What Is A Hot Shoe vs Cold Shoe On DSLR/Mirrorless Camera?

what’s up everyone Eric Rossi the guy with the eye here and I had a viewer asked a question about what is a hot shoe what does a cold shoe obviously there’s someone really just kind of learning more about photography and how their camera bodies work but so this is a little bit above you then obviously this video’s before you but what is a hot shoe what is it cold shoe and what does it all mean so on every camera pretty much there is something that they call a shoe which is at the top of your camera pretty much always above the flash I’ll show close-ups and everything and within this shoe there’s usually cover on it once you get a camera there are electronic connections so this is how you transfer information from like a flash even some microphones to the camera so that way everything works together and I’m not talking about anything wireless or anything but you need the electronic connection to use that device with your camera but then there’s also something we’re on the bottom of something there are no electronic connections and that’s your cold shoe so you’re going to get a lot of like on camera lights and everything and there’s no there’s no electronic connections even though you’re putting it on something that might need it essentially think how they cold shoe even though it has electronic connections that just hold something there’s no there’s no communication between it the thing without the connection just sits on top of your camera and you can go from there like I said the most popular way to think about these cold shoes are lights monitors and everything that’s why you usually see cords running and everything because they don’t need electronic connections to work with camera but like I was saying a hot shoe is when something does require that communication so the flash you’ll see at the bottom on the pins and it’s closed up here it has a certain prongs of certain connections and electronics that you need that will work with the connection needed on top of your camera so cold shoe there’s no electronic connection the thing you’re attaching to it does not have anything electronic or mechanical that it needs to communicate with the camera something with a hot shoe something that you need to attach to it will be needed it has the connections I know this is a quick video but I know it’s a popular question because I even put it in the Google and there’s a lot of search results for it so hopefully this helps you out and hopefully has helped someone out there as well hot shoe cold shoe doesn’t have to do with temperature it has to do with electronic connection and communication Also I want to throw in a quick note that not every camera has the same exact connection so that’s why you can only use nikon flashes on Nikon cameras for the most part canon flashes on Canon because they’ve different pins and electronics that allow it to work now Sony is a bit more interesting and so is this ricoh gr two is that it has more of a universal shoe it doesn’t necessarily need the right pins so that’s why I’ll even link below if you want to see I could use my nikon SB 800 on my sony a6000 or my song a6300 i think it was a 6300 I put it on but just keep that in mind not everything will work with every hot shoe they’re not all Universal nikon their own canons their own sony’s more universal works with a lot more things especially third party but you can even find flashes like the there’s more universal options which a yongnuo works on multiple systems and everything so do you need more information about that and how all that works let me know but hot versus cold those are the basics


  • Here's an easy way to mount multiple pieces of gear to your camera with a Vello Rig, it has a cold shoe!
    Every Flash Works With Sony? https://youtu.be/T86_Ow6RToo

  • I wish I had a video like this when I got my first DSLR. I was so confused why certain lights or mics didn't make a connection (I bought cheap gear back then and didn't understand AUX inputs on the side) man I've grown a lot. This is great. Good explanation! Thanks for sharing Eric!

  • Hi in his video what kind of camera shoulder holster do you use………….Ken

  • Awesome explanation – and I love how you just quickly switch from a camera to the other mid explanation with your body wrap! Those are so useful!

  • please help, I have a sony hdr cx 625, I can't attach my rode mic to it, which shoe should I get cause I see many adp out there and I dont want to buy one that doesn't fit.

  • Finally some usefull answer. Thanks

  • Thanks Eric! Really clear

  • Thank you immensely for this video. Not only did you give a great answer to the difference between hot and cold shoe accessories but you also threw in a few pieces of info about which flashes are compatible etc. Great video.

  • 1:35 the feeling of a mini heart attack lol


  • Eric, You gave a very clear explanation, and it is appreciated. Thanks.

  • flash hot shoe a7iii has pins (electric short for adapter)??????

  • I was just about to buy a mount for my phone and a neweer light. Saw cold shoe on the mount discription. Freaked out if it was a size or shape problem. I googled my question. Your vid showed up and answered my question PERFECTLY. Thanks so much.

  • Thanks for clearing that up but . . . I have a few Canon 600 speedlights so I bought a pack of "cold shoe" mounts to mount the flashes to a tripod/ lightstand. But they're metal instead of plastic. I haven't tried them yet because I was afraid they would short the pins on the bottom of the flash hot shoe. Is this correct?

  • You didn't go through much detail for me to understand, but the "hot shoe" can also be used for a microphone? I just wanted to make sure. =)

  • What is with that eye…

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    very helpful

  • I have a question. Would I need it? Bc there’s a Sony a7R for sell with a damaged hot shoe. Is it worth it? It’s for 450

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