Wedge Leather Shoe 4156 – Shoes for Nurses –

Hello, Welcome. If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe for wearing with your work uniform and want to find out a more attractive alternative than a pair of sneakers, I trully believe you’re gonna be interested in this video This is a Keepnursing model called 4156. it’s a Wedge-style, the best heel to cope with long working hours. Let’s see, the Leather material offers a better fit for different types of feet! Besides that, is very easy to clean and it’s quite durable! The whole inner lining part is cushy, includindg the foodbed that has an extra foam, providing a great welfare, so your feet are gonna be very comfortable even during your 12-hour shift, a very important highlight is the Wedge-style Outsole! This shoe was developed with an anti-noise material, that is it doesn’t generate that annoying sound peculiar to high-heeled shoes!! So you won’t hear that click-clack down the corridors!. This Outsole is noiseless!! This shoe was designed for professionals spending long working hours, walking or standing, who need a shoe that offers Comfort and Durability!! In order to buy yours, sinply access Keepnursing .com!! Keep Loving,

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