Why Are These Children’s Shoes So Expensive?

So, that’s something I’m also
asking really since you’re a mom.>>Yeah.
>>And you’ve got two kids now who can’t share clothing.>>Yes.
>>When is it too much to spend, because I get [CROSSTALK].>>I think, it depends on the family,
and I guess, how much money they have. But for me a lot of people when
they comment on my Instagram, when they see how my kids are dressed,
they actually love it, because I don’t put my kids in expensive clothes,
because they grow out of them so quickly.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yes, yes.>>So, yes, I’m limited, if I do so
it’d have to be for a special occasion. And I would put it in
a really cute shadow box.>>Yeah, a keepsake.>>Yeah, a keepsake.>>Like that would be forever, the little,
it’s like a Tiffany spoon like something.>>If I buy them shoes,
we taking pictures. We going-
>>It’s a photo shoot, totally fine.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>I will bring a string. You will wear that around your neck.>>That shoe.>>[LAUGH]
>>You know, those shoes are so small munchkin can wear. So, I can buy you a pair too.>>[LAUGH]
>>So many ways we can put them to use.>>I know!>>I think they’re super cute. I actually thought it was strange though
that their only shoes for little girls. What about the little boy shoes?>>Yeah!
>>I’m sure they’re trying to see how they’re going to go, and then
they’ll get, you know, the little boys.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Giuseppe did little boys.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>They do, they have red bottoms. They have boots! DJ Khaled’s son,
that boy is dressed to impress.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Yes, he is.>>So cute. So, he has all the fancy shoes. Giuseppe’s done a children’s collection. They have boys and girls, and also Gucci’s
done boys and girls shoes collections.>>Yeah, but I’m going to stick
to Stride Rite for everyone else.>>[LAUGH]>>[CROSSTALK]
>>It’s my daughter’s-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Favorite by the way, because they’re comfortable.>>Really?>>Yes, because they can walk in them and
feel comfortable, and also helps them around
their little ankles.>>Gives them ankle support.>>It does.
>>Can’t you just paint those bottoms red?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I could do that as well.>>It actually gets me concerned though
is when kids start to learn brand names. You know what I mean? When I was younger I would wear like
whatever pants my mom gave me, but then I started noticing the little girls
would wear Osh Kosh B’ Gosh in the back of their suspenders. So, I asked my mom, I was like mom, how come I don’t have
Osh Kosh B’ Gosh on mine and she says. That’s Osh-Kosh it too expensive. [INAUDIBLE]
>>[LAUGH]>>I didn’t realize it, this is crazy for New Yorkers, you know that
construction boots are everything, so I had these constructs, but
I used to call them Timbalands, but I didn’t know that they were called
anything other than Timbalands, so I be like, yeah,
I’m going to wear my Timbalands like that. And this girl one told me there
used to be a store called Favor. Do you guys remember Favor? It was on Valancy Street, in New York, and that’s where my mom used to get my
DK Timberlands, AKA my Fimbalinds, and I was like, yeah,
because I’m wearing my Timberlands, and this girl literally shouted me out and
was like, those are not Timberlands.>>[LAUGH] She fronted you?>>They were called something
else like Tree something not.>>You should have took them off and
threw them at her, say let’s see if they’re Timberlands.>>Exactly,
they weren’t exactly the same, but I had no idea that mine
weren’t the name brand.>>But see that’s what I mean. Didn’t that get you a little
insecure when the kids.>>You know when [INAUDIBLE]
starts to compare.>>A little bit.


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  • I’m grateful I have everything named brand as a new born and a child n till my teen ages but it all depends on the parents who dress the kids tbh it doesn’t matter has long as you smell good shower ! Teach your kids manners and stop shootings and bullying ALL LIVES MATTER !

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  • Personally I don’t care if I don’t wear name brands, clothes is clothes and it works no matter the price. When it comes to kids clothes I prefer to not dress them in expensive clothing since kids make messes and some stains are hard to get off, I’d dress my kid in expensive clothing for special occasions. I like to wear comfortable clothing instead of expensive not so comfortable clothings. This is just my personal preference.

  • Ayyeee I used to wear my fimbalands ? they were pink tooo but no one said anything

  • Depends on your income honestly.

  • You shouldn’t be spending more than $20-$30 for kids shoes. Kids clothing is expensive and I know when I was younger there was a few times where my mom bought me a cute outfit for an event we had a few weeks later and by the time the event came around it didn’t fit anymore!

  • I just googled those shoes and the cheapest ones are 25$! Omg i go to Burlington and there 10$! For a toddler shoe. I wish i could give him the world but here in CA its tough :/

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  • Typical African Americans, all they want to spend their money is overpriced shoes when they should be spending money to help themselves in a more logical way.
    Yet we wonder why these African Americans continue to live in poverty. #badspedinghabbits #misplacedprioties

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    Im like Walt mart and this boy started roasting and laughing that I got my shoes from walt mart and he had some dirty dusty musty filas on

    I do h8 to admit that comment got to me and after that i made my poor parents get me brand names eveb though they couldnt afford it.

  • The funny thing is Stride Rite isn’t even cheap. They’re like $40-$65. We regular folk wear Circo, Target brand.

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  • OMG kids grow out of clothes and shoes so fast honestly it's very dumb to always get name brand clothes because they're ruin fast and you don't even get your investment back if you sell them off. I scuffed a newyorkers Jordan in the 6th – 7th grade, he was causing such a scene. My responds: "why are you wearing $800 shoes to a public school?"?

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  • FYI: I Only wore what my mom bought me, whether it was expensive, or not!

  • I feel you Adrienne my mom bought me fake converse in elementary school and I thought they were real lol, nobody told me nothing. as a kid I didn't know how to differentiate name brands vs imitation but I should've known something was off because they were 2 for $20 lol

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