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going to sandalschurch.com/app. Enjoy the message. (uplifting music) – Good morning Sandals Church. Man, let’s give our dads a
hand this morning who are here. If you’re a dad raise
your hand, we love you. We love you guys. We love you! Men, guys, we get a bad rap don’t we. Mother’s Day. All the jewelry stores have sales. Father’s Day, Walmart has
two shirts for 10 bucks. (audience laughing) It’s sad man, right, it’s sad. Let me tell you, if you’re a single guy here’s why you need to be a dad. Once you become a dad, you
have a captive audience for dumb dad jokes. (man hollering) Amen! They can go nowhere. They are trapped with you
for a minimum of 18 years. It is wonderful. So let me start off with a dumb dad joke. Okay, don’t answer ladies. A lady at the last service answered. It’s like today is not about you. (audience laughing) So if you know it, don’t
ruin it for the rest of us. It’s dumb. How do you get a Kleenex to dance? You put a boogie in it. (audience laughing) Is that good, it’s good! Why do melons have to have weddings? They can’t elope. (audience laughing) That’s it, they get worse from there. They get worse from there. Man, I’m super-glad you’re here. Let me tell you something. Father’s Day is a difficult
day for many of us. I want you to know I love
you and that’s why today I wanna talk about your heavenly father. Oftentimes, on Father’s Day, church attendance goes way down. Mother’s Day goes way up,
Father’s Day goes way down, because many of our greatest
wounds are from our dads. And ladies, I wanna challenge you. Many of you are critical
of the man you married. Or you’re critical of
your children’s father. I want you to know,
most men have no example and no idea how to be a dad, and they’re figuring out on their own. And what that means is
they’re gonna make mistakes. And so what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna look at God, our father. And he knows a lot of us
don’t have great dads. Some of us have no dads,
and we’re gonna talk about why we call God our father. So let me pray for you. I wanna pray that whatever
you’re going through today, whether you’re celebrating a
great dad, man you’re blessed, or you’re grieving the loss of a dad. We lost two dads this week in our church. So my prayer is just for those families that are reeling with the
loss of their dads this week. And some of you, it just brings
up all kinds of emotions. So I hope that you can get
through this service today and the Lord will bless
you, so let’s pray. Heavenly father, in the
name of Jesus, Lord, we ask that your spirit would fill us and God, we’re thankful for the great dads we’ve had in our lives. The dads that loved us,
protect us and watched over us. God would you teach us,
today, why you want us to call you father. And Holy Spirit, would you
just impress upon us today that we can do that through you. We pray in Jesus name, Amen. Now we’re in a series called Confused. And so I’m gonna skip forward this weekend to Galatians chapter 4, and next weekend we’ll
go back to Galatians 3. But I wanted to cover this issue of why do we call God father. ‘Cause I get this question,
why can’t we call God mother. Well there’s a lot of reasons for that, but the number one reason
is in our day and age, everybody gets to choose
their personal pronoun. Why can’t God? Right. People in our world get to decide whether they wanna be called
a man, a woman, whatever. Doesn’t God at least
deserve the same freedom? God wants us to call him father. It doesn’t mean, ladies, don’t panic, it doesn’t mean God’s a man, thank God. Can you imagine? Like he would either forgot
us or zapped us by now if he was a man, right. Start over, (makes buzzing sound). He’s not a man, this isn’t about
the fact that God is a man. The Bible actually says God is spirit. But as a spirit, God wants
us to call him father for a reason. And understand this, everything God does is for your benefit. Whether you’re a man or a
woman, it’s for your benefit. It’s for your safety. It’s for your protection. It’s to make the world a better place. And we need to understand this. We need to call God father. Many of you don’t know
where this idea comes from. How many of you have ever heard
somebody ask this question? Raise your hands if you’ve
heard somebody ask this. Have you invited Jesus
Christ into your heart? Raise your hand if you’ve heard that. Most of you have no idea where
that comes from in the Bible. It comes from Galatians,
chapter 4, verses 4 through 7. And that’s what we’re
gonna talk about today. This is why we invite
Jesus into our hearts. It’s so that we can call God our father. It changes our relationship. So Galatians 4, 4 through 7
on your notes in front of you, says “When the fullness of time had come.” Understand this. I know many of you have gone
through some difficult times. Bad things have happened. No matter what’s gone wrong
in your life, understand this. God will one day make it right. God is operating according to
a schedule that only he knows. That only he understands. But he’s gonna make everything right. “God sent forth his son, born of a woman, “born under the law.” Now I want you to underline that. Here’s why you need to know that. Everyone who is under the law is cursed. The law saves no one. We can’t pass laws to make us better, and if you don’t believe
me look to Congress, Amen. – Yeah.
– They can’t pass anything that seems to help anything, right. Laws don’t change people’s hearts. Jesus changes people’s hearts. So he was born under the law, to redeem, circle that word, to redeem. The literal word means to buy back. Here’s what it means to be a Christian, you’ve been bought with a price, and the price was Jesus Christ, right. This weekend, any Lakers fans in here, raise your hand if
you’re a Lakers fan, woo. Some of you don’t care, it’s okay. The Lakers have been terrible, they sold their soul to the
devil a couple of years ago, it’s been a difficult couple of years. But listen to me. They made a trade this weekend and here’s what people are asking. Was the player we got,
was he worth the price? So what the Lakers did is the
Lakers gave up three players and multiple picks, for one player. Why on earth would they do that? Because they think the
one player was worth it. Listen to me, this is
what God thinks about you. He was in draft day in heaven
and you were on another team, the wrong team, you played on the devil’s. Amen. Right. You were headed for hell
and God, the father, said I wanna draft you, and I’m going to trade my
son, Jesus Christ, for you. I’m gonna buy you back. I’m gonna redeem you. I’m gonna buy you from the slave auction and I’m gonna make you my son. He didn’t buy you to make you a slave. He bought you to make you a son. He bought you to make you a daughter. And that’s what it means. He redeemed us, he bought us back. Those who were under the law were cursed. And this is why religion is stupid. Religion is stupid because it says I can buy myself into heaven. Galatians says no you can’t. Inevitably, when I do funerals, people believe their friend,
their loved one, is in heaven because they’re a good person. The gospel says no one goes to
heaven because they’re good. You only go to heaven because of God, because he sent his son Jesus Christ to buy your eternal salvation. He says, “So that we might
receive adoption as sons.” This is why Christians
should be pro-adoption. God has one son, Jesus Christ, and everybody else is adopted. Everybody else is adopted. Jesus is the unique son of God. There is no one like him. There will never be anyone like him. But he’s got an adopted family. And he adopted us through Jesus Christ. “And because you are
sons,” circle that ladies, because you are sons, you’re
like hmm, the Bible’s sexist. No it’s not. You don’t understand
what God’s saying here. See 2000 years ago,
ladies, you had no value. No value. We actually have a letter written from a husband to his wife, a Roman citizen to his
wife, and she’s pregnant. And the husband says, “I
sure hope you’re okay. “I’m looking forward to
the birth of our son.” And this is what he says. “If it’s a girl, leave her to die.” That’s the way the world
was 2000 years ago. Ladies you need to understand this. 2000 years ago God said “For
those of you who are in Christ, “there is neither male nor
female, Jew nor Gentile, “slave nor free, we are all
one in the body of Christ.” What it means ladies is, God
looks at you and he sees a son. You are just as valuable,
he loves you just as much and he sent his son to
die for you on the cross. There’s no favorites with God. Like some of you, you had
a dad, he had a favorite. You weren’t the athletic one. You weren’t the handsome one. You weren’t the pretty
one, right, whatever. God has no favorites. He loves all who have been
adopted into his family. He loves them. And because you are his sons,
God sent the spirit of his son into our hearts. Now this is an amazing passage. It’s a Trinitarian passage. We see God, the father, loving us. We see God, the son, dying for us. And we see God, the spirit,
coming into our hearts. “God has sent forth the spirit of his son “into our hearts, crying Abba. “Abba, Father.” Now Abba is the Aramaic word for daddy. Dada. Right. How many of you are parents, raise your hand if you’re parents. Okay. If you’re not a parent, listen to me. When kids come out,
they’re scary, weird, slimy and, you know, all they do is poop and cry and it’s a scary time. They freaked me out all the time then when they’d go to sleep
I thought they were dead, so I’d poke ’em, and then they
scream and I’d tell Tammy, I don’t know what happened. They just, they’re screaming. But there is this magical moment, there’s this magical moment that I don’t know exactly
when it takes place, right. Okay. But there’s this moment, and
for each kid it’s different. There’s this moment when all of a sudden your baby at first is
just this kind of like a (makes baby noises), and that’s it. And then there’s this
moment when all of a sudden they visually recognize you. And when they see you
their face lights up. And it lights up your face
and it lights up your heart. Listen to me, God knows
you are his lost child, he’s waiting for you to
look at him and go oh dad. Dad! That’s what it means to be a Christian. You see some of you, you’ve
been playing religious games your whole life. Well I’m Catholic, I’m
Lutheran, who cares. Is God your father? Is God your father? And so many people today
say the dumbest things. Well all religions are the same. Well there are three religions
that are very similar, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, but even in our
similarities, listen to me, we see God very differently. Muslims see God as very very
scary, very very frightening. Matter of fact, Islam
means fully submitted ones. Allah is God, we are his slaves. That’s what they say,
that’s what they mean. The Jews, listen to me, won’t
even say the name of God. Christians. We call God Dad. Daddy. We go boldly into the throne of God. We go boldly before God. Why, because he’s our dad. You don’t make an
appointment with your dad. Like you run in, Dad, Dad, Dad. When you skin your
knee, right, you run in. Papa, Daddy! That’s why Christianity is so unique. It’s no longer about religion, it’s no longer about being afraid. We love our father and he
loves us and he’s our dad. He says, “You are no
longer a slave but a son,” and if a son, raise your hand poor people. Woo! Then an heir through God. Look I’m rich, I just
don’t have the money yet. (audience laughing) – [Man] Amen! – But in heaven, you’re
gonna come to my house. You’re gonna go oh yeah,
look at Pastor Matt’s place. Because my father has kept
my inheritance with him. It’s in heaven. The stock market can’t affect it. China can’t affect it. Nobody can affect it, right. God keeps it. It’s my inheritance
and he’s given it to me because I’m a son. And he loves me. So why on earth do we call God father? Write this down. Everybody needs a great dad. Everybody. Some of you grew up wishing you had a dad. Some of you grew up wishing you had somebody else’s dad, right. And you looked at somebody else’s dad, why couldn’t I have that dad. Why couldn’t I have a dad? God knows everybody needs
a dad, both men and women. We all need dads. Listen to me ladies, 50% of
the women who are in prison in America, no dad. No dad. When a dad is present, children are more psychologically normal, less likely to get in trouble with the law and they do better in school. You see, when someone
knows they have a dad they feel safe, secure,
and they can operate, and this is why God
says he knows the world. He knows there’s a chance
you’re not gonna have a dad and if you have one,
he might not be loving. He might not be present. So God says call me dad. Call me dad. Everyone needs a great dad. Matthew 6:9, Jesus said, by the way, guess what Jesus’s
favorite title for God is. Father. He almost lost his life
because he called God Dad. And do you know why? Because they understood
exactly what they’re saying. If Jesus says God’s my dad,
then that makes Jesus God. It makes him equal to who God is. And many people miss that. “Jesus said pray like this. “Our father, who is in heaven,
may your name be kept holy.” May I never forget Jesus
says who my daddy is. Who my daddy is. We were doing affirmations
a couple of weeks ago with a friend who turned 50 years old, and he’s got four boys. And one of his boys shared so eloquently that he struggles with fear. And he told us, in front
of his dad, he says “When I’m scared, when I’m afraid, “I remind myself who my dad is. “And my dad can do it and so can I.” I’d tears in my eyes, so
did Dad, so did everybody. This is powerful. Listen to me, when you’re
scared, when you’re afraid, you need to remind yourself
of who your dad is. David said it this way. “Though I walked through the
valley of the shadow of death “I will fear no evil.” Why, my dad is with me. My dad is with me. And I know some of you are
going through some scary stuff. God’s going through it with you. About a month and a half ago one of my kids was having a rough time. And she texted me and she
said Dad, can we talk. And that’s a little
nerve-wracking as a parent ’cause you don’t know what’s coming out. But we met and I said
what’s going on then. What’s going on? She said “Dad, I’m just tired
of talking to my friends.” She said, “I need to hear from my dad.” Let me tell you something. I mean, there’s times when
you look at all your friends and you’re like how did I. (audience laughing) Right! Some of you look at your
family, you’re like. (audience laughing) Right, like what is, the Maury
Povich show, what is this. And you got nobody to talk to. You got nobody to talk to. You got nobody that can give you advice. You don’t know what to do. Listen to me, here’s what Jesus says. Talk to Dad. Talk to Dad. Because he is ready to listen
if you’re ready to talk. And by the way, that’s what prayer is. Do you know what prayer is? It’s you talking and God listening. Listen, some of you don’t
know why you should pray to your heavenly father. It’s because he’s great,
so let me just give you a couple of reasons why your
father in heaven is so great. Our father in heaven is great
because he is good and stable. Good and stable. Like I’m good sometimes. I have good moments. God is good all the time. And all the time, what, God is good. And there’s a reason we say that. God is always good. He’s always stable. He’s always consistent. One of the most dangerous
things in a child’s life is an inconsistent dad. I don’t know how Dad’s
gonna respond today. Was Dad drinking? Did Dad have a bad drive home? Is Dad and Mom upset? Right, this is what makes
divorce so scary for kids. The family life is not stable. God says, I am with you,
I will never leave you. Even if heaven and earth pass
away, God says I’m with you. I’m with you. My father in heaven is good
and stable, James 1:17. Underline these words. “Whatever is good.” You see, a lot of you
are good at blaming God when things go bad. Let me ask you this. Are you good at thanking
God when things go good? Like you’re mad at God,
“Why do I have this job?” You forgot to thank him
when you got the job. You didn’t thank God when you got married. “She said yes!” But you’re mad at God. “Why did she say yes, why did I say yes?” You don’t thank God
when your child’s born. But when they mess up you’re like God, what’s wrong with this child you gave me. “Whatever is good and perfect, is a gift.” Listen to me. Some of you are mad at God
because things go wrong. Let me ask you a question. Why do things go so incredibly right? Have you looked at people? A plane crash, why don’t
they crash every day. Have you met a person? People mess things up,
people screw things up. Why is the world as good as it is? Because God loves us. “Whatever is good, whatever is perfect, “is a gift coming down to
us, from God our father, “who created all the
lights in the heavens.” What’s that mean? It means look at the stars,
now we can’t see the stars ’cause we live in SoCal. We have smog, so we can’t see the stars, but you know what that means. We get to see sunsets
no one else sees, right. Like God creates a sunset,
we add a little flavor to it, a little smog. (audience laughing) Like we got colors in our
sunset, God’s like what’s that. That’s not on my palette. When’s the last time you
stopped, married couples, instead of arguing at the night, why don’t you watch the sunset. You know what that means? God’s got it. God’s got it. He’ll make the sun rise
and he’ll make the sun set. Trust God, trust God. Underline these words. “He never changes.” Oh. He’s stable, he’s true. “He never changes or
casts a shifting shadow.” You know what that means,
God doesn’t throw shade. (audience laughing) All the young people
are like that’s funny, the old people are like what. Don’t worry old people,
it took me like a year to figure out what that meant. God doesn’t throw shade. If God says he’s showing
up for graduation, you know what that means. He’s showing up. Do you know God’s never missed a birthday? God’s never missed a graduation. God’s never missed a moment of your life. Ever. God is good and stable. And you’re like nobody notices me, and God’s like I notice you. I notice you! Next, God is strong. Man, everybody wants a strong dad. My dad can beat up your dad. My son never said that
’cause I was always so small. But I have a friend named Matt Albie, Matt Albie’s six foot seven. And so whenever my son was
afraid, and he had a question, he would always ask things like this. He would say “Dad, is this
ride strong like Matt Albie?” Yes son, this ride is
as strong as Matt Albie. When I would talk about
somebody he would say “Dad, are they bigger than Matt Albie?” No one is bigger than Matt Albie, son. Everybody wants a big dad,
everybody wants a strong dad. Let me tell you something, you got one. Right. What song do children learn as a kid? He’s got the whole world, where. In his hands. In his hands. It’s nothing for him. This is what Jesus says about his dad. He says, my father, “My father,
who has given them to me.” Do you know who he’s talking about? You. He’s talking about you. “My father, who has given them
to me, is greater than all.” My dad’s bigger than your dad. My dad can kick your dad’s butt. “And no one is able to snatch them “out of my father’s hands.” Do you know how strong
your father is in heaven? Even when you die, death can’t
pry you out of his hands. Not even death, not even hell. This is what the Bible says,
there’s nothing on earth, nor height, nor depth. Don’t golf clap for that! No height nor depth, right. There’s nothing that we know,
nothing that we don’t know that can ever take us out of God’s hands. He’s got this. He’s got you. (audience cheering) Amen, he’s got you. Next, he’s loving. Some of you have real strong dads but they weren’t great at loving. And let me say this to you. Ladies, we were not taught how to love. The only thing we know
how to do is get angry. It’s the only emotion that
boys are taught to feel. You ever been at a Little
League game and a coach yells “You guys aren’t being loving enough!” (audience laughing) “Come on, we’re the Angels,
let’s show some love!” But I have been at Little League games, kids are six years old, Dad’s screaming “Get mad, get angry!” You never seen that, it’s terrifying. Come on! Kill somebody out there, and
it’s a girl’s soccer game. Do you know why people have
so many issues with God? Because they have issues with their dad. A couple of years ago, someone
at Hallmark got the idea that they would give free
cards to men who were in prison for Mother’s Day. They had to reprint and
reprint and reprint cards. The idea was so successful they thought they’d do the
same thing on Father’s Day. They got zero requests for cards. Listen to me, most men in prison don’t have an issue with Mom. They have an issue with Dad. And let me just say this, again ladies. It’s easy to be critical of us but most of us never had an example. We have no idea how to be a dad. I got good news guys, your father in heaven knows
exactly the dad you need to be. And if you listen to him,
he’ll help you break the chain of brokenness in your family. He’ll help you become the
man he’s called you to be. One of my favorite political
commentaries is Jewish. He believes deeply in God but his greatest theological problem, and he says it over and
over on his radio program, is he has a hard time loving God. And he says, and he owns it,
and he said and the reason is, “My dad,” he says, “wasn’t loving.” You see, many of our issues with God are actually issues with our dads. This is what John said. And in the Gospel of John, listen to this. This is how he describes himself. John never uses his name. This is how he describes
himself, listen to this. He said, this was the
disciple whom Jesus loved. You see, love was more important to John than his name on the book. “The person who refuses to love “doesn’t know the first thing about God “because God is love.” God loves you. God loves you. Some of you don’t even love
yourselves, God loves you. Psalms 1:39, you don’t
have this verse, listen, this is the Old Testament. This is the angry book, right. The angry book, the
fiery God, Psalms 1:39. “How precious to me are
your thoughts, oh God, “they are countless.” Look. I love the Lakers, I’ve loved
the Lakers my whole life. But if I gotta choose
between watching the Lakers and watching my son play
basketball, there’s no choice. My son’s team’s terrible. (audience laughing) But nothing brings me more joy in my life, than watching my son play. I don’t care if he loses. I don’t care if he doesn’t win. I love watching because he’s my son and that’s how God feels,
and you’re like well I suck. And God’s like, I know. (audience laughing) But I love watching you play. I love watching you play. Next. Our God is great. Our father’s great ’cause
he’s always available. And raise your cellphone
if you’ve got a cellphone, raise it up. Man I hate those things. You know why, I pay for five of ’em. I can’t ever get a hold of anybody. (audience laughing) Don’t it drive you crazy
when your kid’s like oh, I missed your call. Well let’s look at your phone and see. Man, isn’t it nice to know
that when you call God he doesn’t go decline. Can we talk in five? I’m working on a new
universe, can you hold on. He’s always available. Matthew 7:11. Man what a great verse,
it’s just like 7-Eleven, isn’t that great, I never saw that before. “If then you who are evil “know how to give good
gifts to your children.” And some of you are like oh, I’m not evil. In comparison to God you are. “How much more will your father
in heaven give good things “to those who ask him?” God says asks me. Ask me. I don’t know how to be a man, I don’t know how to be a father. This is a true story. Our first child was born, I
was not prepared to be a dad. I don’t think I ever held an
infant until it was my own. Single guys, go volunteer. You need to hold one of
those things, they’re scary. It’d be the longest three
minutes of your life. Is it dead, is it dead? Literally, Tammy was in labor. I remember the nurse, some
of you have heard this story. The nurse said “Get a chair!” I’m like, she’s already on the bed. It wasn’t for her. I woke up sitting in a chair. The baby was born, listen to me guys. I kissed Tammy on the cheek,
put Madison in the cooker, she wasn’t done yet. Said she needed some sun. So I put her in that microwave
thing and I went home. I was terrified. Overwhelmed with fear. I couldn’t even feed our dogs regularly. Now I got this human
being with no directions. I went home and I cried. Listen to me guys. I said “God, I’m not ready to be a dad.” And I heard God say, “I am. “I am.” I drove back, apologized to Tammy ’cause I didn’t know where I was. (audience laughing) Listen to me guys. What makes you a man is not
your ability to create a child. What makes you a man is the
desire to raise that child. (audience applauding)
That’s what you gotta do. Matthew 26:39. Jesus went on a little
further, he bowed his head and his face to the ground. He said “My father.” I want you to know, write in your notes, this is the worst moment of Jesus’s life. I prayed with two young men
this week at the hospital who lost their dad in our church. Boys 16 and 20. Both a foot taller than me. I said to ’em in the hallway, I said today’s the worst day
of your life and I’m sorry. And then we prayed. Do you know why? God doesn’t abandon us on our worst day. He goes through it with us, the whole day. This is the worst day of Jesus’s life. He’s about to be betrayed
by one of his best friends. The other 11 are gonna forget everything he ever said or taught. He’s gonna be arrested, beaten, convicted in a kangaroo court, at
2:00 a.m. in the morning, and crucified the next day
by a judge named Pilate who says he’s innocent. Can you imagine? You stand before a judge, he’s
like yeah you’re innocent, but we’ve gotta kill you
anyway, what am I gonna do. That’s how Jesus dies. With his face to the ground,
you ever had a day like this. “With his face to the
ground, praying, my father, “if it is possible, let
this cup of suffering “be taken away from me.” See we ask God, God I
don’t want a divorce. God I don’t wanna lose this child. God I’m not ready to die. Whatever it is, we go
before God our father and we plead our case, but
underline this next sentence. “Yet I want your will
to be done, not mine.” Do you know what Jesus is saying? He trusts his dad. He trusts his dad. And there’s so many times
where I thought God was wrong. You ever been that? You don’t know what you’re doing! When we bought this
campus, Hunter Park Campus, I thought it was the
worst decision of my life. There was nothing up
here but wild donkeys. Just a bunch of assess
running around the fields. (audience laughing) I’m not kidding you! There was nothing, not one house, I’d never heard of this street,
couldn’t spell it right. The city spelled it wrong when
they put the sign out there. Just a bunch of wild donkeys. God was like, these are your people. (audience laughing) I’m like God, this is terrible. Worked out. Worked out, Sandals is one
of the largest churches in the United States, worked out. (audience cheering and applauding) So the next time you’re
looking at all the assess going what are you doing, he has a plan. He has a plan. All right, ladies, why do you
need to see God as father. Women need to see that
masculinity can be safe. Masculinity’s not evil, some guys are. Jesus said to Mary Magdalene, who is tore up from the floor up. He said to her, “Don’t cling to me.” “I can’t let you go Jesus. “You’re the only man I’ve
ever met that I trust.” Listen to what he says. “For I’ve not yet ascended to the father, “I am ascending to my
father and your father. “To my God and your God.” He’s saying trust me Mary, my dad’s safe. John 4:23. Jesus meets a woman at a well. Offers her living water. She says sure, I’d love a drink. He says, go get your husband, she says, I don’t have a husband. Jesus says, you’re right, you’ve had five and the man you’re
currently having sex with you’re not married to. And she’s like wow, you must be a prophet. And Jesus says, listen to me
ladies, he says God is spirit. He’s not a man. So quit trying to find
fulfillment with men, you’ve already had five, and the one you’re with now’s an idiot. God is spirit. But listen to what he says, and my father is looking for
those who will worship him in spirit and in truth. Jesus is saying, you can trust your father who’s in heaven. She probably was, been abandoned
by her father on earth. Jesus is saying, you don’t have to have
daddy issues any longer. Next. Men need a role model. Men without role models are
more likely to become bad men, that’s just a reality. Men need role models. We do. We need men to show us what kind of man we’re supposed to be. And God says, I’ll be the man. Let me tell you something,
if you’re a single mom and your kids don’t have a
dad, you’ve got to identify, you’ve gotta say we’ve
gotta pray to our father, who’s in heaven, and you gotta
find spiritual role models who can be father-like figures. You have to point out to boys
what a real man looks like. Because if you don’t, they
will find a man who tells them this is what a man’s supposed to be, and that is usually bad advice. 1 John 2:15. “Do not love this world “or the things that it has to offer you.” That’s good information. “For when you love the world “you do not have the love
of the father in you. “For the world offers only
craving for physical pleasure.” You don’t have to tell boys
to pursue physical pleasure, they figured that out on their own. Their father says don’t
follow that, follow me. “A craving for everything we
see, pride in our achievements “and our possessions. “These are not from the
father, but from this world.” Guys are so stupid, we
pursue the wrong things. You ever seen a guy in
a nice car peel out. (makes screeching noise) You know why he’s doing that,
he thinks chicks like it. Ladies. You don’t, you like that, you’re an idiot. You’re an idiot. I asked my wife, I said
that does that excite you. She’s like, no. No. And then she judges me, I’m
like I didn’t even peel out. (audience laughing) Look, find a spiritual role model. This is why church is so important. Tammy and I, we’re Mom
and Dad at this church for a lot of your kids
that don’t have parents. And they run up and they give me hugs. And some of you apologize
as they tackle me. It’s fine! It’s fine. I mean they gotta let go at
some point, but it’s fine. You see, your kid sees
what maybe you’re missing. The church is a family. And when Mom and Dad
in church are healthy, the church is healthy. And we have people that
come to this church, and there is nothing
stable in their lives, Monday though Saturday,
but they come to church and they got the same teacher. The same people greet them. And the same pastor
preaches and life is good. Look, my hope, this is
my prayer for you guys. I’m gonna be your pastor as long as I can, and when it’s time for me to
give it up, I’m not leaving. I’m just not gonna be Dad,
I’m gonna become Grandpa. (audience laughing) Same fancy shirts. Right, there’ll be a new guy preaching but Grandpa’s still gonna be here. Right, so you guys put me
in a nice home when I’m old. Come visit me and give me ice cream, Amen. Yeah. That’s what the family’s supposed to be. Next, men need a male rule giver. There’s just something about men. Ladies, I know you don’t like this. But a man’s bark is scarier. It just is. Men need a rule, a male rule giver. Ephesians 3:14. “I bow my knees before my father.” The scariest words I ever heard my mom say was wait until your dad gets home. I don’t know what was worse,
the beating or the waiting. So you know Mom, just beat me now. She’s like no, you’ll wait. Huh huh, God. It’s horrible. But it’s not just that. Listen to me. If God’s not a father, being
loving, kind, patient, good, those can be effeminate
qualities and boys won’t do it. But when your heavenly
father says listen to this. “Be merciful, even as your
father in heaven is merciful,” that’s not a feminine
quality, it’s masculine. And let me say this ladies. Most of the problems in
the world aren’t women. It’s dudes. Like 90% of our prisons are dudes. We need a father in heaven
that says be merciful. Next, men need a male rule enforcer. Right, we do. We do. Ladies, your great at giving rules. We need men to enforce rules. You know why that is, we’re scary! We’re scary. I remember one time,
literally, I was 17 years old, one of my friends got a fake ID. We went out and bought a bunch of beer. We bought 36 cans of beer. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. 17 cents a can. Okay. I grew up Baptist. Man, the only thing worse than
dancing was drinking, right. That was the most evil thing you could do. And so all three of us,
we drank like one beer, ’cause it tastes terrible,
it’s Pabst, right, and we’ve got 35 beers left over, so I don’t know what to do with it. We come home late on a Friday night. Teenagers, you have no idea
how bad your thinking is. I decided to hide it, 35 beers, in our ivy in the front yard. (audience laughing) On Saturdays my dad does yard work. So the lawnmower stops,
my dad comes to my room. He says you out, now. And I’m like what father,
could I have possibly done. One day I’m going to be a pastor and lead thousands of people to Jesus. My dad’s like outside now. And so I wasn’t moving
fast enough so my dad, your dad ever do that, he helps you. He helps you move quickly. And I don’t know if it’s
helping or strangling but it’s on the back of your
neck, you’re like let’s go. And my dad and my grandpa they both, they’re like these Popeye forearms. Gigantic, never lifted
a weight in their life, they’re just like yeah, I eat spinach. So. We go out there, my dad goes what is this. What is this?! There’s 35 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. I’m like I don’t know, I’m a
three, I lie, that’s what I do. I’m like I don’t know. He’s like, “You’re
telling me you don’t know “whose beer this is?” Like dad I’m telling you, I
don’t know whose beer this is. “You’re telling me you have no idea “how 35 cans of beer got in
our front yard in our ivy?” I said, well maybe it was the neighbor. (audience laughing) My dad says, pick up the beer. Pick up the beer, it’s 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday morning. I’m carrying 35 beers, we go
over to the neighbor’s house. (repeated knocking) I’m like I am gonna die. I am gonna, Jesus I’m sorry,
I’m preparing my last rites. I’m like this is it. Neighbor opens the door, never seen this neighbor in my life. Hairy chest, bathrobe, boxers,
flip-flops, eating cereal. I’m like trying to look at this guy ’cause I don’t know this guy
at all, he doesn’t know me and my dad says hey neighbor,
I can’t remember his name. “My son here says you
left 35 beers in my ivy, “is that true.” Guy sets his cereal down,
takes the beer and he goes yep, and closes the door. (audience laughing) And that’s when I knew
there’s a God in heaven. (audience cheering and applauding) And he loves me. He loves me. My dad’s just standing there. He’s like I know it’s yours. Right. The Bible says you can’t kill people unless you have two witnesses. And he said it’s his beer. 1 Peter 1:17. “And remember that the heavenly
father, to whom you pray, “has no favorites. “He will judge or reward you
according to what you do. “So you must live,” listen to this, “in reverent fear of him
during your time here “as temporary residents.” Listen to me. God knows it was your beer. And he can prove it. And one day you’re gonna stand before God and you have not lived
a life as his child. You’re not going to hell
but it’s not gonna be good. And you need to get ready. Last point. Only Jesus, only Jesus, the son, can connect you to God as father. Stop apologizing for being a Christian. Only the son of God can
introduce you to God the father. That’s it. Listen to what Jesus said. Jesus said to him, “I’m the
way and the truth and the life. “No one comes to the
father except through me.” If you don’t have Jesus in your heart you don’t have a father in
heaven, do you understand that. And if you don’t have a father in heaven, do you know what’s
waiting for you in heaven. A judge. And you’re not ready. You need to repent of your sins today, invite the spirit of Jesus
Christ into your heart, and call God father, and God will call you his adoptive son or
daughter, in Jesus’s name. Do that today. You have a father in heaven
who loves you, let’s pray. Heavenly father we love you,
and in the name of Jesus we pray that we would all be saved, we would all be right with God. We would all be ready. Lord help us to know, Lord
there’s so many wounds, so many hurts, so much
anxiety when it comes to dad. God, help us to know that today, for those of us who don’t have dads, we know we have a father who’s in heaven. Let us never forget it. And for those of us who
don’t know you as father, let us do that today. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Hey I’m Pastor Matt. Super excited and thankful
that you took time to watch any of the content
on sandalschurch.tv. I would love to invite you to be a part of just those who support the
ministry of Sandals Church. Look, I realize many of
you go to other churches and I’m not encouraging you to take any money away from that. But any amount that you could give to help us continue to provide
this content online for free, that’s the heart of Sandals Church. And some of you, man
you’re not a Christian but you watch this and
you’re feeling led by God to give something. Any amount helps. It helps us continue to
provide this content online and I just am so blessed
that you would just take time to pray about it, and
all gifts are welcome. Thank you so much for
helping Sandals Church teach people how to be real.


  • You couldn't have delivered a more ideal sermon! I always feel better having tuned in. I love my Dad – he's my hero! Hope you had a nice Father's day Matt!

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