Why Does an Android Flip Phone Exist?

– Hey, guys, this is Austin. This is a flip phone that runs Android, and my only question, as
always, is why does it exist? So this is a Target clearance special. I was walking around the corner, I saw this for a whopping
$50, it’s hard to say no. The first thing I noticed
is that this looks enormous, so actually do we have a
flip phone around here? So for some context, this is the size of a normal flip phone, you open it up, you hold it up to your
face, very normal looking. However, when you look
at it compared to this, it’s like (laughs) twice as big. Hey, we are activated, alright. Let’s enjoy the wonders
of our ZTE CYMBAL-T. Okay, okay, so actually you do have a keyboard on the display. Man, this is gonna be (laughs), this is very bizarre. I don’t think I’ve ever
typed like this before. I feel like the way to actually do this is to hold it in one hand
and just do a single hand for typing, this actually
doesn’t feel like the worst thing I’ve ever done. It’s up there. So we are set up with
our Android flip phone. And at first glance,
you’re actually getting the full Android experience. We have the play store, we have Google Chrome,
Gmail, even YouTube. One thing this does have is actual hard buttons for your Android keys. For example, I have my back button, I have home, I even have multitasking. Once you get going, it’s not like the slowest thing I’ve ever tried. There is a decent quad
core processor inside. It’s just a slightly
un-ergonomic experience. So the first thing to
do when you’re putting a flip phone to the test is
trying to make a phone call. Jimmy? – [Jimmy] Yeah. – How do I sound? – [Jimmy] Uhhh, bad. – What do you mean bad? – [Jimmy] It’s just like,
it’s grainy and it’s soft. And it’s not very clear. – Okay, so maybe calls not
the strong suit of the phone. However, let’s try texting. Hi, Jimmy. So one of the best parts is
when you have the keyboard up, it literally takes up the entire screen. I cannot even see the message
he just sent me. (laughs) It also does have a secondary display, which only actually turns on sometimes. So you can see your battery life and time. So with blisteringly sharp
three and a half inch, 320 by 480 display, I really
expect that this is going to reset my expectations for what to expect with a high end device. Let’s just start by
playing this 4K HDR video. That seems reasonable. – iPhone ever, it has the biggest screen, smallest bezels, and is the first iPhone to drop the home button,
but the question is. – Man. – Is it worth it? It all starts with the design. – (laughing) It’s um, you know this is one
way of watching videos. It’s really crispy. I think 360p is really the sweet spot that everyone should watch
all of our videos in. As long as you crank the
brightness all the way up, you can see most of the colors, at least six or seven of them. I think it might be time
to take this thing outside and really put it through its paces. Really kinda fully explore
the outer capabilities of this performance monster. So, there’s no way around it. A flip phone is never
going to be as comfortable to use as a standard smart phone. When it comes to actually
scrolling on the screen, you kinda have to hold it
in this sort of weird way. But, if you can look past that, it actually does work pretty
well as an Android phone. Take Chrome for example. Once you get into a web
page, you’ll find that it’s pretty much the same as any
other budget Android phone. So, loading the page is fine,
scrolling is no problem. Really the only way that you
actually notice that this is a flip phone is when you have
to hold it by the screen. Especially because it has
not only LTE as well as wifi, the experience really isn’t that bad as long as you’re fine looking
like this all the time. Now, you’re definitely
not going to wanna play a ton of games on this thing, but you can play some
simple titles such as 2048. One of the main issues here is that a lot of games you’re
going to run into issues because the screen resolution is very low, and the fact that obviously the internals aren’t going to be incredibly powerful. But, for simple stuff, it
actually does kind of work. I will say that there are some things about flip phones that I did kind of miss. Number one of course, is that flip. It just sounds so nice to
be able to close it up. You can toss it in your
pocket, set it down. It’s not really something
you have to worry about getting like something like a
screen scratched or whatever. There are other advantages. You do have that removable battery. You’re gonna get the headphone jack, the micro SD card slot. There are things that are
actually kind of nice. However, the size of this. Once you close it up it’s not that bad, but I mean even when you
compare it to something like an iPhone 10, it is really chunky. You can carry it around, but definitely not as small as the
old school flip phones. Even though it might
look like a flip phone, we are dealing with a legitimate
Android smart phone here. So, of course, one of the most important tests is the camera. The first thing I notice
is that with the camera around back here, it
is super easy to cover, but if I line it up here. I mean, that’s actually not terrible. It’s not exactly a super
crispy picture, but it works. Supposedly this is 720p video. Um, it actually looks okay I guess. I’m gonna walk around here a little bit. Get a nice close up. Ken looking really professional here. I mean, you know, it exists. Hopefully that’s not too bad. Woah, okay well this is
an unexpected benefit. Because the phone is so big, it actually looks like
I’ve got a selfie stick. Huh, alright, so if I
press the center button, not my finest selfie, but
it’s actually reasonably wide especially considering just how far away you can get the phone. I’m actually mildly impressed. For $50, this is not the
worst camera I’ve ever tried. I mean, mind you it’s not
the best by any stretch, but it works. I know I made a lot of fun of this phone throughout this video, but I’m gonna say that it is a kinda cool throwback. And, especially if you’re someone who’s coming from a current flip phone, it might not be the worst
upgrade in the world. For most of us though,
probably time to, you know, stick with the normal smart
phone and not this monstrosity. But, I’m curious, what
do you guys think about this smart phone/flip
phone, whatever it’s called? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you guys in the next one.


  • Was able to find this bizarre piece of tech on Amazon 馃憖 http://austin.tech/androidflip

  • im 26.. im buyin that.. im just need to use whatssapp.. youtube.. enjoying music.. yes.. and calling people… thats enough for me.. hahaha

  • At 4:30 that's where Marques' iPhone 6s review thumbnail is from

  • Why does Austin Evans exist

  • So they can monitor your identity, even when you don't know how to work a smart phone

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  • "That's actually not terrible" He does a review on a product already labeling it as bad or expecting it to be bad… come on!!

  • hEy GuYs ThiS Is aUsTin

  • Why does life exist in 2018?

  • They exist because old people are fucking annoying. I work at Target and deal with Consumer Cellular people. Old people are THE WORST people. They are almost all entitled and just plain rude. So somebody said "fuck it. I'm just going to make a flip phone again so I can be done with these old fucks." And thus the flip phone was reborn

  • Looks like a Motorola Razr

  • It should have a Android OS for a simple Flip Phone, it would be a much better if it had been designed for it.

  • OMG ur such a nerd. Nice body tho 馃檪

  • I LOVE my flip phone and would love a 'smart' flip phone. BTW, the box appears to have a $19…price, not $50…?

  • Plainrock124

  • (weighing motion) hmm鈥 this, or the (new) Nokia 3310鈥

  • Can it run the roblox?

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  • this would be perfect for my grandma, my uncle gave her his old smart phone to upgrade from a flip phone and ended up going back to the flip phone because just holding the smart phone made her anxious

  • Plainrock124 smashed that phone once.

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  • That Runs The Android Version My S4 Runs

  • I've seen this phone in Tokyo (this hybrid style, but probs other brand) they SUPER popular in Japan.

  • Dude this phone is not made for the young crowd it's targeted more for the elderly I should know I'm up there in age and I find it much easier on the eyes 馃憖 so I switch from my more over priced Samsung's galaxy I highly recommend this phone to the older crowd if you can find one 馃檪 by the way this was a great 馃憤 video keep up the good work I truly enjoyed it 馃檪

  • Sorry bud.
    Plainrocky123 beat you to it.

  • Another smart ass talking beta male.

  • Why does my GRANDMA exist??!?!

  • A camera recording a camera that recording a camera recording a camera…….CAMERACEPTION

  • My step-dad would like this a lot

  • Slider design is much better. Just like early day of Android, slider mechanism with keyboard but in this versio uses the t9.

  • I am watching in 240p

  • 鈸栤摗鈸愨摑鈸撯摐鈸" : e潭x潭i潭s潭t潭

  • Austin Evans it is a Smartflip

  • if i asked for a smartphone this is probably what i'd get

    i;'m kidding

  • Anti-thievery phone

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  • Its alright.
    Its definitely down graded to a smartphone.

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    it reminds me of that time he destroyed a $20 phone that austin went over and tweeted at him that he was destroying it while playing the video on that phone

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  • this obviously isn't an enthusiast phone but more for people who might not need a smartphone but still want the features of one available from time to time.. could see my mom using it..

  • what phone was this? I'm looking for a samsung folder 2 alternative and this one fits

  • I think for my grandpa is better to get an actual smartphone rather than that flip phone with android.

  • I watched this on 360p. Yes, it was very crispy.

  • Because why not?

  • I don't know austin why do YOU exist?

  • airpods cost more than my phone

  • Again it鈥檚 a phone that Plainrock 124 destroyed.

  • they have flip phones because older folks NEED them. dork! typical youth, only thinking about yourself.

  • Can this phone play Super Mario Run, and/or Fire Emblem Heroes? And do the games recognise the directional pad in any way?
    I've always wanted to buy an Android flip phone (preferably a Samsung Galaxy Folder (SM-G150)), but they're either too hard to find on eBay UK, or too expensive.

  • This phone is small, but it still has room for a headphone jack, Apple!

  • It exists for people like myself who have neurological issues and don't have steady hands. I liked my touch screen smart phone but had a hard time using it with shaky hands so i got this and it is much more convenient. it's not as functional for other smartphone features like with my flat screen, but I only use it for calls and texting which I had a difficult time doing with the flatscreen. PLUS I use my fire tablet to use all those other things like games and watching videos. I could almost NEVER answer my flatscreen phone when it rung because my hands were so shaky I couldn't hit the damn answer button the right way. With this phone when the phone rings, all I have to do is open it and talk.

  • Now Samsung is doing this interesting

  • why? as a owner of the samsung fodler 2…a masterpiece of a android flip phone i can tell u why….in a story…myself, my gf and my friend all owned s8's. my gf dropped hers from 3 feet and guess what the screen cracked ON THE CURVED SIDE…then later that week my friend did the same thing and guess what SAME CRACK IN THE SAME PLACE!….then there was me…mine however was in a otterbox defender case…and same thing cracked in the same place EVEN INSIDE A FULL PROTECTION CASE!

    I have since gotten a folder 2 had it for one year now and guess what i have dropped this beast from 5 feet onto concrete floors…i have layed on it and dragged it on the floor…guess what…IT HAS NO CRACKED SCREEN AND WORKS LIEK NEW! And the fact that its android i can use my android smart watch.

    So to answer your question…these exist for durability…

  • Be cool, because Apple is still doing a advanced research for this flip technology..

  • Best flip phone I've ever seen!

  • For seniors is a suitable choice.

  • Why do you exist?

  • I think you forgot the Samsung Galaxy Folder

  • On the other hand, what would you want for $50? The quality of components corresponds to the price and I guess other $50 smart phones typically aren't better. So if you are a freak who spends his days staring at the phone, you spend $500 or more.

  • Hey austin this is guys

  • It only exists so Plainrock124 can destroy it

  • Can you please do zte cymbal

  • And I love flip phone's

  • Because you can clearly feel like hero or heroin like in anime prota

  • That's not a true flip phone

  • Put a 720p screen on it. And a 13mp back and a 5mp front camera. And a 3000mah battery and you could find this being a massive hit in India.

  • I am watching on a ZTE Cymbol T

  • So basically you went out and bought the worst version so you can look at down on the flip phone but if you bought a proper one you would have a far better experience

  • Can't wait for the new motorolla razr

  • It was already smashed. Plainrock124

  • Can you play FoRtNiTe on it

  • But can it run minecraft?

  • well, galaxy fold is tehnically a flip phone…….

  • It's a flip phone plus

  • I would love this thing, would help me ease the pain on an analogue immigration.

  • cough Plainrock 124*cough*

  • my aunt calls them flippie phones

  • he copied plainrock124 he just stole content

  • Android flip phones exist??!! Well ill be damn!!!!

  • 360p army

  • I wanted to watch him throw it off the parking garage

  • Isit sim region lock? Can I use with Malaysian sim card?

  • Its like all clip phones, its for old people…

  • I'm actually mildly impressed you've lived this long…

  • What the best Android flip phone of 2019? I want one but the ones I find either don't run Android, run an outdated version, or aren't unlocked so I can't use it with MetroPCS.

  • Stupid loh! Flip phone is best!

  • literally anything: exists
    austin: bUt WhY

  • Do I Still Get Viruses With It?

  • If you've never had a flip phone you've never had a decent piece of hardware


  • blackberry should make one of these

  • I like this phone 鉂ゐ煡梆煒

  • 0:13 5th dollars? What? I dont speak 5th dollar launguage

  • Flip Android phone need to happen more, it's a form factor that works well. The t9 keypad world well and having both an in and out screen gives you both options (I have a video of the Philips v989 on my channel a very nice phone but not durable.

  • because you need "one week with one charge" kind of battery life but you also need whatsapp (work related purposes) and google contact synch.
    i need one of these models but there is not much option to choose from.

  • Went from 50 bucks to 166 buck on Amazon in 2019

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