What’s inside Nike HyperAdapt Shoes?

(intensifying high pitch note) – I’m Earl. I’m from the future. (electrical buzzing) This, according to Nike, is the future. Back in 1988, anybody that’s
seen Back to the Future, Marty McFly, he goes to the future. Do you remember that part? – Yes. (electrical buzzing) – Power laces, all right. – Based off of that movie,
these shoes are now out in 2016, so it’s been a long time coming. One fun thing about that is those shoes didn’t actually self lace. What they did is they drilled some holes in the floor in the stage, and then when he had his feet in there, there were people under the
stage that pulled some strings and made it tighten. – Okay. – This was not easy to get,
so if you click on the video in the link in the
description, and at the end, it shows my whole experience
over the last 24 hours of actually going to New York
and getting these things. As far as I know, these are the very first Nike HyperAdapts to be in Utah. The problem with buying shoes that there’s only 20 of ’em sold a day at one Nike store or two
Nike stores in New York City is that you don’t really have
a pick of what size you want when you’re buying ’em
on the secondary market. So, we need to get into
these, but unfortunately, they’re size 8.5, and that
will not fit my feet at all. So Lincoln, it’s your lucky day. – Yay. – You get to wear some shoes. – Yeah, and then the only problem is, you’re gonna cut them open, so I’m not even gonna be
able to wear them after this. – That’s true. You won’t be able to. But, you’ll be the first kid in Utah that gets to try these on, and one of the first
kids in the entire world that gets to try these shoes on. So even if you don’t get
to keep them after this, that’s still pretty cool. – Yeah. (techno music) – [Daniel] Fancy. It looks like metal on the side. – [Lincoln] Whoa! That’s one fancy case. – [Daniel] Woo! – It smells so good. I love the smell of shoes. – [Daniel] So we’ve got the shoes in here, the charging outlets on here. – [Lincoln] Hey, look guys, it’s Earl. – [Daniel And Lincoln] Earl. – I bet there’s an Earl
watching this right now. – Here’s what EARL means,
electro adaptive reactive lacing. In 2005, Tiffany Beers
came on as a 25 year old to the innovation lab at Nike, and they put her on this
project to make these shoes. Almost 11 years later, the shoes are out, and she made it happen. The future isn’t tomorrow. – [Daniel And Lincoln] It’s today. – Even the top of the
box has a cool design. If I go up and down,
does that make you dizzy? That’s how Nike hypnotizes
you into buying $720 shoes. You would just take it and put it on here. – It’s like a magnet? – Yeah. It’s charging right now. Ah, it just smells so good! It’s like I’m in a shoe
store or a shoe (mumbles) It’s like, I don’t know
which smell I like better, the smell of a new shoe
or the smell of a new car. – That’s tough. – That is tough, tough decision. Let us know. We’ll put a poll question up here. Which one do you like more, the smell of new shoes or
the smell of a new car? If you look at them, they
don’t have any shoelaces. This is just this material. Look right there. You can see some cables that are on it, and that must be what tightens it up. Right here, there are
supposed to be two buttons that tighten it and loosen it. – [Lincoln] What? – [Daniel] And then right down
here is the actual battery with a light inside of it. My thumb will be your shoe horn. Okay? – [Lincoln] Okay. (mumbles) (electrical buzzing) Whoa. (Daniel laughs) – Whoa. (electrical buzzing) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s how you did it. – Okay, let’s put this one on, too. – These could be like good basketball, oh, look at the back, look at the back! – The lights? – Ow! (electrical buzzing) Ah, it’s magical. (electrical buzzing) Jump. Whoa. – [Daniel] How does it feel? – Awesome. (techno music) – This is our neighbor, Tate. – What’s up? – Have you ever seen when Marty
McFly goes into the future? – Auto-strap ons that– – Yes, auto self-lacing shoes. (electrical buzzing) – What the heck? (Daniel laughs) That’s so weird. – [Daniel] It just tightens. There you go. Your shoes are tied. – That’s so awesome. I’d love to play basketball in these. – [Daniel] That’s what Lincoln said. – [Lincoln] Yeah. – They could play basketball in these. I don’t know. Are these meant for basketball? Kyrie Irving had ’em the other day. (electrical buzzing) We once cut open these
beautiful, gold, LED shoes. The way that we did it on that one was we did cut the top off, but then we were able to get inside and look and see where the battery is. We were able to pull out
the LEDs out of the side. The other pair of shoes that we cut open were a pair of Yeezy Boost, real ones, and we just cut it right down the middle, just did a cross section of it. First, let’s take one to the big saw and get ourselves a
Yeezy-like cross section if that’s possible, because there is a battery
and a motor in here. And then, maybe on the other
shoe, we can get a razor blade and see if we can cut into it a little bit and expose the wires and
see where the motor is and see how it actually functions. For all of you sneaker heads out there, I saw you on the Yeezy video. I know how upset you
were about these shoes, like it was the end of the world, then you might feel the
same way about these. I apologize, but that’s what we do. We’re What’s Inside. It’s science. It’s fun. We see what’s inside stuff. It’s go time. Let’s make it happen. (buzz saw whirring)
(techno music) It was not the cleanest
cut, but we are through. Let’s take this inside
and take a look at it, open it up, show Lincoln, and
see what it’s look in there. I’m excited! – Oh, whoa. There’s the battery. – Here’s your cross section of the shoe. This is actually super interesting to me. You have just a regular
shoe, a nice, soft cushion. It feels a lot like
the Adidas Yeezy Boost, it’s pretty soft, and I think
that’s why the boys were like, “I could play basketball in this,” and then it’s also tight around their foot so it feels like you could
cut and play basketball well. Here’s the brains. This is what makes it
the self-lacing show. This is the sensor for the back LEDs. There’s the forward and backwards button, tighten and untighten. That’s the LED lights. I’m gonna get the razor
blade and cut around. Earl, I’m coming for you, buddy. (techno music) So it actually has these
plastic tubes that go through, and it does look like a cable is in that. Did we ruin the cable somehow? There’s no turning back now. We’re in it. Hey, guys. I’m Earl. I’m from the future. (techno music) We now have the one of a kind, exclusive, first ever in the world,
Nike HyperAdapt sandals. – Whoa! We’re making history! – Yeah. (laughs) All right. I’m sorry, laces, but
I’m cutting you off here, just because I don’t think
they serve any real benefit. So here we go. The whole side of the shoe is off. Are you ready for this? This is pretty cool. This shoe is wide open,
and it’s super cool. Flap it open. I think it’s still gonna
work, I think it is, because if you look at
the cables on there, these are them right
there, these are the ones, and they go through here
in this little area. They connect down into here
from what we learned earlier, and then here’s the brains
right down in there. You can see the sensor
where your foot goes, and then you look right here, and you can see the actual motor. I am going to put my finger and my thumb and push down on the sensor
and then squeeze this button and see if it’ll work. (electrical buzzing) – What? I hear it, I hear it. (Daniel laughs) I don’t know if it did anything,. – No, I don’t think it did, either. (electrical buzzing) – Okay. Unfortunately, Nike is smarter than I am. (news broadcast music) – I would’ve never guessed that. – The plastic tubes that I felt earlier that came down through it,
those looked like they had the cables in it that attach
down here in the shoe part. Yeah, you can see, it’s totally, yeah, I cut the wire somewhere. And it’s not even like a cable. I wish I could explain this to you. – [Lincoln] It feels so light. – It just feels like
it’s just a thick thread. I kept calling it a
cable this whole video, but now that I’m getting
a bigger piece of it, you can really tell that
it really is just thread. Okay, so when I pull on it,
you can see it tightening. See how it gets tighter? And then I loosen it, and it gets looser. Check it out. I took the tape off, stuck
the razor blade down in there. (electrical buzzing) Oh! (electrical buzzing) – [Lincoln] Oh, you can see the gear. – [Daniel] Exactly what I was saying. That’s where the two wires come in. There’s two wires that go
down in there and pull it. When I push the button, look. (electrical buzzing) It’s spinning. – [Lincoln] But there’s nothing to spin. – [Daniel] Yeah, I
already got all the wire. I cut the wire. And then I push the other way. (electrical buzzing) And the other motor goes the other way. – [Lincoln] Wow. Hey, the light on the back
of the shoe still works. – Yeah. If you look even more in there, this is the battery on this side. Right down here is where
the battery charges. That’s where it connects with the magnets. You can see the magnets all around. And then the rest of
this other half of it, just about half of it, maybe 40% of it, is all the motor and the
different brains and the chips. Let’s see if we can
get the LEDs in action. Yeah. There you go. There’s the inside with the LEDs. This has been fun. This has been an adventure tonight Okay. – We got it. – We got the whole thing off. Self lace on your face., (imitates self-lacing motor) Look at that. I accidentally cut the wires right there, and it happens to be these wires for the little clicker button. They’re much lighter now. There you go. The first HyperAdapts to come to Utah. Oh, the carnage. Oh, the sadness. Oh, the EARL! So if you guys wanna watch
the behind the scenes of me getting these shoes in New York, it’s kind of a random trip. It was pretty funny. It’s on our family channel. We have some pretty good vlogs coming up with some exciting news later this week, so stay tuned to that. This was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. These shoes are great. If you’re thinking of getting
some, don’t cut ’em open, but go get you some. They are really, really fun shoes. So thanks for watching guys. Look at the back of ’em. – [Lincoln] That’s awesome. – That is pretty cool.
– That is so cool.


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