Why Flip Flops Are Bad For Your Feet | Kintec: Footwear + Orthotics

Hey, I’m Lauren from Kintec! And today, we’re going to do a comparison between a supportive sandal and flip-flops that you’d buy from the dollar store. These flimsy flip-flops offer very little arch support and structure. This means that your feet have to work a lot harder while walking. Let’s watch someone walk in these flip-flops. As you can see here, the lack of structure and support causes her heel to almost come off the side of the flip-flop. On the other hand. Supportive sandals are designed to help cushion, and cradle your feet. Now, let’s watch them walk in supportive sandals. These sandals stay close to the arch and support them, thanks to the engineering of the midsole. The heel also stays within the heel cup. Side by side, you can see a huge difference. It goes without saying, you should try supportive sandals this summer. If you have foot pain, they’re going to do a much better job at supporting your arches, than these will. Plus, you can wear them all year, too. If you normally wear orthotics, supportive sandals are great for when you’re at home and on your feet.

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