What are the best running shoes for men

The asics gel nimbus 13 series is among Asics’
most popular offerings. The latest incarnation seeks to reduce weight while still providing
maximal cushioning throughout the shoe. Overall, the asics gel nimbus 13 provides a conservative
reboot of the model, offering few major overhauls in favor of minor tweaking. The asics gel
nimbus 13 heel cushioning system, along with the guidance line and trussic system, aims
to guide foot gait. Overall, the newest iteration should feel familiar towearers of earlier
versions of the shoe—the principle difference being weight reduction. For newcomers, the
shoe is a good option for runners who need extensive cushioning, are heel strikers, or
wish to diminish the impact of the road on joints while running.
In order to reduce weight, the asics gel nimbus 13 features newer, lighter materials which
seek to provide the same amount of cushioning and support as those foundin previous models—all
while boasting less bulk and weight. The heel crash padon the new model is composed of a
lighter, high-carbon rubber which provides ample heel support while reducing heft. As
a result of these efforts, the asics gel nimbus 13 shed three-quarters of an ounce in its
latest version, which helps legs stay fresh.

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