Weathering fake leather holsters for cosplay – Tutorial (very easy and cheap!)

things you’ll need fake holsters, brown eyeshadow, hairspray, a white gel pen and a sharp knife apply some brown eyeshadow with your finger on the holster except for the edges leave those dark. then use some black eyeshadow around the edges to mix in the brown then i used a knife to make some scratches using a white gel pen I traced those scratches and carefully smeared them out a bit use the same technique for the inside. darker around the edges and lighter on the inside. Then I used my white gel pen again to create some fake seams. You could also use brown or black, but I wanted the seams to be really noticable when there is a real seam, draw slighty under or above the seam i used hairspray to seal everything dont forget to add seams to the belt as well seal with hairspray and you’re done


  • Hi um where did you get your holster from as I am doing a cosplay for Edward Ricktofen from the Call of Duty series and he has a holster and I can't find any anywhere pls help

  • Wow. Your weathered fake leather holster looks like a weathered fake leather holster! Here's how it's really done

  • Impressive!
    I am looking at ways to "Weather" fake leather and I never would have even considered eye shadow.
    How well has the eye shadow held up? Does it rub off after awhile?
    Again great idea and great work.

  • Thaaaank you!

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