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Hi guys! It’s Katie. I’m the co-founder of FabFitFun, and we are
going to talk about how I curated the Winter Box. Before we get started, make sure to like this
video, comment about what you are most excited about, and subscribe to the channel. Also, make sure you turn on your post notifications
so you don’t miss any spoilers. So if you don’t know what FabFitFun is, we
are a lifestyle membership delivering happiness and wellbeing to everyone everywhere. So it’s not just the box. It’s the FabFitFun Community, FabFitFunTV,
amazing flash sales, and a whole host of other fun stuff. And if you want to sign up for the Community
right now, just head over there. Now what you want to know! What’s inside the Winter Box? One of the things about FabFitFun is that
the boxes are actually personalized to you. Not everybody gets the same products. You actually get to pick what you love most,
and in this specific box, one of the things that I’m most excited by is that we actually
have 17 female-founded brands. That is a new record, and I could not be more
pleased! So one of my favorite female-founded brands,
Kate Somerville. This is a brand that’s actually been in the
box before, and we actually don’t do a lot of repeats, but when it’s a superhero like
Kate Somerville, you got to. So this is the Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream. It’s amazing during the winter months when
your skin gets a little bit drier. And it’s perfect to hydrate and combat dullness. Kate actually grew up on a farm and used goat
milk growing up. And so it has proteins and vitamins that really
works wonders on the skin. Goat milk has actually become a really big
trend this year, and Kate was one of the innovators. Next up, second choice, one of my favorites
in the box. We have this amazing faux fur blanket from
UnHide. I just want to show you guys how big and cozy
it is. You can’t even see me anymore, it’s so big! And it’s so soft, and what’s amazing about
it – it was co-founded by the Ellen DeGeneres. Yes, the famous, amazing, hands-down best
Ellen co-developed this with the amazing people at UnHide. She’s a huge animal lover, and one of the
things that we love is that it gives you all of the softness and lusciousness of fur without
harming any animals, and it’s gonna be perfect for cozying up on all of your winter nights. Third, we have this gorgeous candle from Jonathan
Adler. It is in the scent of Fleur De Sel, which
I am probably butchering, but Flower of Salt. And it smells amazing. It has little notes of orange blossom. It’s not too strong. It’s really beautiful, and we chose this sort
of stark, white component, which is obviously, you know, very Jonathan Adler, but also really
perfect for the winter months when your decor tends to go a little bit, you know – we’re
sort of inspired by the snow if you will. And what’s cool about the candle – it actually
has 50 hours of burning time, and when the candle is done, you can use the container
to hold anything. So you can put your jewelry in there. You can put pens. Anything you want. Jonathan Adler is like a brand that we love. His style is so sort of beautiful and pristine
and excited for you guys to get it! Next up, we have a duo. A dynamic duo from R+Co. It’s shampoo and conditioner, full size, super
weighty. We’ve actually never done a shampoo and conditioner
before. And this is one of the most coveted, Instagram-worthy
haircare brands around. It’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free,
paraben-free, vegan. Free of all the stuff you don’t want but going
to make your hair look luscious and beautiful all winter long. Last but not least, we have another duo. We’re big on duos this winter. We have this beanie and armwarmer from Rebecca
Minkoff. Rebecca Minkoff is an amazing New York-based
designer. How cute is this little pom?! And if I can pull it off, certainly you can. But what I actually love the most are these
armwarmers, so they’re gloves basically, but they do a little bit more because they go
further up on your arm. They have a thumb hole that allows you to
text and keep using your phone while you’re keeping your hands and arms nice and warm. It’s super cute and stylish and not necessarily
something that you already had in your closet, which is why I love it and you guys are going
to look so stylish this winter. So what am I going to pick? It is a tough one. If I had the choice to pick all of them, which
you guys do, I probably would add all of them. But I’m going to pick the UnHide blanket today. All right, and look at this box! It is so cute! As a reminder, every season, we have an artist
design the box. They’re always fun and different. I’m obsessed with this winter scene. I love the ice skater. I will be doing some ice skating myself this
winter. Next choice because again, this box is personalized
to you – this is a choice that all members get. So first off, we have these amazing faux fur-lined
slippers from PJ Salvage. I was actually wearing their pajamas on a
Founder Chat not that long ago, and you guys were obsessed with them, so we knew we had
to do more. I love these guys. Super cozy for all of your cold, winter mornings. And what’s nice is they actually come in two
sizes, so they’re going to fit all different kinds of feet. And love they’re in this sort of neutral,
cable gray, so they’re gonna match everything that you’re wearing all winter long. Next up, we have this beautiful pink mask
from Erno Laszlo. It’s a clay mask, which is great for winter
because if you guys are like me, I actually wear a lot more makeup during the winter when
I’m going to all of my holiday parties. And this is great for cleaning out all of
your pores, and it’s a really cool brand. Erno Laszlo was a dermatologist in the 1920’s. He set up a clinic in New York, and he had
clients like Marilyn Monroe. I mean, you can’t get better than that. But what’s cool is the mask really does wonders. It’s really good for brightening, cleaning,
and just leaving you with a little beautiful glow. Next up, we have another favorite brand, Female-founded. Jen Gotch is the queen of self-care, which
I love. And this season we did a shower speaker for
you guys. How cute is this little rose pink print? I love it! It’s great for singing in the shower if you
are that kind of person, which of course I am. But what’s cool is that, you know, it’s water-resistant,
so it doesn’t have to go in your shower. It can also go into your kitchen, your living
room, outside, anywhere you want to bring in those holiday tunes. I happen to be a weirdo Christmas music junkie. Please don’t judge me. I know it’s strange, but what can I say? It makes me happy. Next up, we have the LashesMD. So this is actually a lengthening and conditioner
for both your lashes and your brows because God knows if you were a kid in the 90s like
me and you plucked them all out, you need a little bit of help. But we love this for winter because again,
as you’re talking about the holidays, you want that extra little glam and those flirty
lashes are a must-have. This actually has clinical benefits. Within 60 days, people see real results using
this guy. These are really good choices again. I don’t know. It’s so hard. I think I gotta go with the Like singing in the shower. What can I say? All right. Next up, we have another choice that is available
to all members. First up in the jewelry category, we have
Adore by Swarovski. You guys know that amazing jewelry brand. All the bling that you want for all of your
beautiful holiday parties. But I love this bracelet in particular because
it has this sort of organic circle, and it’s called organic because it’s meant to not be
perfect like we all are, and it’s really beautiful. It can be stacked with other jewelry or worn
on its own, and it comes in a beautiful rose gold. Next up, we have the Battington Lashes. Another wonderful female-founded brand, and
as you guys can see, there’s sort of two major themes going on in our winter box. One if all the warm, cozy stuff you need to
stay home, and then the other side of it is all of the beautiful accessories and necessities
you need for your glam holiday parties. And nothing says more glam than big, beautiful
eyes with a big, beautiful lash. And so these are perfect. You can use them up to 25 times, which is
great, and it comes with its own little glue, so it’s all in one. You don’t need anything else in the set. Next up, we have the Karuna face masks. So Karuna is another beautiful, female-founded
brand, and what I love about this set is that it actually comes with different masks, and
they all have different properties. So you know, depending upon what your skin
is looking or feeling like, there’s going to be a sheet mask to leave you refreshed
and glowy and feeling fantastic. Last but not least, we have the Rodial illuminating
glow primer. So these are drops, and you use them before
you put on your makeup. And it’s actually – it just leaves this really
beautiful sort of sparkly setting under your makeup and just keeps your face looking fresh
and dewy and beautiful during those drier months, which I love. Another great set of choices. Whew! All right, I’m gonna go with the Rodial. I’m partial to a primer, and God knows I could
use a little extra glow this winter. Next up, we have another choice. This one is for Select Members only. If you don’t know what Select means, it’s
our sort of top-tier premium membership where members sign up for the year, and they get
extra perks like early access to our flash sales, add extra customizations within the
box, so it’s definitely worth it. You also get 20 dollars off, which is a no-brainer. And if you want to upgrade, you can do that
right over here right now. First up, we have the LXMI melt. This is really cool. So there’s only one ingredient in this product,
and it is a heirloom shea nut known as nilotica. I’m probably saying all of these things wrong,
but let me just tell you it’s amazing. It does wonders all over your body, so if
you have dry cuticles, elbows, lips, knees, anywhere that needs moisture. This guy is a no-brainer. It’s vegan, organic, and it has an incredible
give-back story, and it’s beautiful. So I’m a huge fan. Another female-founded brand, which I love. Next up, in the fitness category, we have
the Sidekick from Vooray. I love it because one – it can be worn many
different ways. It goes around your waist as a fanny pack,
or you can wear it as a crossbody. But what’s cool is it’s perfect when you’re
going to the gym or you’re running. It’s made from neoprene, so if you are outdoors
this winter, it is water-resistant, which is great. But when you’re wearing leggings, there’s
no pockets. They’re not really functional in any way,
so you can put in your cell phone, your keys, your credit card. Off to the gym you go. You look stylish. Yes, fanny packs are back, you guys, if you
didn’t know. They are a stylish new trend. Whew! Next up, we have this gorgeous, huge eyeshadow
palette from Beauty Bakerie. I mean, look at this guys! It’s so big! And it has 4 mattes, 5 shimmers. The name is Proof in the Puddin’! How cute is that?! But it comes with all of these beautiful,
wintery dessert shades like “Rice Pudding,” “Butterscotch,” “Warm Cocoa,” “Bread Pudding.” But what I love is, you know, it’s another
female-founded brand. They are all about inclusivity, so they look
good on all different kinds of skin tones and skin types. It was also, you know – Cashmere, the founder,
developed it because she really believes what you put on your body is as important as what
you put in it, so the ingredient list is fantastic. You’re going to love it. Last but not least, we have this beautiful
12 month planner from Paper Source. We love the beautiful sort of dark, floral
design that felt super perfect for winter, and of course the little gold strap that keeps
everything in place. You know, I don’t know about you, but I have
to write things down in order to remember anything. You know, I think we’ve really lost the art
form of writing, but this is gonna bring it back. So there’s a note page. There is a calendar section. You’re never going to forget another birthday
or meeting again. So now we have to make the big choice. You guys, this is so hard! It’s like choosing between my kids! All right, I think I have to go with the Beauty
Bakerie. It’s just – whew! – there it goes. But it’s just too beautiful, and you know,
I have a lot of holiday parties to attend, so I need a good eyeshadow look. Next, we have another choice just for Select
Members, although everybody gets one of these products. First up, we have the AHAVA Dead Sea Salt
Bath Salts, and look – if you guys have ever heard me on any sort of social media channels,
you’ve heard me talking about these. They’re the best. They make baths into a luxurious, beautiful
experience. It leaves your skin feeling really refreshed
and soft and hydrated. Sometimes when you take a hot bath, which
of course you want to do in winter, your skin actually gets drier afterwards. But this makes your skin beautiful, hydrated,
fantastic. Next up, we have – okay, this is really cool. This is the Vera Mona Color Switch. So when you guys are putting on your makeup
and you want to do sort of the inner eye in a lighter shade, the outer eye in a darker
shade, your makeup brushes get all sort of dirty and full of these different colors,
and you don’t get a real pigment. This fixes all of that in one easy step. All you do is when you use one color, you
just swish around the brush, entirely eliminating. You’re starting entirely fresh. You’re going to get that real pigment when
you’re doing any of your eyeshadow, your contouring. Really anything. I think it’s kind of amazing. And then last but not least, we have the frank
body Coffee Scrub. This is an Australia-based brand. As you guys know, we really do scour the globe
to find you the best products every season, and frank body has been an innovator in the
space. You use it in the shower or the bath. The coffee is really good at exfoliating all
of the dead skin cells. It has almond oil to hydrate, so it’s a really
beautiful product that I love and smells super good. So okay, what am I gonna choose? Another one that I really love, but I’m gonna
go with my heart, tried and true favorite, the bath salts. In they go. Everybody loves a good surprise, right? So next up we actually have the mystery slot
where FabFitFun is going to be choosing for you, so members are either going to get the
NailsInc Thirsty Hands. This is basically a mask for your hands, which
is really cool because actually when people are judging your age, one of the main things
they look at is your hands, and this will help smooth things out. Vitamin E to hydrate. It’s a beautiful product. You put it on your hands. There’s little gloves, and you sit. Afterwards, gorgeous-looking, beautiful. Or the Cuccio Yogahhh! Epsom Salt Hand and Body Wash. And this is just a really beautiful wash. You can bring it into your shower or put it
by your sink. It has tons of great ingredients like Vitamin
B5 and shea butter to keep you moisturized. Lavender oil to help wash away the day and
keep your spirits in check. Danielle Cuccio is also just a FabFitFun friend. You can check out her yoga videos right now
on FabFitFunTV. So I can’t actually pick one because it’s
going to be a mystery, but I want to go ahead and guess what FabFitFun is gonna surprise
me with. I’m gonna go with the epsom salt hand and
body wash from Cuccio. In we go. Now, we’re getting to the end. These are products that are in every single
box. First up, we have the Prep Rally from Drybar. Another fierce, female founder. Alli Webb is killin’ the game. But this product is also just amazing. So you use it as a detangler. It also protects against heat, so if you use
any kind of heat stylers like a straightener or a curler or a blow dryer, it really helps
to protect so the ends don’t split. Your hair doesn’t break. And it makes it soft and eliminates frizz. I mean, these are all the things you want
in your life during the winter. So yes, thank you very much. And then our last product that goes into every
box. This is the Makeup Eraser. Guys, if you haven’t tried one of these, this
is your lucky day. You know, I don’t know if you guys tend to
be a little bit lazy or tired at night. You break out those makeup wipes instead of
really washing your face. It’s terrible. It’s so bad for the environment. It also doesn’t really wash your face. This guy is the solution. So this is basically like a sponge or a facial
towel. You don’t have to use anything with it. No soap, no exfoliator. You literally just use water and it takes
off your makeup super easy. Your face is left fresh, clean, and ready
for all of your moisturizer, oils, anything you’re going to do afterwards. Really love it. So excited for you guys to try it. All right guys! So this is my FabFitFun Box. I am super excited by it, and I’m more excited
for you guys to go online, customize, and get your boxes this winter. It’s huge, and it’s so heavy. I can barely pick it up! But one of the other things that I wanted
to mention is that, you know, every season, we partner with a non-profit, and this season
we are working with WAM, which is the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. It’s founded by the amazing Maria Shriver,
and you know, one of the things about Alzheimer’s is that it tends to be, you know, a really
scary disease that people don’t always want to talk about. Both of my grandmothers actually suffered
from it, so it’s something that’s near and dear to my heart. And what Maria and WAM are trying to do is
really just open up the conversation, you know, to find ways that we can really prevent
this disease. And it’s a really amazing cause. We’ll be raising money for WAM in Add-Ons
and Edit and doing a whole bunch of content with them. So excited for you guys to check that out
as well, but look! This is an amazing group of products this
winter. I can’t wait for you guys to try everything. Make sure to comment. Let us know what you think, and have a wonderful
winter. Happy holidays! Bye, guys!


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