What Are the Best Running Shoes?

I am going to start running again. Do you want a partner? Sure, I could use a partner. We need to make sure we get the best running
shoes. I am way ahead of you on that. I have already found the best running shoes.
One for men and one for women. Well, aren’t you special? I sure am. Well what are they? I was just getting to that. the best shoes
for men are probably the Asics Gel Kinsei 4. They have great cushioning and are overall
the most comfortable shoes out there. They sound wonderful, but I bet they are not
cheap. Of course not. They are not a Kmart bluelight
special. They retail or just under $150. Well better than ending up with heel spurs
or some other awful thing. I have been reading a bit about running shoes
myself. It seems like the best running shoes for women
ae the Asics Tri Gel Noosa 8. The have been coming up on many lists as the best running
shoes for women. Yeah, It looks like Asics may be surpassing
Nike a the running shoe king. Yeah, it might be. Do you know what the best
part is? No what? running shoe guru? They are signfiicantly cheaper than the men’s
shoes and are retailing on most places for just under $120. Hmmm, the double standard, even in running
shoes. Well, not to defend the shoe makers, or their
elves, but women’s feet typically are smaller, and don’t require as many materials to make
the shoes. I suppose that is a point. Of course Nike has some state of the art shoes
as well, and most of them cost less, but Asics seems to be the overall champ with the best
reviews for shoes.

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