This gnome is hiding out in this video! How many times can you catch him? What’s upeverybody, so today we’re playing night of
scars goosebumps (screams) Today we’re doing chapter two so the last video we did we did chapter
4 yeah but now we don’t want to be chapter
5 so that’s the last video we’re gonna do yeah and today you were beating chapter
two and three my ipad is cracked because it fell on
the floor no cuz Michael actually scraped it yeah yeah I scraped it in Florida when
we where at Disney World yeah, Mike your ipad doesn’t look that
bad! Aaaaaaaaah! (indistinct sound) one paper/ Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Mike Oh my gosh! G stop! Michael! he I thought I heard a (???) K, two is so easy! I know!/ Oh I think! Kage is right here There’s no clue, there’s no monster appear at all oh no oh no the laser robots let’s see
Toy terror batteries included, so long,no I
don’t/ yeah!/ no I thought you says No I set out 1 AAAAAAAHHH!/ MICHAEL!!!/ heheh ok let’s go like going to travis’s and
now my murder clown is in this this only the cool, the shoe! MICHAEEEEL! mikiiiiiiaaiaaaiaaa iaiaiaiaiaiai (African Speaking) Michael! He’s right there! oh my god That’s so creepy! imagine this being your house so scary (Hawaiian Speaking) by mommy a mommy (children’s language) scream Oh what was that? Daddy! but I cost me all of you dairy farm any doors locked I think that’s a basement yeah that is a
major chapter two is really easy just upstairs and downstairs in the page in
the kitchen is in this cabinet right here don’t move style-savvy completed the
book sidelines sloppy and open it actually is going to be dead yeah yeah what – is beep dead time were sloppy can
be destroyed Oh No happy sandwich and then get it we’re just getting started between
Styron for some surprises Michael get in it it back still alive o Knight Rider and
you still in my house Oh studio they could oh my gosh are you
just like oh that more numerous stealing don’t just stand there yeah haha girls like hello thank god you’re back okay we can go to the bathroom and gas
and if she did the werewolf of fever swamp if you see where will I choose on just
high height as fast as you can we are a genuine your movie my whose
again like what wow that is so creepy oh my god a nightmare on my street google scary I should have called mr.
squeeze fun we know not that trunk look inside no way and yeah they know that is not a
friendly no get him before he gets you oh my gosh you are so wait wait wait
wait coach towards me scary oh my gosh you are so damn legend popsie goals are gonna you know through
my I got more dough new kind of you and I all won those are the magic words that bring
slightly back too far there but who doesn’t we can get him back in the book if you
can find him yeah how do you like your team memorable
clown now ok check the model clone let’s see their
sad clowns scary clowns really scary clowns murder is one of those ambush clouds
just don’t run into him by accident careful that schedule oh you want to be
easy here will easy stories are boring stories a retailer to twist and you all
right weakly okay not that many jobs here I know you’re backwards but you’re
backwards what you back with geez Louise door more pages in this rain this here is a giant brain man season
this one was a cool I know oh no Michael oh now you see me those scare me I scared of you oh my god i am going to be sorry i’m
away hello hello hello oh my god Oh mr. what how Oh mr. brown like who the moon hung him by one where
we’re in yo big and i know the Wow ok you know just one in the parlor and they’re good yeah whenever in
chapter 4 and yuck yuck surrender I mean I mean doc render what
she not see oh man did it really well remember one
sec telling you can’t scare me I’m John Cena your dog Sookie monks oh you hear ya you can’t tell me you’re okay killed me
because you smell like pee that is why don’t you go boy it’s my fault Michael shape ever go on
the right to PCB but please hear me on the ice cream party gosh you are so get my car rallies and
the murder clown me yeah we’re off I know who you are . skies again as will
ya Frankish pumps George no stop well let
me goosebumps oh my gosh my fewer so gay I gotta hide i got i don’t need the book now find slappy and open the book on my
gosh like you you’re gonna try good and he’s gonna go to shred look at
I like it hi everybuggy three two one


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