Why ramen is so valuable in prison

Instant ramen: it’s warm, flavorful, quick,
cheap and filling. It’s the chosen favorite among college kids
and inmates across America. Check usage reports from the Massachusetts Department of Corrections for example, and you’ll see that ramen was the number one sold item at prison commissaries. Ramen has become like cash among American
prisoners. Because behind bars, it can buy you anything. Anything that’s got any value. From clothes, drugs, a favor. Hey, I like the way your penmanship is, can
you write this letter for me, can you draw this for me, anything. It’s literally gold. After 13 years in and out of prison, he literally
wrote the book on Prison Ramen. Ramen is the best and easiest currency because everybody uses it. That’s everybody’s staple to cook. Because prisoners can’t possess cash, they
use objects to trade for other goods and services… And anything that replaces cash has to be durable, portable, divisible into standardized units and highly valued. Ramen fits the bill, because unlike other
traded objects like stamps- which are expensive, and tobacco- which is banned in most prisons,
ramen is cheap and easy to get a hold of. In the commissary, a single pack of ramen
runs about $.59 on average. But, once it’s out of the official commissary,
ramen’s value is determined by an informal prison economy. They barter with it, they become jailhouse
stores so to speak, like guys would purchase all the ramen, kind of like that scene in
Orange Is The New Black. She took over the market Jesus, who bought all the ramens? Guys fill up their shelves with this and they
have their own store. And they put their price on it. Your ramen could sell for two to three dollars believe it or not. A 2016 study found that while a sweatshirt
cost $10.81 at the commissary at Sunbelt State Penitentiary, an inmate could sell that sweatshirt
for 2 packs of ramen, increasing the value of ramen by 916 percent. In fact, food items are the overwhelming majority
of what people buy. An analysis of annual commissary sales in
three states shows that 75% of spending was entirely on food and beverages. Inmates aren’t just using ramen as cash;
they are also eating it. Creative cooking in prison is a necessity. When asked if prison meals were enough to
live off of, Alvarez said. I lost like ten pounds you know because they
give you a meal that’s maybe for a five-year-old, a 10 year old. But it wasn’t up to par. It wasn’t your four food groups, it was none
of that. So ramen can supplement when the food provided
isn’t enough. With 2.3 million people in US prisons, and
pressure to cut costs, food is one area where federal and state governments are trying to
save money. Some inmates are now being fed for as little
as $1.77 a meal. In one instance, the Marshall Project reported
one prison that had whittled down costs to as low as $.56 a meal. But keeping food costs low doesn’t come without
consequences. Aramark, a private food vendor to over 600
correctional facilities, has been cited for giving inmates tainted food and serving fewer
and smaller meals. New information tonight about ongoing problems
with maggots found in Ohio prison kitchens. Issues like this with Aramark and other private
food vendors have prompted civil lawsuits and protests in response to the state of food. Turns out food isn’t just about nutrition;
it’s also about security. Despite everything ramen has become away
inmates keep a sense of control while in the system. We would actually make a humongous spread. These soups would be the equalizer for all
of us to sit down and have a meal and not stress what’s happening in the prison yard. Trade and bartering in prison isn’t new,
but until there are systemic changes in its food system, ramen will likely stay at the
top of the prison trade economy. Simply because food is a basic need. And ramen is a basic solution.


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