What Shoes Should I Get For Suits And Jeans | Why Brown Leather Derby is a must

hey everyone it’s Tyler here at sharplookingman.com calm and today I wanted to talk with you about one of my favorite
shoes yesterday yeah I talked about the loafer so definitely check out that
video but today I wanted to talk to you about the Derby shoe and you’ve probably
heard that but yeah word before like what is a Derby etc but what I want to
show you is an actual Derby shoe all right and then I want to talk to you
about why it’s one of my favorites so what makes this a derby shoe right you
see a cap toe you see some medallion stamping in there you’re like hey this
looks like every other dress shoe that I see but here’s the major difference and
what actually makes it a DERBY SHOES right here you see where the shoelaces
are it’s not attached to the shoe it has these flaps all right that right there
is what makes it a derby shoe so you see this that is a derby shoe okay
now why do I love the Derby shoe the fact that it has the flaps like this it
gives you the versatility all right just like that loafer that I talked about
yesterday this gives you the versatility to wear it with jeans so you can dress
it down you can even wear it with chinos right you can wear it with dress slacks
and you can also wear it with suits all right that’s why I love this Derby shoe
because of the versatility look spending hundreds of dollars on shoes picking it
can add up really that’s why it’s important to get the versatile shoes
that you can dress down as well as dress up I also love the deep brown or the
brown color shoe the reason why is because it’s really gonna go with
everything except for the color black right so think about it white stone
khaki olive even into the brown it’s also gonna look great with navies denim
blues right as well as grays and charcoals very very versatile color
that’s why I love the Brown Derby shoe now look a couple other things right
here you see this cedar tree one of the best ways to help make your your
choose the last a long long time right because they’re leather shoes leathers
very strong it’s very durable it’s built to last one of the best ways to keep it
that way is when you store them when you’re not
wearing them put in the shoe trees there’s two reasons why helps maintain
the structure of the shoe but secondly they’re going to be cedar that helps
with the moisture of the shoe look if you wear your shoe all day we’re in if
you know you want the cedar to help with that moisture make sure it’s working as
hard as you do all right so that’s one thing to definitely do when you store
your leather shoes the second is right here yeah I love this shoe you can tell
by the sole so much so that after I wore it a couple of years it has a leather
sole I had to get it result so another thing about investing in a quality shoe
like the Derby style like this is that it costs you forty or fifty dollars to
go to a shoe repair shop to get it resold okay and it’s gonna last it’s
much better than going and spending hundreds of dollars on a new shoe so
definitely those are the reasons why I love the Derby shoe I love the brown
color for its versatility and the ability to dress it down or dress it up
all right so let me know what you think in the comments below do you have a
Derby shoe do you like the cap toe do you like some of the medallions stamping
on them that’s what I love in the shoes so tell me what you think
do you like the brown color or do you prefer the black let me know down below
in the comments so look I hope you found this helpful
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  • Do you have a pair of derby shoes? Let me know below!

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