What’s inside Pizza Ordering Shoes?

– Who’s the real shoe surgeon here today? Not The Shoe Surgeon! (upbeat jazzy music) – Today is an awesome
day, it is March Madness. It is the NCAA Tournament
that is going on right now. Right now it’s Friday, day
one, went through my bracket. I’m like in the 65
percentile, not the greatest, but this is about to make our March Madness Tournament a little bit better. You’ve seen the title,
you’ve seen the thumbnail. This is a box that has a pair of Pizza Hut shoes in it that you’re supposed to push a button, and it orders pizza for you. But here’s the tricky thing, these shoes were only made for 50 celebrities and YouTubers, and we
were not one of them. Unbox Therapy did a video on it. TechSmart did a video
on it, and I was like those are so cool, I want those. This year, Jesse did a video on it, so I got these the old-fashioned way, the same way we get a lot of our products. I went onto eBay, and somebody
that was crazy enough to sell them, and I got them, so
we’re gonna test them out, see how they work, and
see what’s inside of them. We love March Madness, you saw our video at the Scoreboard the other day, we’ve got a bunch of our
friends and family over today. We’ve got these guys from Alaska that came down, Lincoln’s cousins. We’ve got Claire who
came home from school, Lincoln, Hunter, who’s this girl? Who’s this? (laughing) That’s London, and then
our buddy Jerry came over. Are you guys hungry for pizza? This is actually really cool, I’ve wanted this for two years. I hope it works, that we buy them. – Oh, huge poppas! – Huge poppas? Okay, look, it looks legit,
yes, these are legit. That was one thing I worried about, like you buy these off
of the Internet, right, do they actually work and are they legit, but it looks legit. – It looks legit. – They’re called Pie Tops, that’s … – I didn’t even put that together. – That’s creative.
– Yeah. – That’s creative, that’s creative. – That is actually really
creative, nice point, Zack. All right, and it feels
like a cardboard pizza box. – Oh wow, yes, totally. – It does not smell like pizza, ooookay. – Ooooh. – Pie Tops, look at that bag. – Oh man, those are … – So cool, oh my gosh, what is in there? – Hhuut, pizza! – You push the button and it orders pizza. Okay, so, Lincoln, in
order to make these shoes actually work, they don’t
just work outta the box, you can’t just push the button right now. I can feel the button, it
moves when I push on it, but you can’t order
pizza just by doing that. You first have to download
an app on your phone that’s called Pie Tops,
pizza ordering sneakers. There’s an actual app in the App Store. All right, I’m downloading
it, rating four plus, does that mean you have
to be four years or older? Seems like you should
have to be older than that to be able to order
pizza at will. (chuckles) – Yeah, I would think 18 or older. Or maybe 16 or older, whenever
you get a credit card number. – It’s open, it’s ready. – Oh! – You have the app up and when you type, you can’t see what you’re typing. – I bet if it was on Android, it’d be– – Okay, ready, go, no, hold on, hold on, hold on, don’t do it yet. Okay, turn on Bluetooth in your settings, but you can set it yourself. There’s three settings, one of
them is you can press it once and it orders pizza, another
one is you push it two times and it orders pizza, or you hold it down and it orders pizza,
which one should we do? – Once. – Just once? – Yep, press it! – Pie Tops would like
to access your location? I thought that maybe you’d
have to put in your address beforehand, and then it
would basically just send to that address every time,
which would be a little bit annoying, but if you were
wearing these things, and you have your phone,
when you push this button the way that you predetermined
it, the app will look to see your location of where you’re at, and that’s where it will
deliver the pizza to. I just put in my credit card. You think if you’re gonna buy shoes or have these fancy shoes that
you’d just get free pizza. You can choose two medium pizzas, so I’m gonna go with pepperoni and cheese. All right, I’m thinking
cheese, pepperoni, save … It’s kinda just stuck there. It’s like there’s nothing else to do. – It’s gotta be an iPhone thing. – Push the button. – Oh! – [Zack] Oh, it did something. – We got your order. – I did maybe 20. – Hello?
– All right. We got pizza from a shoe, that’s cool. – The future is here, you can
order food with your shoes. – It’s like a dream come true. What would happen if you’re
like playing basketball with it, could you accidentally trigger it and just order it to
your house or something? (slow dramatic music) These shoes were designed
by a shoe designer called The Shoe Surgeon, and
I guess what they’re doing next week is they’re going to
be selling these to Hypebeast. If you don’t know Hypebeast are … – Sneaker people. – They are people that love sneakers, and they would probably love these. I wanna see if there’s
batteries down inside or how it works, so obviously
the button is right in here. I’m not gonna push it cause I don’t wanna order a bunch of pizza. – Way, way, wait, so the button’s– – Don’t, no, no, no,
no, no, we don’t wanna order a bunch of pizza, we
have had enough pizza today. That’s a dangerous thing, like
you just push the button … This is the one that has
the pizza ordering button. – And we have lots of shoelaces. – Okay be careful, I’ve got a knife. Are there wires that go down in it? Is there anything really to it? Does it have batteries, this is leather, so I don’t know how good this razor is. Who’s the real shoe surgeon here today? Not The Shoe Surgeon. Ohh, this cuts nice! (laughs) The shoe surgeon
is at work here. (laughs) And it’s open! – Whaaaat? – This little piece here … – No, don’t take that out. – Yeah, we gotta see if
there’s batteries under there. (upbeat techno music) Oh, what d’we got, and there’s the bottom. There’s like a little
masking tape under there. That’s cool, I’ve never seen
a shoe like that before. These do feel like higher quality than some of the other sports-type shoes. Any more? – The sole’s super heavy cause
of the rubber, so that … – Yeah, okay, so, there’s
nothing that makes it work in the sole, the shoe
has no sole any more. – Rawr, ahh. – Where is the pizza ordering button? – Whoa, what’s that? It’s the button! – Oh, don’t push it,
don’t push it, oh, wait. Was it just held on by VELCRO? Oh, look! – I just pushed it. – You just pushed it, okay we may have any thing of pizza coming. Inside of the tongue there
is VELCRO, just right there. It looks like The Shoe Surgeon
used a little simple thing of VELCRO, stuck it on the
back, and then put that on there and then made
it go back inside out. Oh, I just pushed it. The question is now, we could put this in anything like, what the
heck, we could do anything. Doesn’t even have to be a shoe. About to get a pizza-ordering doll. – So I’m about to keep ordering pizzas. This is about to be a pizza-ordering doll. Do you know what her name is? – Scary. – Scarying, Karin … She is gonna be a one-of-a-kind
doll that nobody’s ever seen because she’s gonna have a
belly button that orders pizza. (laughing) (laughs) See? Dee, dee, dee, taa, dee, oh, I’m hungry. – I want pizza! – I can’t throw it cause
then Linda’ll be mad, don’t put this in the edit. (laughs) If you ever want pizza,
you’re like, hooh, here we go. – No!
– One last thing. – I need pizza. – No, give me the button. – No, not my button. – Gimme that button.
– It’s my button. – No more pizza.
– Aaahhhhh! It’s my button!
– Gimme that. This is getting outta hand,
I’m gonna say right now. Like, maybe they’re busy. – I think maybe I touched it
a couple of times on accident. – Without ordering any more pizzas, I’m going to attempt to take this off. – Oh, oh, oh … – Maybe it’s not as easy
as I thought actually. Oh, oh, yeah. – Yes, yes, yes! Well, wait, I’ll do it. Uhp, I saw a battery, I
saw a little tiny battery. – Oh, easy. – Look how little that thing is. – And this is by a company
called F-L-I-C, Flic. – Oh!
– Oh! – What was that? – I just popped it out, this is it. – This is just a normal button now, there nothing, yeah, there’s
nothing else in there. – Nope, that’s just a button. So basically when you push the button onto the actual button,
this would come down. It does push in a little bit, causes the reaction, and sends the signal off. What’s really inside of the pizza shoe? This is the brains of it,
it could be in anything. That’s the pizza Pie Tops two. Pizza Hut, if you send us these next year, so we don’t have to buy
them, that’d be great. We’d be happy to have them. Now, Zack, thanks for coming, bud. Here’s your knife back. Let’s get outta here,
Lincoln, turn off the lights. So that was fun. – Let’s turn off this claw machine. – [Host] Claw machine, this is what it looks like when we leave our office. Zack, you can take that
if you really want it. – No, that’s all right, I think
Lincoln wants it for later. – [Lincoln] What do I want? – [Host] All right, let’s go. (guys talking low) Just so you guys know, a little
bit behind the scenes here. – Did you guys some pizza for
a crowd, we got some cheese. – [Host] We got a few
extra pizzas left over. – Favorite shoes ever. – We got some pepperoni,
and we got some more cheese. – [Host] I’ll take some pepperoni. This is what happens
when you push the button a million times when you film
a video about pizza shoes. – I told you I didn’t do it, wink, wink. – Yeah, it sounds like a
dream to get all the pizza you want, but then you’re
just stuck with pizza all day long if you get kids that decide to push the button over and over and over. I think Zack may have
pushed it a few times too. You got a pizza? – [Lincoln] Wait for me! – Let’s go, Linc! (upbeat music) – Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka,
the amazing chocolatier. I’m so foxy, yeah – Oh. – That’s creative.
– Yeah.


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