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  • Doggy boots. Cool.

  • Cool boots. What were the other color choices? Or was grape/purple the only color offered?

  • Great video. I’ve never seen boots like that. I bought some felt boots when my boy had a torn pad on his paw last year. They had ties at the top. I was bandaging the paw with vetwrap and wanted to keep it clean. The boots worked so-so. They came off a lot. Probably my fault, being paranoid about tying them too tight. Thanks for the great tip and idea.

  • We bought these slip on insulated waterproof ones for my lab that velcroed around his ankle he seems to not mind them much I usually get him to lay down and he's fine

  • Our dog had to wear the cone of shame after getting a cut on his foot. He figured out his to flip the cone of shame backwards so he could lick the stitches. We then got an inflatable collar, he figured out how to pull it off. Vet added harness straps and he bit through them. So finally we tried boots.

    He ate them.

    In the end I suggested we try porcine anti tail biting fluid which contains Bitrex and finally we stopped him licking his stitches.

    The whole escapade cost near €2000, but we love him all the same.

  • Brilliant!

  • Poor Henry looks SSSOOO offended! Lol!! It's cute how lab's faces are so expressive

  • She is so hilarious. Henri DOES NOT like that at all. My dogs will probably try to chew them off!

  • Oh man…the first time dogs walk with boots on is priceless!

  • clever clever bravo bravo – but…..I know they are needed but they look tight – can't tell from the video

  • Fausto looked just like a sheep with his black booties on, and then hopped awkwardly about in the snow for about 10 minutes, and when he came back, his nails were sticking through in several places! Hi to Henry & Charlie!

  • Love it!  I bet the more they (and you) use them the easier it will become!

  • Poor dog he looks miserable, what on earth would you do that for……?

  • Your Labradors are absolutely adorable. Best wishes from the SF Bay Area.

  • Check out ruffwear. They have these boots with rubber soles and Velcro’s at the ankle… My dog had to ware smalls on back legs and mediums on front legs… Important to get the right fit or they will just fall off. I have a guide dog from guiding eyes for the blind and this is what they give all of their students Great for the hot pavement in the summer and the cold and salt in the winter. I have a five year old yellow lab male named Quincy he is amazing we have been a team for three years now. Good luck with the boots

  • Neat trick

  • Brilliant 🙂

  • My lab will not move when her boots are on. Labs are my favorite breed.

  • But why??? Just monitor their time.

  • What's the purpose of the dog boot????? To keep their paws clean when they walk outside?

  • That look on the dogs face – made me smile

  • We use these on our senior lab for traction when we take him to the vet or wherever there are slippery tile floors. Great idea with the pvc pipe! I always dread the mule kick from the back legs!

  • Such a great idea! I'm sad that I can't find the pet friendly salt where I live anymore, will have to invest in some of these boots. Also like the tip someone said about the vet's office, one of my Danes is so nervous that he slips every time there.

  • What do you think about the Leather-Version of these Boots ? 🙂

  • What if you put the boot inside the coupling then inside lip over top? Then just put over, peel off, then coupling off.

  • This is great, of course the labs would be cool but as great as they are, could never make videos… or could they?

  • It's a dog why would they need bootys. I know you love them

  • Those boots do not looks safe to me 😖 what about the sweat?

  • I personally feel like these boots are too tight on my dog.

  • Could you heat the pvc and squish it so that it becomes slightly oval? Then the coupler should come off better.

  • So great! I had to change from MuttLuks to PAWS for my old gal as the Muttlucks were too much for her old wrists and she was having difficulty placing her paws correctly; they kept folding under. PAWS work well for her, and this lifehack makes donning them a snap. Thanks!

  • Super helpful video. Thanks for sharing this amazing tip. I can’t wait to try it with my dog!

  • Thanks! Just took me twenty minutes the old way. So this is indeed a very beautiful thing.

  • Terrible design

  • What size pvc ring is that? I have a lab service dog. I want to use this method to get the ruffwear sock liners on, which are also kind of tight. Thanks!

  • Brilliant!

  • I am off to the hardware store in the hope they stock a pvc coupler the right size!

  • This is bloody brilliant! Thank you!

  • life saver these booties are amazing minus how hard they are to get on but you saved the day lol wish the company would sell a device like this with the booties thank you

  • Can you share the size of that PVC coupler please? I have a lab as well.

  • Thanks informative video. My dog is 9lbs. With her short legs I found cutting the coupling in half to shorten it worked better. Also, there's many different size pipes, suggest experimenting  with the smallest size that fits the leg easily,  also makes it easier to fit and stretch the boot over it. I found 1" pipe fits best for a very small dog.

  • Brilliant! I love it! Works perfectly. Just one question. Does the dew claw go inside or outside boot

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