What’s Inside Cheap Men’s Dress Shoes? (Cemented Construction) RMRS

What’s Inside Cheap Shoes [0:00:00] Cheap shoe #1. Let’s make it happen. [0:00:00]
All right, gents, in today’s video, I’m cutting half two of the cheapest pairs of
shoes I could find on Amazon. I’m gonna have fun with this. Now, I think I know what’s inside, but let’s
find out for sure. Cheap shoe #1. Let’s make it happen. Oh yeah! Cheap shoe #2. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! What do you guys think? I could take both these pieces, glue them
back together, and create this new style of dress shoe. Meaning I’ve got a future— All right,
guys, let’s find out what is inside cheap dress shoes. Okay. So, let’s talk about what is inside a pair
of cheap shoes. As you can see, not that much. So, one of the first things I noticed as soon
as I start sawing these shoes right in half is all of the black wasn’t really dust, but
small pieces of basically what this is. Plastic rubber. I’m not sure exactly and that’s the thing,
is that with really cheap shoes, you’re gonna see very cheap ingredients. So, I can tell you that any shoe made out
of rubber or plastic that isn’t just made to be like— I don’t know— a rubber rain
boot, that’s not really a great thing. Why? Because it’s not going to allow your feet
to— Basically, it is gonna trap in that moisture. When your feet get warm, they’re gonna get
hot, they’re gonna sweat, and nothing is getting out. Now, I could see actually on the inside of
these shoes they tried to cover that up a bit by putting some materials and basically
fabric in there. And I get why they would do that. To absorb a little bit of the sweat, of the
moisture so that all of a sudden you don’t get beads of sweat building up in there. On the back and on the side though, I’m thinking
that this is not going to do well. I can tell that it’s been glued together on
the inside and it’s kind of a shoddy job. So, we start to then look at the sole. So, right over here, I’m gonna go and I’m
gonna look at the outer sole. You could tell by whenever I look at these
shoes initially on the outside that they had— You know, this is a plastic rubber outer sole. But what I didn’t know and when we get to
that heel, this is actually what surprised me. Notice how it’s empty on the inside of the
heel. But if you think about this, this makes sense. They’re gonna save money because they’re gonna
use less of the whatever material they’re using and it actually does make the shoe a
bit lighter. So, I can see where maybe from a design perspective
they thought this would be smarter. I can tell you though that this, you know,
really does no favors for you. I can’t tell actually if this is cardboard
on the inside. But as I play around with it, so that first
layer right above the outer sole, instead of having a cork lining, they’ve literally
got cardboard on the inside of this. So, you know, hey, I guess it gets the job
done when nobody sees it. Then they’ve got the insole. So, there is no shank in this. This right here again made from a synthetic
material. The problem here is your feet sweat. Moisture has nowhere to go. Now, it goes without saying that this shoe
is all connected with glue. So, when I look at insole, I look at the outsole,
I look at the inside of this, everything here there is no stitching. There are no tacks. There’s no nails or anything like this. This is all connected with a cement type glue. And again, this is what we’re gonna see in
the majority of inexpensive shoes. It saves money. It’s relatively less in weight. It’s a lot faster in the manufacture process. But when it comes down to it, this is not
gonna be a pair of shoes that you’re gonna wanna keep for more than a few years. And I get it. Some of you guys wanna own shoes, they’re
fashion shoes, they’re disposable. But what I would say— what you also pay
when you’re grabbing those is you’re getting something that really is never going to be
that comfortable. Now, when we look at the back of the shoe,
right above the heel, we actually go and we see that they do have a stiffener. I’m looking at the stiffener. I’m not actually able to tell. It looks like it’s made out of a little
bit of a plastic material. It’s that white line right in there. Now, that stiffener is there so whenever you’re
putting on the shoe especially without a shoe horn that basically the shoe doesn’t permanently
warp down. I’m not sure that this stiffener was actually
gonna provide really any support here. So, in summary, what I found on the inside
of this cheap shoe really didn’t surprise me. It’s using cheap materials. It was cheaply put together using glue, faster
manufacturing process. I get it. This is the vast majority of shoes out there. Most guys, they’ve never actually had a quality
pair of dress shoes. So, they’re not gonna know what to look for. But I would highly recommend when you’re out
there buying shoes, the thing to do is go try on a nice pair. [0:05:01]
Look and understand the details because it is something, yes, you’re gonna pay a lot
more for, but cry once and then wear those nice shoes with pride and all of a sudden
you realize that, hey, these aren’t gonna last me 1 or 2 years. These are gonna last me 1 or 3 decades. They’re not gonna go out of style and this
is gonna be something that’s actually— They’re gonna look better with time. Yes. The upper on a great pair of shoes will get
better with time. All right, gents, that’s it. If you like this video, click on that like
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