What’s inside LED Shoes?

♫ Have you ever felt ♫ Are you listening ♫ (energetic dance music) – Welcome back to, What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is my Dad, Dan, and today we’re with
our friend, Shonduras. And we’re gonna cut open USB shoes. – Or some people call them LED shoes because they have cool LED lights in them. – Or just awesome shoes
because they’re awesome. – They really are. – But either way,
they’ve been kind of hard for us to get and it took about a month and a half for us to get these, on a slow boat from China. As you can tell from Shonduras’ shoes– – Fashion, and this says high five and this says beautiful hair. (laughing) – Most of them that I see online, they’re these white ones but we saw some black ones, they’re pretty basic and we got these for Lincoln. The nice high-top version and we thought it be fun to let Lincoln choose what shoes we get. – Oh boy. – I chose really flashy ones for my Dad because I think they
would be really funny. – Because I’m a flashy kind of guy. – Yea. – Oh my gosh! – And they are totally gold. – Aww man, gold. – That is amazing. – Where am i gonna even wear these things? – Are you joking, where are you
not gonna wear those things? I want you to wear those every day. They’re amazing. Lincoln picked out my shoes. I haven’t looked at them yet but I do know that I am size 44, in this country. So I feel kind of cool about that. – I chose Shon’s shoes because he’s like a skater. – Alright, skateboarding shoes kind of? – They have skulls on them. – Oh my gosh! – Skulls. – Alright, let’s get all these shoes out. These are awesome. Okay, we’ve got the gold ones. There’s mine. Look at all the different options. – Oh my goodness, flashy ones. – Hold on, seizure warning. Now you have to put a disclaimer in the description. – The shoes really make sense to cut open because, how does it
charge, where are the cords, what do the lights look like? – It’s true. (laughing) – These are made for you. – That’s awesome. – I can’t stop looking at my feet, I would get nothing done
if I wore these all day. – You just stare at them. – Foot five. Yea. (laughing) We gots to have some fun with these first though, right? – Yea!
– [Dan] Yep. – Okay, we talked about it, shoes, fun ideas, we have a couple ideas in mind. So, let’s go. – Let’s go have some fun in these things. (energetic dance music) – [Shonduras] Whoa, whoa whoa. Are you okay? – [Dan] Oh yea, dude, I’m fine. – [Shonduras] Oh my gosh, dude. (energetic dance music) – Alright, here we go. – That was so much fun
at that trampoline– – That actually was. – It was– – Oh hey, my shoe’s back on! (laughing) – The whole time we were there or like halfway through, Shonduras’ shoes just shut off and we couldn’t get them going, at all. – This one still won’t go back on. – I would like to just cut away everything that I can, except for the wires and so it still works, but there’s no shoe on it. – Hey, mine don’t even work so we got to cut mine open. – Yea, let’s cut something open, ok. Then it’s decided. – We got to get, the gold ones. – The gold ones. – It will be awesome. – Let’s cut these things open. (energetic dance music) So here we go, there’s the inside. – [Lincoln] Holy cut it. – [Dan] We were gonna disect another one but this one’s actually going pretty well. Oh look at that! – [Shonduras] Where there
any electric stuff in the– – [Dan] What’s that, check it out! The sole. – [Lincoln] Whoa! You just ripped that thing off! – [Dan] That’s where
they hide the battery. Down in there. – [Shonduras] (mumbles) – [Lincoln] Sweet! – [Shonduras] And then
where does the battery connect to, right here? – [Dan] You take this
little cord here that has a USB and then you just take this and plug it in there, and that’s what has the charges. And when it’s charging it blinks red. – [Shonduras] You didn’t cut that, that was just already like that? – [Dan] No, this just unslips (mumbles). It looks like the wire
comes down through here, into this part. So, I’m gonna cut on this shoe on this other side part, so we can really get in
and take a look at it. – [Shonduras] Okay. – [Lincoln] And then we can see if the lights still work. – [Shonduras] Remove the gold. – [Dan] Alright, here we go. I could see, you know, if these would have been around 20 years ago, I could see Michael Jackson wearing these on stage. Moonwalk in these bad boys. – [Shonduras] I feel like we can still like use this for something. We can use this gold for like, to make a wristband, or something. – [Lincoln] A wristband? – [Dan] Here we go, look at it, opening it up. Safety experts are gonna say, don’t cut toward yourself, what’s wrong with you? – [Shonduras] To them I say, when you have gold shoes
you do whatever you want. (laughing) – Whoa, look at that! – Look how long it is? It goes from your head to your belt. – [Dan] I’m entertained by this, this is fascinating. – [Shonduras] I know. – [Lincoln] Whoa. – [Dan] And it’s still lit up. – [Shonduras] Dan versus
shoe, round one, fight. (ripping shoe) Oh my gosh. (yelling) – [Dan] What happened? – [Shonduras] Wait, wait. It just came disconnected, I think it will still work. Hold on. – [Dan] Come on please work. – [Shonduras] Wait for it. I think that’s upside down, don’t worry. I’m a trained professional. (yelling) Here they are, look, here’s the actual, so it’s just a strip. Hey, check that out. Pull it Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Pull! – [Dan] Don’t rip it. – [Shonduras] Okay. – [Dan] See how the
light looks right there? And then look on the actual LED. It’s pretty cool how that brightens it up. Should just come out I would think. There we go. Here’s the button that’s in your shoe, you just push that and that changes the different color options. – I’m pretty, like, I had no idea that it was just a strip that
was embedded in the sole. I kind of thought for some reason, there were lights built in and then there was a battery
pack kit in somewhere. – Yea! – And I really like these shoes, I mean the gold, yea I wouldn’t
wear these all the time but I like the concept of it. – You should. – And I think for certain activities and certain events that we go to it could be really fun and funny to have. – Get them for kids like
at parties and stuff, these are rad. – Now we want to go and have some fun and make our own LED shoes. With these shoes. – Oh Yea. – We’re gonna do a do-it-yourself project, I don’t know if this is science, my last science expirament
wasn’t 100% successful but we’re gonna take normal shoes and teach you guys how to
put LED lights on them, with the battery, it will be great. And I think we’re gonna
throw some LED lights on this guy. – So click on this link
right here, in this box. Or the card at the top, or
the link in the description. Go watch this video because it’s going to be a fun adventure. And Shonduras is the king of science. – No I’m not. – Not really, but let’s give
him another shot at this because I’m pretty
confident that we can do it. – This one will be fun and– – It will be easier than
the homemade lava lamp. – Yea, okay, see ya guys then. (energetic dance music)


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