What to Wear on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

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the notes below. Alrighty, “what should I wear on my Royal
Caribbean cruise” is a question we get quite often, and while we’ve briefly addressed
the question in the past, we realized it is still source of concern and even controversy,
particularly when it comes to formal night. Maybe you don’t like to dress up, and wonder
what is acceptable for admittance to the dining room. Or, perhaps you love to dress up, but don’t
want to be the only one in an evening gown or tuxedo on formal night. Well, we are going to try and clear that all
up for you, AND we have pictures! Royal Caribbean lists it’s suggested dinner
attire on it’s website, but come on, that’s just boring, and maybe even a little confusing. Still, if you’d rather head over to their
site you can find a lot of this information there… but you won’t see our photos. So let’s get a couple of standard questions
out of the way for those of you that just want me to cut to the chase. Do I have to wear an evening gown, or tuxedo
on formal night – No. Can I wear an evening gown or tuxedo on formal
night – Yes. Okay, now let’s get into some of the finer
details of dress code. First off, Royal Caribbean doesn’t go into
a lot of detail when it comes to their dress code. They simply say “When you’re onboard,
the right look will vary by venue”, And they go on to offer a few types of suggested attire,
which we’ll cover shortly. Since they don’t specify what items are
not permissible, the guidelines they do provide are subject to interpretation. The dress code for the main dining room has
been trending toward a more relaxed style lately, but Royal Caribbean does maintain
a tiny bit of traditional cruise formality and breaks the suggested attire into three
separate categories. Casual, Smart Casual, And Formal. Let’s take a look at these categories starting
with “casual”. Casual clothes are what you’ll wear around
the ship in public areas during the day and evening for anything from meals in the dining
rooms, to activities. For casual attire, Royal Caribbean says, and
this is a quote from the website, “You’re on vacation – relax! Jeans, shorts, tees, tank tops, polos, sundresses
and blouses are all the right amount of laid back. Please keep swimwear to the Pool Deck.” During the day on most warm weather cruises,
casual clothes, swimsuits, swimsuit cover ups and even active wear can be seen all over
the ship. Now, Royal Caribbean doesn’t want you to
try to show up for lunch in the buffet or main dining room in a dripping wet swimsuit,
but the vibe is really casual, so pack those flip flops, hats, and your favorite casual
wear, and focus on comfort. If you’re cruising with kids, don’t forget
to pack sun protective clothing if you can- rash guards and cool hats are everywhere these
days, and you’ll be less concerned with re-applying SPF if your kids are more covered
up. Here’s a look at a couple of outfits we
would typically pack for casual dinners and even for sea days around the ship. Think of something you’d wear to an every-day
restaurant back home. For men, casual pants, even jeans, and more
casual collared shirts are great. For women, it’s the same idea. I like to think of my dinner outfits as “Resort
wear” type outfits, including casual dresses, or maybe even nicer jeans, especially on the
first night of the cruise, when everyone tends to be more casual after a long day of travel. For kids, there’s tons of options and flexibility. We just keep our little guy in clean clothes
that aren’t considered swimwear, and we’re good to go. Here are a few photos we snapped at the mall
of common casual wear. Let’s move on to the smart casual category. What the heck is “smart casual” and when
would you dress that way. We hear this one a lot on cruises, so let’s
see how RCL defines it. Royal Caribbean says “Think of this as a
step up from your typical dinner wear. Dress to impress with jackets, sports coats,
blazers, collared shirts, dresses, skirts and blouses, or pantsuits.” This is probably the category you’ll see
the widest range of interpretation and the most confusing to people. We kind of think of this as being similar
what you might wear in a more formal office environment or perhaps as wedding guest. Think back to the last wedding you attended. The majority of men were likely in slacks,
a collared shirt with tie and perhaps a suit coat, but there were probably a handful in
polos or Hawaiian shirts as well. Women were in a variety of outfits from full-fledged
cocktail dresses, to sundresses and pantsuits. You’ll probably see same when it comes to
the Smart casual category on a cruise. “smart casual” usually applies when you
go to one of the upscale specialty restaurants onboard, if that helps. Here are some examples for what could pass
as smart casual onboard. For the formal category, we’ll quote Royal
Caribbean’s website again- it says’ “Make it a night out in your best black-tie look
– suits and ties, tuxedos, cocktail dresses or evening gowns.” Formal night is usually the biggest area of
concern for most new cruisers. We think the idea with formal night is pretty
obvious. It’s a chance breakout your finest clothes
and experience the traditional grandeur and elegance of a traditional cruise dinner, whatever
that means to YOU. Personally we love this tradition. I used to shop months in advance for the perfect
formal night dresses, and my husband would pack or rent a tuxedo onboard. There are a lot less tuxedos on formal nights
these days, and my husband was getting tired of people asking him where the bathroom was
(ya know, cus he looked like a crew member), so now we are a bit less formal. I usually wear cocktail dresses, or a longer
evening gown type s style. Here’s a look at a couple of examples. When it comes to formal nights, we say common
sense should be your guide. If you want to go all out and dress up, by
all means, please do so. That’s the whole idea. On the other hand, if you just don’t like
dressing up, there are options for you too on formal night. You could skip the main dining room and head
to the buffet, order room service, or you can dress the way you want and take your chances
in the main dining room. Royal Caribbean says they will enforce the
dress code, but the reality is it’s tough for the staff to manage. Of course there is another option, and that
is the specialty restaurants, but those have their own dress code, (not to mention additional
fees). Royal Caribbean recommends Smart Casual for
Specialty Restaurants & Mystery Dinner Theater. So, yeah, expect to dress up a little if you
explore those options. Formal wear onboard might look something like
this… And speaking of dressing up a little, what
about the kidlets? Well, the same rules apply to the little ones
as well. But, if you have kids you probably already
know how to handle this one, and how there might be just a little bit more flexibility
when it comes to children. On formal nights we typically deck our little
man out with a nice slacks, shirt, tie, vest ensemble, and he looks sharps … for about
ten minutes. Oh here’s a secret, instead of trying to
force him into painful dress shoes we usually put him in some nice clean all black sneakers,
and works pretty well for us. Nobody’s ever kicked us out of the dining
room because he wasn’t wearing dress shoes. Catch my drift? To wrap this all up, you’ll notice that
Royal Caribbean calls this suggested attire, and they don’t list everything you can’t
wear. So, of course we don’t want you to feel
like we are saying “you have to wear this or you can’t wear that”. We are only trying to provide a little guidance
for people who are truly looking for help with an often confusing topic. That’s it for this episode, thank you for
watching. Be sure to follow us on social media @CruiseTipsTV,
and click the link in the description if you want to check out our awesome sponsor http://www.cruiseline.com. Thank you all so much for the massive amount
of thumbs up on the last video, and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas.

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