What’s inside Nike Joyride Shoes?

– These are $180 shoes. This is not sponsored
Nike did not send us.. – [Lincoln] They’re like bouncy balls. (energetic techno music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln, this is Danny. And today we have these awesome brand new Nike Joyride Shoes. – These are the latest innovation in the race to create the most comfortable running shoe, or just walking shoe. You’ve seen Adidas Boosts
that came out, I don’t know, maybe like five, six years
ago and we did the Yeezys’. They are crazy comfortable. We’ve purchased so many pairs. And, we’ve also tried the Nike Epic React, is that what they’re called? – Yes.
– The Epic React shoes? And those ones are pretty good too. They’re pretty soft. But supposedly these are
35% softer or cushier. – 35% – Than, yeah, 35%. A whole Kevin Durant
softer than the Epic React. – Oh, I get it. It took me a minute. – Yeah, it’s okay. Sometimes there’s been shoes in the past that’ve come out that we’re like, you know what, maybe we don’t cut ’em open because what’s really inside of it? Is it really that interesting? Self-lacing shoes. (electronic whirring) – Whoa. – How’s it feel? – Awesome. – Those were pretty cool. Yeezys. Let’s look at the inside of these guys. Those are pretty cool cause
they are pretty high end. These ones are 100% shoes that
we should be cutting open, because apparently there are thousands of little Dippin’ Dots-like
rubbery bouncy balls inside of the sole of these shoes. – All the way up here, there’s a bunch of balls inside of them. It looks really cool. I love the orange on the bottom and this little part right here. And just like when you’re walking around you can see the little beads inside. Which is so cool. – So, what did people say at school when you wore these to school? Did anybody notice that there’s beads? – Oh yeah, a lot of people noticed them. They were like, what are those shoes? I’ve never seen them before,
those are really cool. Like, people thought they were cool. – Okay, well that’s good. We got both of these
pairs about a month ago. These ones we haven’t messed with. But Lincoln has been wearing these ones. – Yeah, you can see the difference. – Yeah, let’s see, do you
see the difference in that? One month of wearing them
and they’re pretty dirty. They look pretty messed up. – When I first put them
on it’s kind of weird, cause you can feel the balls inside of it. But, it’s really comfortable,
like one of my favorite shoes. – [Danny] That’s kinda
what I felt like too, it feels a little strange
because it really is pouches and you’re walking on them and they move almost
every time that you walk. And, that was probably
my concern with this, you kind of think of it as
like, I don’t know, a bean bag if you sit on it in the same
place over and over again it’s just gonna have that
little spot right there. Nike says that that doesn’t happen. So, anyway, enough talking about these. I wanna cut these things open, see how many beads are in these. I was thinking we cut open one shoe, we put them inside of this and we literally, like, one by one count and see how many beads are inside of here. – What if there was like a
thousand, do we have to count? – There’s more than a thousand I bet. Every single one. – One by one, all of these? – All of them in one shoe. – There are so many of
them, there is no way. – Alright, Nike Joyrides, we
are going to cut you open. These are $180 shoes, and these
ones have never been worn. They are nice on that side. But, some things have
to happen, for science. (energetic techno music) – [Lincoln] Whoa, they’re
like bouncy balls. – Oh my gosh, they’re
bouncing everywhere, okay. We gotta count them all. They really did put
like little squishy toys into little tiny pieces
and put ’em down in here. – They’re not styrofoam but
they’re kind of like styrofoam. – It’s just like a squishy toy. – They’re just as squishy, like you can compress it all the way, and then it pops right back up. Squish it. – Squish it, doesn’t it
feel like a squishy toy? – It feels more like a stress ball. – Oh, like a stress ball. She’s an expert when it comes
to squishy so, that’s better. A stress ball. There’s so many in this. And on the bottom, you
can see now that it’s out it’s just like soft. It’s hard to get that open, because you can see the
little pillar system, it’s connected pretty tightly. Let’s cut that a little bit more. Yeah, the little pillars
are made out of foam also. – [Lincoln] Yeah, that’s
what I was thinking. They’re just like these, they’re like the same
material as the balls. – Which is the same material
as this green part, right here. That’s really creative, to make, this is the material’s really soft, but then also make the rest of the shoe out of that same material. Look at that, there’s
the inside of the system. – [Danny] Okay, we’re getting closer. I’m not a good surgeon
but, we’re getting closer. There we go, so that’s that top part. And, you can see, the middle pocket. Okay there’s one. We gotta separate these,
get me another cup, Lincoln. It looks like there are
four pockets inside of this for the balls. One in the very far toe part, one in like, what do you
call that part of your foot, I don’t know. And then there’s one right here, that’s in like the midsection of your foot and then one in the heel. So four sections, boom boom boom. And they’re bulging
with these stress balls. After hundreds of miles of people running, how do they not turn into like a bean bag and get way out of shape and
like get stuck in one position? Or does water affect these things, I don’t know, I’m sure Nike tested it, but there’s a lot of potential
tests you could do with this. Four different pouches, we are
going to get these in here. There’s nothing else on
the table, no other beads. (pulsing techno music) – [Danny] Fall out little guys, fall out. (beads falling on cardboard) – Whoa! There’s so many more in there. – [Danny] All of your foot – [Lincoln] What, there’s so many. (beads falling) – And, we have to count
every one of these? – Nobody’s ever counted these before, on YouTube. When you cut up… Oh we lost one. – We lost one – Find it, there was
one that just flew past – It was blue. – I found it, I found it, I found it. We saved it. Okay the last one. The heel, which we’ve
already seen, has a lot. (energetic techno music) There’s still some in the bottom. There’s like still some
right in the bottom. So, this is what it looks
like when it’s all cut open. There’s the different sections. One, two, three, the third one is big, it’s all underneath this
really squishy area. And then the fourth section, is actually the biggest of all of them. That goes all the way down to the bottom. This is the Nike Joyride. Pretty comfortable shoes,
pretty unique idea and… – I really like them. – How many balls are inside of here? – No, no, no, no. – We are gonna count them. – No, no no… (electronic music) – I’ve made the decision. I am going to count every
single one of these, and I’m gonna count it on a long video so you can see exactly how
many there are, no cheating, no taking them out, it’s gonna be exactly how many are in here but I want you guys to guess. How many do you think there’s going to be? And then after four days,
whoever gets it right, or gets it closest to the actual number, we will contact you and send
you a brand new pair of these. You only get one guess, if I look and you’ve commented like five or six different
times or even two times.. – You’re disqualified. – Disqualified. You get one chance, put it on there, no editing. How many do you think is in here? You saw Lincoln playing with it. Get ready for the video.
– My guess. Wait, wait, wait.
– No, no, no you can’t sway them, you can’t sway them. They just need to decide
based off of this. – Okay. – Say it, and we’ll bleep it out and I’ll put it in the next video. (beep) (beep) – Okay, there’s our guesses. Thanks for watching, if you win a pair, gets the size. That’s it. Goodbye. – These shoes are really cool. And those are really cool too. (girl mumbles) – No. – [Danny] Yes. Get me a plastic bag. (whistling)


  • I think there are 8069 balls inside

  • 60,000. Size 4 October,8

  • I think 6789

  • My guess is 8000 balls
    Size 8.5

  • 8069

  • Around 8000

  • No1000000

  • No i mean 8096, plz I want them so bad

  • Maybe around 11624

  • There are 90871

  • I think there are 4986 balls inside 🤨

  • 6932

  • 9567 balls inside

  • 8069

  • I also think there is 8069

  • I think there are 2,000

  • 8,687

  • I think (though my guess does not count bc I'm guessing 10 days later instead of 4) there are 9173

  • I think 7456

  • 8065

  • 8069

  • 8,689

  • I think 8069

  • 8069

  • 7392 balls

  • I think there is 9674 balls

  • 8067

  • i think like 13,000

  • Never trust edited comments

  • 3000 beads inside the shoes

  • I think 7,485 balls
    Size 9.5 mens

  • 900,000,000

  • 8,669

  • I think there is 8043

  • 8069

  • 960 balls

  • 4688

  • 2874, i hope im rite, love ya yt channel as well gyes, keep it up

  • 176

  • 7654 balls

  • 1,0000

  • I saw a Nike joyride after before this video

  • 8,069

  • I think there are like 9250

  • Balls

  • 8064

  • 8069

  • 8,000

  • 3,823

  • Lincoln's voice is so much deeper.

  • I think they’re 8,069 balls

  • 2000 $ize 8 men's 6/2019

  • 1500

  • ten thousand?

  • I think there is 5679

  • 5000

  • 10,000
    Size 16 us mens
    9 Oct

  • 50,000
    Size 7.5
    October 9

  • 5,678

  • 5,365

  • I think there's 8176 inside

  • 9035

  • 3472

  • 3472

  • 523

  • i think 1

  • 7018 ballls inside

  • 256 balls

  • 3382

  • My guess is that their are 4783 of the beads

  • And

  • 1 million

  • Guess 4783 of them us October 6 2019

  • 8069

  • 3300

  • 2000

  • 1266

  • 8096

  • 9867 balls

  • A couple millions?

  • I think 2000

  • 69,420 balls inside

  • 4081

  • Favorite Book is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen 🙂

  • 10,000

  • 220

  • 8070 beads

  • I'm from the Philippines and I think its3000

  • 9420 balls

  • Mr.Beast

  • 3478 balls forsure

  • 8000

  • 9000 balls

  • I think there is 2300 balls. Thats my gues

  • 8069

  • What a waste of good money! How spoilt is that peice of 💩 put that money to good use

  • 7672

  • 100000

  • 7463

  • 9890 balls

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