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hi everyone it’s just in so you know this moment when you’re seeing shoes in a store and you like those shoes look stunning and you want to tell somebody about them but first you can’t describe the shoe second you don’t know what they’re called and you’re stuck if you had that case that situation at least once in your life keep watching because once you’re done watching this video you’re going to be a shoe expert this video is going to be a shoe lexicon we’re going to start with that shoes and then move on to heels in Boots gladiator sandals or flat sandals pretty much made of straps with a super flat sole very comfortable in summer those shoes are inspired by ancient Greece gladiators were fighting in the arena for the Emperor and for their freedom ballerinas are also extremely flat shoes very flexible usually rounded at the front and inspired by the pointe shoes of ballet dancers most ballerinas are so flexible that the sole curves when you’re not wearing them moccasins are flat comfortable shoes often made of brushed leather with a piece on the top of the foot which can be embroidered or decorated this type of shoe doesn’t make noise when you walk it comes from the shoes that Indians were wearing and by Indians I mean the original people of America like the Redskin tribes then we have loafers they a bit like moccasins but for the city the heel is higher and harder but this shoe is still quite comfortable you can see tons of loafers in the collections of luxury brands like Gucci or Todd’s men and women can wear loafers this shoe is pretty much gender neutral Mary Janes those are perfect dancing shoes thanks to the strap going around in front of the foot so you can’t lose the shoe while you’re moving in the 19th century those shoes were for children boys or girls but since the 20th century they’re seen as being shoes for women and so now you can find Mary Jane’s also with chunky heels or be higher heels often worn with high socks and the skirts are pretty girly silhouette and style mules now off shoes which have the heel left bare they only hold on to the foot thanks to the front of the shoe history CLE they were slippers like house shoes you wear with your pajamas but now you can find very luxurious and feminine ones with heels on the high streets and in the collection of Fashion Designers slingbacks slingback shoes on the other hand hold your heel with a strap it’s tied either with a buckle or its elastic so you can just slip it in and click the elastic on to you here and you’re good to go it’s going to hold very much it’s quite comfortable we are now moving on to shoes with heels but staying in this topic of the strap for a few more seconds uncle strap shoes have a piece going up behind the heel and then a Norah’s onto a buckle strap which keeps the shoe and the food together now let’s discuss heels on pumps for a second because there are so many different types of funds is hard to understand what you’re looking at kitten heels or heels for beginners I love those ones you can actually walk in them that’s your typical heel to wear with a suit where you know you can have a business meeting and you’re going to be standing all day and that’s a good option stilettos that’s your classical high heel at least 5 centimeters or at least 2 inches is usually more it’s usually more 7 or 8 centimeters if the heel is high high and the front really pointy pointy then that’s a specific style of stiletto it’s called scope in the shoe of the James Bond girls and any other femme fatale but forget about walking the shoes are really for sitting down only and then if the heel is dangerously high like over 10 centimeters 4 inches something and if it’s super narrow then it’s called a killer heel and it’s named like that for a reason please do not step on somebody’s foot with those it’s extremely painful now if you take issue and instead of adding more heels you add more sole at the front then you get a platform shoe this makes the shoes more comfortable even if the heel is technically still very high but the front of the foot has more support and therefore more stability next one if you have a thick sole and no more separated heel so to say then you have witches where the sole and the heel or one piece the back can be higher to get the same leg elongating effect as with heels but with wedges you really can walk a whole day that’s my favorite type of high shoe to more useful words in the heel category chunky heels a wider and bigger than stiletto heels typically you can see that right there a good alternative if you want more comfort and stability for your uncle’s if you’re not used to walking in heels then the wider they here the safer you’re walking such as a and then peep toes or heels that show you’re chose they are like cotton at the front I’m not sure way the ideas coming from but they’re perfect if you want to show off your pedicure and your nail polish moving on to boots we’re going to start low and then go up chelsea boots are a great basic first off they have quite a tight fit they end up at the level of the ankle more or less and they have a fabric loop at the back to help you put them on and because they’re tied you have an area that’s elastic instead of leather for the rest of the shoe so that it can stretch when you put the shoe on the story is that the shape was invented by the shoe maker of Queen Victoria of England in the 19th century then the shoes became popular in the city of Chelsea in England that’s where the name comes from and the Beatles wore them 60s 70s the shoe trended more and more men and women wore them and since that time at the latest they’re in their classic cowboy boots as the name says those boots were worn by American Cowboys the heel is in leather and really hard and you can clip the metal spike behind the heel to keep your horse when riding it that’s why this shoe is like really hard it used to be functional shoe but somehow it became popular internationally and as a boot wear ball really in daily life now the boots are going up and high knee-high boots usually include a stiletto type heel pointy at the front and go up to the knee level usually above the knee thigh high boots go up even to the side as it says and one learning here the higher the boots somehow the shorter the skirt or you wear them over skin jeans for a bit more comfort in daily life now that you’ve watched the video into here here comes the reward listen every other type of shoe can be named and described based on the names that I’ve mentioned already isn’t it practical for instance if you see peep toe pumps with a mary-jane strap over the foot then it’s called a peep toe mary-jane Hill if you have peep toes pumps plus a platform at the front and a slingback behind the heel behind the foot then you got peep toe platform slingback heels isn’t it super easy I can tell you’re experts already mm-hmm if you found this video useful or interesting give it a thumb up and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any future videos thank you now I’ve seen that there are people in over 80 countries watching my videos which is an honor and and quite amazing I’d love to know which type of shoes you have in your country that I don’t know of that I didn’t mention in this list I would love to see new names in the comments below and I google them one more thing while watching this video you might have noticed that not all type of shoes fits all types of bodies and silhouettes so here is a video about how to measure yourself determine which body type you have and in the same playlists you’ll find videos on how to style fitting to your body each of the five most common body types the other video is something totally different it’s more of a of a fashion talk it’s about who you dress for when you get up in the morning so are you dressing up to seduce men to impress women what does it say about you and why does it matter to fashion designers when they design so it’s a completely different topic but might be interesting as well if you’re watching on a computer you can click directly on those images and they’ll take you to the video if you’re watching on a smartphone that’s not going to work so I’ve written the links to those videos in the description below this video as well oh and in the description I also wrote all the names of the shoes that I mentioned because I know some of you are going to ask for it see you next Sunday or in your video and until then have a great week take care bye


  • Hi I m 4m : New Delhi , India … a. Kolhapuri Chappals b. Mojaris c. Punjabi Jutti these are festive slippers for Men and Women both !!!

  • What about combat boots?

  • Steel toed boots, flip flops, clogs. So many.

  • No D'orsay style – probably one of my favourite cut of shoe – I find them so flattering (and very hard to find).

  • “Clog” Swedish …

  • Chelsea boots are riding boots, although I wouldn't wear a fashion brand of boots riding. Very used to seeing these shoes covered with all kinds of dirt.

  • that was actually very useful

  • Brogues (which, I think were traditionally a man's shoe, but I have seen women's brogues) – they are flat with a pattern on (I can't really describe it – but they are circles in a pattern)! Gladiator sandals, I would have thought were inspired by Rome rather than Greece considering I think only the Romans had Gladiators (the name comes from the short sword the fighters would use – the Romans called it a Gladius)!

  • This is such a brilliant video, your content is always so educational. Just one correction though, it was the Romans that had their captives from war fight as gladiators in the coliseum for entertainment… pretty brutal history.

  • My mom always said pumps were shoes with heels 2-4 inches. Kitten heels were under 2 inches and stilettos were over 4 inches. Spiked stilettos were 6+ inches and were only for teetering to the bed ?

    Combat boots
    Motorcycle boots
    Saddle shoes
    Clogs/slides (I always say if its chunkier in the toe box, it’s a clog… if it’s not chunky and rounded, it’s a slide)

    I’m in the US

  • Hi I just love your videos ??
    There’s also Ugg boots from Australia ??

  • In india weve got mediyadi .. it’s kind of a traditional shoe, made of soft wood; but nowadays inspired and replicated in rubber


  • I wish I knew this sooner 😀 Thanks!

  • just a simple man here, we just have shoes. the come in black or brown which is one choice to many for us.

  • I'm a little confused by the term 'pumps'. Pumps were the flat canvas shoe that we did P. E. in in school. You suddenly started saying pumps in this video without any context. What are they?

  • Mojris in India.. you might love them.. ♥️

  • We have “Jarmilky”, they are a kind of mary jane sport shoe, good for gymnastics for example. They were made as a part of spartakiad uniform in 1965 and later common for P.E. lessons but now they make them in all sorts of colours and patterns (the original was white) and I saw somebody wear them in normal life.

  • “Redskin tribes”??????? Oh no no no no no that’s a really awful thing to say

  • Crocs are there own monster

  • I think You missed the cuban heel for Boots.

  • I have yet another type of foot shape: round!!!!

  • You forgot combat boots!

  • I have a foot fetish

  • Tsinelas

  • I call my ballerinas and loafers, "flats"

  • I am from India we have punjabi juttis and kolhapuri chappals and many other indian flats. They go with ethnic outfits mostly.

  • Great video but No sneakers? Jellies? Cage? Clogs? The words thong vs crosstoe?

  • I wear mostly flats bc I’m older and I’m overweight

  • In Uganda we have Rugabire shoes…made of discarded car tyres!

  • What about a d’Orsay pump?

  • A pleasure to watch your videos. Thank you for your insight.

  • One traditional shoe from India that you might find interesting: Mojri. Its like a ballerina shoe but with a pointy curve at the front, and no ankle or heel support from behind. Do look them up.

  • Please make a video about sneakers ? as well

  • How about Crocks? I know it is bad… Lol

  • ghillies ?

  • You aren't old enough to remember "baby dolls"! I haven't seen any in years…they may not exist any more. Sad!

  • How about clogs? Do they fit into another category?

  • Obvious… Canada, winter boots

  • ??

  • I love me a good pair of Mary Janes with court heels. Black, with ecru tights, and a knee-length black chiffon dress, paired with 1930's hair and red lipstick.
    Gorgeous. xx

  • "Clogs" (wood shoes) Sweden.

  • You look so stunning with that make up… Let me kiss you ???

  • Indonesian gotta love their "swallow" flip flops you can buy for one euro or less actually

  • In India we like our chappals which range from the humble handstitched Kolhapuri to the formals with heels, block heels and wedges. They can be embroidered, embellished or just plain cowhide.

  • Sandals are missing. Interesting video. Keep up the good work

  • Hello Justine! I watched you video about clothing size disparities and later this video on footwear (which was so cute!)… but raised up another problem i have with fashion. I do not get to enjoy higher quality, well fitting footwear in styles I enjoy, because of my foot size and shape. I have "hobbit feet" ? small and very wide with a high arch. I don't buy shoes for style or personal taste, and heels and slip on shoes are a nightmare to find. It is very frustrating. What are your thoughts on shoe industry's itself, why this is a problem for so many people? ? And do you know any brands that might have higher quality wide shoes that are fun and chic? ☺

  • Je suis bresilienne et j´habite a Recife (très chaud). On aime beacoup les ^rasteiras^. Merci pour tes videos. Je les adore! Bisous.

  • Hi Justine, I am from Karachi Pakistan. I specifically searched for the French blogger cause I know French ppls are really good in fashion. And I found you and you never disappointed me.
    There is one traditional flat shoe that’s very famous and handmade and very elegant in wearing, it is name as “Khussa”
    I really hope you will search it. I don’t know if it’s available where you live but if you wear those pair of Khussa you will come to know it’s beauty.

  • We have baykers boots and martinke,I am not sure how you spell them.

  • Not currently popular, but I liked the sturdier thick, curved "banana heels".

  • Hey love your videos, I'm Indian i want to mention one of the shoes wore by Indians both men and women called "MOJRI".

  • In Australia we have the Ugg boots and thongs, in the USA theyre called flip-flops I believe. What are they called in Europe?. When I visited Chile in 1980 my grandfather made us what I now know as Clogs . A hand carved wooden platform for your foot to sit on, with a super soft leather covering over the top of the foot with the heel exposed. Magnificently comfy shoe. Wish I still had mine. Cheers Luisa

  • You look so much better with dark lipstick than with light lipstick ?

  • You choose the ugliest platforms you could have found ???

    And yes, wedges are my fave too ??? Well, aside from Mary Janes 😉

  • Justine, thanks for this video, but I would like to raise a couple of headers. 'Pumps' are flats in the UK. Heels/formal shoes are 'courts'. Also 'Mary Janes' and 'Stilettos'. There is no need for an apostrophe before a plural in English, even if the singular ends in a vowel and/or is of foreign origin or a proper noun (unlike Dutch).

  • Very interesting video about shoes. For myself, I am 73, so comfort and safety are my considerations. However, I have granddaughters that I also buy for occasionally, so I am interested in fashionable choices for them. Comfort is paramount for them, too.

  • I love chunky "Stiefeletten" (denglish haha). Such beautiful shoes especially in all black with little details?

  • im from Pakistan and we have traditional flat shoes made of leather that are called 'khussa' they are like ballerinas but they dont have any leather in the middle part of the sides of the foot. and they are heavily embroidered

  • Kolhapuri chappals and mojdi

  • Really surprised you didn't mention T strap shoes, aren't they similar to mary janes?

  • This video is a real shoo in!
    If the shoe fits wear it!

  • I like your accent. Very cute. All the best.

  • Hello from Serbia ??! Google “ opanak “ and you’ll see!

  • Chunky/square heel, clog, (wood vs rubber), orthopedic soles (Birkenstock, Dansko,Sanita,etc) ,Hikers, ….could do a whole video on sneaker types? Run,walk,cross fit, training, dancercise, combat,tennis,etc…?
    And a video on SOLE composition? Stacked leather,vs. plastic,etc? Care for and function…?thanks! Such fun videos, and you are a delight!

  • How could you confuse Greeks with Romans?
    I'm neither Greek nor Roman, but, after all those Latin lessons, I know the difference.

  • Ahh, you skipped my favorite in either a flat or a heel, the d'orsay!!! I guess it could fall under another category, but the style is so unique and lovely, I think it deserves a category of it's own.

  • Killer Heels or also slim heels, SLIM HEELS are thinner then stilettoes, however, killer heels as you put it can be exactly that KILLERS, as you say anything beyond 10cm (4inch), could be a problem to walk in 12cm+ their KILLER HEELS unless you have a platform on them

    AND where do you get those peep toes from in the photo? 4:58

  • Okay so I’m a size 4 (US) WHY do women’s shoes NEVER have my size..?

  • Loafers…finally I know the name! Thank you so much!

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