide width boot, which I guess they are looking into

  • The Duke in Brown Leather look fantastic, I am always a sucker for some nice Chelsea boots! I think the dark leather would be best in winter, they're more versatile in leather because you can keep them very casual with jeans, or dress them up with chinos as well. Leather would also be better for winter because I could keep a good polish on them and not worry about the snow and ice getting them dirty. If you're feeling nice Antonio, I'm a size 12;)

  • Tan suede (or the brown leather) chelseas with black or distressed light wash jeans, white shirt, dark red and black flannel hoodie. We have harsh winters here in Western New York, so thanks for this video!!

  • I purchased a pair of the Presidents back in July in the Terracotta shade or your recommendation. These are hands down the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. I have had more compliments from male and female friends than any thing I have ever owned in my life. Jeans work best but any other casual pants work for me. I had forgotten what true quality shoes were about.

  • I had a pair of boots that lasted me 10 years when I was in the Army, I wore them at least a few times a week, they went through mud and blood and everything you can imagine a pair of army boots would go through, had the re-soled 3 times… all because I looked after them and treated them with respect

  • I would love to have a honey suede scout. I’m a student, and it’s a very versatile shoe for casual outfits so it would fit my lifestyle super well

  • Thank you for the another great video.
    I haven't got to apply much of the good advice you give, (I'm a ditch digger) but when i do, ever so often i feel confident of my appearance. I used feel out of place, "like a fish out of water." Now i embrace it and actually look forward to getting fancied up.☺

  • Great video Antonio!

    I think you should do a maintenance series.

    How to store clothing to maintain them? Like on hangers or shelves

    How and when to wash different pieces of clothing? How many days and like a smell test or some sort of test to tell when to wash?

    Same thing with like regular sneakers and everything else you could think of

  • Do you have any brand recommendations for saddle soap, a conditioner, and a polish?

  • Purchasing the Captain in Natural. First time fashion boot wearer. I love their look and styles at Thursday Boot Co. I did not search for any other brand. Love at first sight.

  • I love the Brown Duke Chelsea Boot from Thursday Boots. I would wear them with dark wash denim jeans and button down shirts for a smart-casual look. I would also dress them up a bit and pair them with my navy suit for a formal twist. I love Thursday boots and the classic dark brown chelsea boot is a must have for every man!
    Loved the video Antonio.

  • Does anyone have the black Vanguards? They look rugged af and I'm interested in buying a pair.

  • What is suede leather exactly?

  • Your process is right on. I am a Navy vet and my three adult sons always bring home their shoes and boots for me to clean, condition, and shine. My shoes last forever because I take care of them. A bit of care goes a long way!

  • Got myself a pair of Thursday Captain and they look and feel high quality, but too narrow for my feet.
    I also didn't like how easy they getting scuffed when I was trying to break them at home.

  • I have a pair of timberlands I have owned for over 20 years now but I need to retire them. The captain Brown are a close match to the color and the style is conducive to wearing to my new job. Just have to save up a while before I purchase. I would pair with jeans or khakis with a nice oxford, sweater or button-down. Very versatile!

  • Great!

  • HERES a thought: let your stuff get destroyed, and buy a new pair of something different; trying on new things. You're telling me you want to keep your same pair of Chelsea boots for years; yah, no thanks.

  • The boots from the Intro look exactly as mine lol

  • Antonio, you told me that you visited Ukraine. Share, how did this happen?

  • I wasn’t going to comment this video but when I have watched until the end of the video I’ve just found that he was freaking advertising the company that make the shoes cuz all the shoes that he is explaining is from the company thou this un useful ?

  • Id take the black or brown captain or vanguard.
    For a black pair id go with black denim and a black sweater with a black peacoat.
    For a brown pair id take a pair of distressed blue denim and a white henley paired with a patched bomber jacket.
    PS sorry for taking the non dapper route but i feel like going out of my comfort zone

  • What about timbs

  • What thursday boots would you recommend for a person moving to upstate New York (lots of rain/sleet/snow)?

  • tan captains, with dark jeans-turned up cuff- beige button up- with a brown sweater, probably will throw a dark colored tie on, charcoal pea coat with a brown duckbill flat cap. MVMT wrist watch with matching band to the boots- and leather gloves and a beard and pipe.

  • What kept u in ukraine for a winter

  • I bought myself a pair of Thursday Boot Duke (chelsea) and I’m on my second winter season. I love them so much and I get compliments all the time. Thank you Antonio for the cleaning guide because I just noticed salt marks yesterday (argh the enemy!!) I wear these everyday with corduroy pants, shawl collar sweater, wool socks and driver cap. For a special date, I just swap bottom with a dark raw selvedge denim (cuffed). My only complaint is that the color and fit is not consistent. My first pair came with one boot tighter than the other. Thursday immediately sent me a replacement which fit fine but then the second pair came in two shade. One is one shade lighter than the other. No one notice it until I point it out. Does anyone know whether or not different shades is normal? and is it a good sign of handmade quality?

  • Great Video. How often should you condition your boot? Every wear? Once a month? Choromexel?

  • Hey Antonio, great video! Do you really send out boots to people? If so, I'd love a pair of those natural captains or black Chelsea boots and it's my birthday this month haha. I'd like some nice boots, but it's not in the budget right now.

  • boots aren't worth it

  • I've got the Grizzly Wheat President boots. Love them.

  • Nice video. You present a lot of quality thoughts on how to protect our boots and shoes from the “elements” we experience during Chicago winters. Keep up the good work!

  • Chelsea boots aren't boots

  • Captain, cuffed Levi’s 511s in denim, and of course top it off with a red/black flannel over a black sweatshirt. Perfect fall fit

  • Daaaaamn those wingtips thooo 2:28

  • I prefer U.S made Wolverine 1000 mile's or Red Wing Iron Rangers or Blacksmiths. Not too keen on the overly slim, pointy silhouette and massive heel of Thursday. Strikes me as having more of a hipster look and less of a classic men's work or dress boot.

  • Listen guys, taking care of your boots is fine to an extent, but there BOOTS, there supposed to be rugged and tuff.

  • Could you suggest a specific polish/cream for the thursday boots which are marked as 'natural' color ? I like that color, but i am worried to get the right polish for that. I am leaning towards brown only because its easier to polish

  • Does this apply to combat boots

  • tell me how to save my boots from winter damage! this video is so long

  • those boots that you showed are very expensive

  • this video is way too long

  • Greetings,

    I am from Philippines where the climate is tropical. I have red that Suede Boots look good and is ideal for summer. That is why I have purchased the Cognac Suede Scout from Thursdays! However, what are your thoughts on my boots of choice? Also I am interested in buying a black Captains and a brown President soon.

    Thanks in advance, gentlemen.

  • good thing we don't have salt trucks in Alabama

  • what about non-shiny leather like the Terracotta colorway of the Captain Boots? Are they gonna be treated the same way as the ones you showed in this video?

  • Now go get your shine box

  • I love my cowboy boots I clean them at least twice a week ? I put a water based hand cream on them in the summer and it's also great if they get dry in the winter because of salt. you they are the things that spend the longest time on my feet out of any of my footwear ?

  • I use kiwi saddle soap and their sealing oil/paste

  • I see a comment below that we can use VASELINE as a shoe leather conditioner. FYI, I haven’t tried that yet, but see other internet recommendations for a similar use of OLIVE OIL or COCONUT OIL. Your thoughts, please.

  • my university doesn't salt their roads or anything which is nice for shoes and keeping my black car black and not white but driving and walking is a real struggle because it gets so slippery

  • i love these boots. wear them with jeans, chinos and a nice polo and yore set.

  • Any model on Thursday Boots in English Brown.

  • How often should we do these things to our shoes?

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