Whitewater Rafting Gear : Personal Flotation Device & Footwear in Whitewater Rafting

Next thing you have is a PFD, which stands
for a Personal Flotation Device. Now there’s a whole variety of different PFDs out there,
you need to make sure that you have a Coast Guard approved PFD. If you’re rafting you
tend to be on bigger water than you would be as an entry level kayaker for instance
or canoeist. So you want a PFD that’s going to float you well, this has four buckles you
need to make sure all of them work. They’re adjustable in the sides so you can fit it
so it’s nice and tight on you. Make sure the pillow’s on the outside, this floats
you right side up, conscious or unconscious, that’s what you’re looking for when you’re
out there. Fit is an important consideration, and so we have PFD’s out there now that
are designed specially for different body types too. This is designed for a woman and
it has a slightly different cut, gives you more maneuverability while you’re out there
so that you’re able to paddle while wearing the PFD. You’ll notice that this is sort
of a bulky, more of a defensive swimming vest and a little restrictive and then you have
the PFD such as this that gives you lots of maneuverability, lots of protection, protects
you on the sides a little here and is an all around great vest. Has lots of compartments
for storage, attachments for knives, whistles and so forth. You also have footwear as a
consideration while you’re on the river, typically on the river there are a lot of
sharp rocks, often glass and other debris. Any cuts you take to the feet are going to
bleed a lot so it’s nice to avoid them from the start. A nice booty like this would be
fine, very simple, has a good sole to give you some traction getting to and from the
river, keeps your feet warm when it’s cold out there. It’s neoprene here, put a nice
pair of neoprene socks inside this and you’ll stay toasty. It just unzips and you slid your
foot in there. During the summer a pair of sandals such as these would work fine, they’re
adjustable, they’re comfortable, they keep the water flowing around your feet rather
than your feet trapped inside a wet booty or a wet shoe. So it’s a little healthier
for your feet and quite comfortable.

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