Why Wear a Suit?

Welcome to another video! So today I’m going to answer a question I’m asked almost on a weekly basis here on my YouTube channel and that is Why do I wear a suit? I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that in a lot of my videos, probably in the majority of them, I walk around wearing a suit and tie. And, it’s been pointed out many times to me that, especially down here in the south of China, where the summers are incredibly hot, that it’s fairly impractical to always be in a suit and tie. So people wonder, why is it that I wear a suit and tie? Well, there are various reasons why I suggest wearing a suit and tie. Especially since I more or less work for myself, I can choose what I want to wear. Well, there are various reasons why I suggest wearing a suit and tie and why I’d personally wear a suit and tie. But there’s a story behind why I do it. So, I’m going to tell you the story. And once I’ve told you the story I’m going to go through a couple of reasons why I suggest that it’s a good idea to, at least on occasion, wear a suit and tie. So, the story goes as follows. We’ll have to go quite a few years back In, probably down to about the year 2000 or so, maybe 1999 thereabouts when I was working for a big corporation called Murray and Roberts. They’re a construction company, and their head office in South Africa is where I worked as an IT technician and I did network administrations and that sort of thing. Now, back in those days, I was wearing pretty much whatever I liked. And I really did like to wear ex-military surplus jackets and that sort of thing. You know, and just typical jeans, jackets, t-shirt, that sort of thing, boots. I used to sit there in the IT support office, and my job was to fix any problems on the servers there, and occasionally I get a phone call. And I’d had have to go to a user’s desk and fix a problem Maybe they couldn’t connect to the network, or their email wasn’t working, or they couldn’t print, or just whatever the case. It was a job that I enjoyed and it was a job I was really good at. But, people always used to treat me, well, fairly badly, to be honest. I’d pitch up at their desk and I’d say, “Hi, I’m here to fix your printer problem”, for instance. And they’d say, “Okay, sure, just hang on, I have to finish this email”, or they’d say “Sorry, I’m busy now, can you come back later”. I very often found myself standing around twiddling my thumbs, waiting for them to finish whatever task they wanted to finish. So, anyway, this is just the way things operated, and there was a specific guy who was really kind of, fairly rude I suppose. But he used to call me quite often and I’d go up there and fix his little problems here and there. He would always kind of put me on hold and send me back. But one day, I had to go to a wedding, I believe. Either a wedding or a funeral, I can’t really remember, to be honest. But I had to wear a suit to work because after work I was this, probably a wedding I think. So, anyway, the same guy calls me up. And, he has a similar problem with his printer or something. I arrived at his desk. First of all, he didn’t recognise me, but second of all, I got a completely different reaction out of the guy. So, I pitched up at his desk and said: “Hello, I’m from the IT department and I’m here to fix your printer problem.” And he said: “Oh! Sure, take a seat! Uh, would you like me to bring you a coffee?”. I was kind of taken aback by the way that the guy was treating me. But I realized it was 100% down to the way I was dressed because I had arrived at his table dressed in a suit and tie. And he himself was dressed in a normal shirt. In fact I was just better dressed than he was. And so, The way that I looked almost forced him to respect me as a human being, not just a tool of the office, if you know what I mean. It was from that day forth that I decided that I would start wearing a suit. And I did, I started wearing a suit to work. It got me respect around the office, it got things done. Now, I’m sure there are a lot of people out there currently watching this video who are about to say: “Uh! That’s shallow! You can’t judge people by the way they look! What’s inside is important”, all that kind of nonsense. Which, yes, is maybe true in the grander scheme of things. But in reality, people are shallow, people are judgemental. Whether you like it or not, you’re judgemental and shallow too. If you see an attractive woman walk by if you’re a guy, or an attractive man if you’re a woman, you’re going to judge them. You’re going to judge them, in your head, you’re either going to say: “Wow! She’s really good-looking”, or “She’s a attractive.” If you’re a little lower class, you might, you know, give out a catcall or a wolf whistle, some nonsense like that. But either way, we do judge people on their appearance. If we look at someone, we can normally judge if they are dangerous, Or trustworthy Poor Rich Successful, unsuccessful. There are a lot of things we just automatically judge when we see people. Now, whether those things are true or not, You know, nobody can really tell what a person is like until you get to know them. But, it’s all about this first impression that we get of people. So if you see a guy dressed in a suit and tie standing at a bank teller or something like that, you’d probably think he’s fairly successful. But the guy standing behind him in the sandals and the shorts with the dirty hair, and all that kind of thing, you’d probably think he’s a little less successful. So, my point is, the reason I started wearing suits is because of that one encounter I had with that user at that office I used to work at all those years ago. But ever since then I’ve realized that wearing a suit is also about respect. And, when I say respect, I mean not respect for me, but respect for my clients. Now, it’s really worked in my favour here in China, because in China, image is incredibly important, and they call it face. And having face or losing face, it’s a big part of the culture here. Because I’ve always been the better-dressed candidate, I’ve always gotten the better jobs here, and that’s how I ended up in the whole medical field here, training doctors. It’s because out of the other candidates, I was the only person who wore a suit and tie, and everybody else was just in a t-shirt, and you know, slippers or whatever. Because the expat community, here at least years ago, it’s improving recently, but years ago it was pretty much washed up old people and washed up people from their countries who couldn’t get a job, backpacking hippies, and things like that. When applying for a serious job, as in training doctors, and you turn up and you don’t look the part, you’re not going to get the part. So that’s why here in China I’ve always found that wearing a suit, you know, it really really helps me and it plays to my advantage. And of course, that probably can be said for any place in the world. Anyway, getting back to the whole respect thing, It shows respect to your clients and this is something I’ve actually explained in the past. If I get called in to train this group of doctors, I can go in there, to be honest, here in China, it’s so lax, if I really wanted to, I could just wear a t-shirt, wear some jeans and they’d still enjoy the lesson, they would still be there enjoying my training sessions And they would still that I was a good trainer, and I’d probably still get a good reputation and there wouldn’t be so much of a big deal But the fact that I am willing to go through the discomfort of wearing a suit and tie, especially in the summer here, and actually go there and present myself well to them means that I have enough respect for them to actually put something good on whereas if I just went with, you know, jeans and sneakers or something like that, it’s just lazy on my part, it means that they don’t matter enough to me, that I will just wear whatever I want, to just walk in there and do my job and get out of there, and like I said, it shows a lack of respect for my part. So, that’s the other reason why I wear a suit and tie. And of course, now it’s become part of my style. In fact, if I’m not wearing a suit and tie, I’m pretty much wearing a leather jacket and my riding gear for the channel or if I’m riding a bike or something, I very rarely wear casual clothes. And well, there’s a good reason for that because you can never be too overdressed for any situation. If you arrive at a party or you arrive at a barbeque or something and you are wearing a suit and everybody else is just kind of casualed up It’s no big deal. It’s quite simple actually, take off the jacket, roll up the sleeves, throw the tie away and you’re smart casual, ready to roll, it’s no big deal Of course, you can’t wear a suit if you’re going to go hiking or doing some king of extreme sport or something. That’s absolutely absurd. But just in general, wearing a suit has, for me at least, been incredibly good, and it’s really led to a lot of opportunity I wouldn’t have had if I was just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Another example is, you’re kind of always ready for any situation. In fact, I’ve just gotten back from an interview with Guangzhou TV. An international radio and TV station. They came down to interview me here and, no problem, I just slapped on my normal work suit and went and had an interview, and I didn’t feel under-dressed I didn’t feel like I was misrepresenting myself or anything like that. So, it’s good to be able to have a suit, first of all, to put on for a special occasion. But also, if you get invited to a wedding, or get invited to a special event, or you just want to go out on a really nice date to like a fancy restaurant or something you don’t need to worry that you’re going to be under-dressed. So, yes, wearing a suit is a good idea for many different reasons, and that’s my reason for wearing a suit is to first of all, to get respect from people, strangers that don’t know me and second of all, to give respect that do know me. Well I certainly hope that helped answer your question as to why I always wear a suit. I got some pretty cool, interesting videos coming up A subscriber of mine, by the name of Leroy, has let me use his DJ I-ozmo(???) for the week so What I’m going to do is I’m actually going to make a video about this thing It’s, (laughs), it’s quite a cool little toy And I’m going to go shoot a vlog using this probably tomorrow, or on the weekend I’m going to show you what this thing is all about It’s quite an interesting thing Of course, I’ve always got lot’s of videos in the pipeline. But please, if you would like me to talk about a specific topic, or you would like to see something here in China, please leave a comment down below and a request, and I’ll do it! I’ll see you guys very soon in the next video and as always, thank you for watching and… STAY AWESOME!!!!!!


  • First impressions are very important. A suit changes everything. If this was not true we would all turn up to a job interview with shorts and a t-shirt. I work in IT and even if I’m better than the other person and wearing jeans, more than likely i won’t get the job.

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  • I would say that wearing a suit definitely shows respect but wearing an elegant but casual outfit may also show respect to others and to ourself. Because if I wear cloths which are a mixture of comfortable and elegant ones then I show that I respect myself – comfortable – and others / elegant.

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  • If I call someone from IT to help me, they have my full attention. They are doing me a favor. I care about them getting the job done, not how they look.

    I might wear long pants for a job interview, but a suit is out of the question. Don't even own one.

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  • i noticed when you dress better than chinese pople…they get mad and copy exactly what you wear….the hate is real

  • It’s natural to form an impression about someone from the first impression, including clothing, for, what else have you to go off ? If you don’t know them then there’s nothing else to go off.

  • People say why do you wear a suit to Church, God wouldn’t mind what you wear. I asked a missionary about this. He said ‘If you went to see the Queen would you dress your best ?’. I said ‘Yes’. He said ‘So, if you would do that out of respect for the Queen, why wouldn’t you do it for God ?’.

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  • Wearing a suit is a lost art. Too many times people always look for a label or brand name design, which should never be the first priority for a suit. A suit should be practical, fits, and a reasonable price. Expensive names brands cannot buy confidence. Arrogance need not apply.

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  • Man I wish I could do that, but living in Florida means 9 months out of the year it's impossible to wear anything but tshirt and shorts. How do you do it, given that its also very hot and swampy in South China? I can never get over the humidity, wearing a jacket outdoors means being covered in sweat within minutes

  • 4:22 And it is shallow, but that's how humans behave and you have a valid reason to wear one. I once met a guy with a suit at a place where, let's say no one would wear one. I asked the guy why is he wearing a suit, he said: "dressed like you I could come here, but dressed in a suit I can go anywhere"

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  • That's the stupid thing. Judge someone based on how he's dressed. So, someone dressed well and can be a crook and the other guy looking like shit can be the most honest and competent person. Lots of rich people don't show off too much by dressing, because they don't want to draw attention to themselves.

  • one time, after tutoring my student I went to talk to his father (I didn't know how he looked like), so there were 2 men sitting at the table, one wearing suit, another casual clothes, and automatically I started talking to the guy in a suit, father screamed at me, and said talk to me, it doesn't mean he is wearing a suit that he is his father, I felt bad about myself, but that's how psychology works. …

  • Quick comment if I may? First of all, I am a fan of your channel, a fellow countryman (or fellow ex countryman, soon-to- be Panamanian after our own few years in SE Asia) working online which does not require me to wear a suit anymore. I did however wear a suit as an international wealth manager working in some challenging places like Uganda, the very industry I now actually recruit for around the world.

    What I was going to say and suggest is this-…. and please, I hope you don't take it personal, it's merely a suggestion and an observation.

    The look you're portraying seems intentional from what you've said, and that's 100% fine. However, the current look suggest that you try a better razor. ? Maybe it's just me, BUT I personally think what seems to be a "unmanicured" look ruins the suit a bit? It kind of gives the impression that you just got a off a 48hr flight and have not shaved for 2 days, if you get what I'm saying? Don't get me wrong, I get the whole "stubble" look many of us try at some point, and I have thought about it carefully and referred back to a few of your videos (even with the China TV folks), but I feel that it kind of gives the impression that you "ran out of time" and didn't get around to shaving type of thing.

    I don't know if it makes sense, but to pull off the stubble look-, and not everyone can do this successfully as it depends on a few things I think, takes perhaps a bit of a more manicured approach if it makes sense? He stubble look has to appear more deliberate, if you get my drift?….ie not like you forgot to shave type of thing. Doing it right could make the difference between a look or style, or looking unintentionally scruffy? I think this is important especially if you wear short hear, and factors like very thick or thin hair also plays a role.

    Some dudes with thick and fast growing hair look like they need to shave hardly 6 hours after they actually DID shave, so I get that. ?? Anyway, just a thought bud ! ? Enjoying the awesome stuff !! Cheers

  • I wear a suit all the time aswell…
    It becomes like an armor like a part of me
    Only people who wear a suit very very very often know what i am talking about 🙂

  • I say! That is very English.

  • first impression is always something….yes people are shallow, there are many times i just want to dress comfortable but people judge me or treat me with little respect…i also work at an office, i also notice people treat me differently if i dress more formal not just suit and tie, a nice brand shirt, even when i go out to restaurants and bars…waitress and bartenders will always check in on me to see if i need anything compared to if i wear a t-shirt and jeans where basically they ignore me and i have to call or walk up to them if i need anything….

  • Very well said. It all about psychology. Years back, I was at a medical physicality going to spend an hour with my psychiatrist. I just happened to be wearing a suit and tie. While in the elevator going to the 2nd floor a young professional woman was standing beside me. She starting telling me that she had met me before at a big pharmaceutical convention and thought I was the CEO of a certain company. Normally, I wear jeans and a button-up shirt with tennis shoes. Also, at that time I was a Sr. Officer at a maximum-security prison nearby. I smiled and told her she made a mistake. It was hysterical. I do believe her opinion was solely based on the suit and tie.

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  • I once started a new place and planned to show up in a plaid shirt and most of the people came in T-Shirts and I felt very overdressed. Then I showed up in T-Shirts after 3 days and felt better at blending in. I will take care that my clothes are clean, I do not smell like sweating. It would be strange, if I showed up in very formal clothing. I'm working in software development and IT, my dream job.

  • I mean, the art is to be well dressed without a suit.

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  • That so funny. When I see a man in a suit I know I can never trust that person.

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  • Never wear a black suit during the day unless you are heading to funeral. Study business dresscode. Dark suit but never black.

  • Very very fascinating story.

  • It is still true today. Dressing well, gets respect, both ways. I never go out of the house without make up, hair done and putting something smart on. People do notice and it does pay off. The first six months in my new home town, I was offered four good jobs, for just being there and being me. No job interview or anything like that. When you are use to working with the public in corporate customer service, I was use to doing my hair and make up everyday. The funny part was everyone thought I was the manager. Nothing change when I retired. Now days, at my mother's nursing home, my mother tells me that the staff think that I am rich and it is only because of the way I dress. The joke is, I am and have always been a huge bargin hunter. When you look smart, no one really knows that you aren't always what you appear to be.

  • I would also say what you wear affects how you act yourself. You might feel more confident or professional.

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  • I have to agree with everything he said. I work in the health professions, and I teach at a major university. One of the things I teach is professionalism, and the idea of respect for the people you work with is important. Image is very important; first impressions are very important especially if you are going overseas on business. I run a department with about 80 employees and interns, and so I interview all the time. At the university, I have to teach students how to dress and how to speak to interviewers. If you want the job, and I mean really want the job, you do what you have to do to make the best impressions.

  • very lucky to see your videos, and let me know how western persons see China. You know a lot about China, which is appalling. I am from shanghai city, if you will travel in shanghai city, wish to make a friend with you.

  • James Bond wouldn't leave home without one, even during extreme situations.

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  • When I first moved to London, I was out and about with an older friend of mine. I had just finished a job interview so I was wearing a suit and my friend was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. We walked in an off license and the guy beging the counter called me 'sir' and my friend 'mate'. I was shocked as I was only 21, and a foreigner, while my friend was nearly 40 years old and English. Suffice to say that it was a wake-up call for me.

  • What a dumb bitch

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