Wearing The Ugliest Shoes In The World For A Week

Hello friends, and welcome to another video. This week we are going to be trying the ugliest shoes in the world Now a couple of months ago I saw advertisements online for the upcoming collab between UGGs and Tevas. I’m not sure if UGG and Teva literally called it the ugliest shoe in the world, but a lot of articles were naming it the ugliest shoe in the world. And I decided why not order the ugliest shoe in the world and wear it around for a week, and see honestly, if it’s as bad as people think it is. I’d be curious to see if we can find a use for them. Teva’s are good for the outdoors when its warm. UGG’s are good for the indoors and the California winter. So, like maybe together they could be something. I think we should get to unboxing. I got this shoe. Lemme see if it has a name. It’s just called “UGG Teva Collab Hybrid” *Chuckles* There are a few styles and I honestly ordered the one I that I liked the best Maybe I should’ve ordered the one I that I liked the least but I wanted to actually give these things a fair try. Okay! So here is the left shoe So inside the upper part is this kind of shearling fabric like UGG has The sides and the toes are – uh – completely exposed so that’s the Teva aspect I chose the white and black option I thought it was the chicest and it’s like I don’t really know if my ankles will be really warm but my toes will be freezing. It is kind of like an outdoor slipper. You know, I’m just, I feel like we should put these on. (T:Yeah.) Yeah. Just so you guys know, I do have crooked toes but I did shave my large toe for this. Okay. Well, lemme see if I can tighten this a little bit. – uh- Look at, this is a sham. You cannot tighten this. (T: Lemme see.) Look. Oh wow. You cannot tighten the toe strap. You can tighten this middle strap though. That’s where all the tightening comes from. They feel pretty comfortable. I can feel the shearling on the top of my foot and it’s a nice feeling. I’m a little sad there’s not as many fastenings as with usual Tevas where you can really tighten it to your foot so it’s a little bit loose up top. I do feel a little bit of arch support. Not a lot but a little bit. It’s kind of like slap slap slap slap (T: Yeah, they’re pretty loud.) slap. Hello. So day 1, I tried to style my ugliest shoes in the world, kind of like how I would style boots in general. Kind of just wore like a crop top, a flowy skirt and I was like “meh”. Just put some boots on there. Those boots are usually fine. The feel is mostly UGG. I feel the warmth today and then it’s just the toes that are exposed where it’s like “Oh, damn you Teva. Damn you.” But like I don’t want to be wearing socks ’cause then you would be able to see the sock. I showed some of you guys on Next Beat and you guys were pretty nice. I think the harshest comment but also a true comment, was that they looked like ankle braces. I think that was a common misconception from many people both on the internet and in real life that I had broken both my ankles. I got a kind of Captain Morgan stance. Got a little Captain inside of me. I don’t feel embarrassed but I definitely am conscious of them. T: I think this shirt though, works with it. S: Full time weirdo. Half time Teva and UGG lover So today is the second day of me trying to wear the ugliest shoes in the world. Day 2 I didn’t really have time to style them per se. I was editing most of the day and then I really only left the house to get food and coffee so I kind of just threw these on with leggings and a flannel and a jacket, ’cause it was cold. In some ways, that outfit worked the ‘best’. because it was kind of like “Oh, she ran out of the house. Those are her house slippers, like whatever.” T: I want a pair. S: Tyler, you know that you and I are the same size, basically, sort of. So you’re gonna eventually T: I’m just gonna use this pair. My only thing today is that I’m so comfortable everywhere. I got comfortable leggings, comfortable flannel, comfortable fleece but my toes are just so out in the world. T: You’re basically a hobbit. S: I actually do kinda feel a little bit like a hobbit, like a futuristic hobbit. So we’re about to go get some ramen. I’m wearing like this little corset thingy, this dress. I think these kinda have some weird style to them. I agree they look like casts, that’s established. There’s almost a Tom Haverford from Parks & Rec’s vibe to them. Maybe more of a Jean-Ralphio but something like it would be in Entertainment 720, like they are so weird, that they’re cool. I don’t think that they make a lot of sense practically but I think that if a trend-setter wore them, one might be like “Ah, a trend.” I feel like days 1-3, I was getting used to them. Day 4 I was like I got this. They’re gonna be chunky shoes. I’m gonna wear a short dress but a jacket, and it’s kind of gonna be like a thing. You know, it’s gonna be a ‘trendy’ look. “Trendy”. Went to a coffee shop, met Stevie. I’ve met someone who likes my shoes. What did you like about my shoes? I like that they were so different. I would never see those duplicated, there’s no sequel to them. I felt like people were being overly harsh, categorizing these as the ‘ugliest shoes in the world’. So hearing like a third party approval, made me feel pretty good I was like “Oh, I’m not just living in my own bubble.” “Stevie likes them too.” So Stevie, wherever you are, I appreciate you. Now this day ran hot and cold because I also Instagrammed this day. I was inviting the roast especially by not pointing out the shoes explicitly. I was thinking about pointing out the shoes in the caption but instead, I decided to be a little sneakier and just Instagram the picture without mentioning the shoes. I don’t think you guys like the shoes very much. Anyone who has probably hated my shoes on the street doesn’t really want to come up to me and tell me that they hate my shoes but you know, you guys on Instagram are more honest, unabashed. You know, came forward with your opinions and I appreciate them because it’s useful for this investigation. So a lot of people liked them, a lot of people thought they were really interesting or they reminded them of Naruto or they seemed like fun winter sandals. And a lot of people were like “I can’t support this decision. Don’t do this. Stop.” For shoes that are supposed to be the ugliest shoes in the world, the reaction was negative, but it wasn’t as negative as it could’ve been. Day 5 of wearing these shoes, I feel like I’ve gotten to this point with these shoes where I’m wearing them unironically like “Yeah, these are just the shoes I’m wearing today.” When it was colder out, I was way more conscious of them ’cause like “Oh, my ankles are warm but my toes are freezing.” But now that it’s warm out, I just have a soft wrap around my ankles and I actually don’t think too many people take too much notice ’cause if they think it’s weird, they probably just think that my ankles are broken. Okay guys, it is day 6 of wearing the ugliest shoes in the world. I’m here with NataliesOutlet. N: Hello! Natalie, what do you think of my shoes? I actually don’t think they’re that bad I said they’re girl boss, gladiator kind of sandals and I would say they look powerful. Thankyou. I really appreciate that. No, I think that.. And I’m really not lying. So day 6 I decided to take my shoes out for a nighttime spin. Took them out for a date with Tyler to get some icecream. Tyler, how do you think my shoes are being received in the evening time? I think that everyone is jealous about how comfortable your shoes look or at least, everybody being me. I made Tyler wear them and of course he looks better in them than I do which is fine. IT’S FINE, IT’S WHAT I WANTED. IT’S FINE. I really like them. I mean I feel honestly, these are the perfect shoes for kicking back and playing video games and like stumbling down to Dunkin’ Donuts. So like minimal interaction with other people. Yes. So the last day of the week rolled around. Going out to eat with my shoes, at the very end of this week, weirdly sentimental, because I used to have a reason to be wearing them I’m wearing them for a video. And now if I wanna wear them, I gotta wear them unironically with no reason. They’re really comfortable, they let my toes be out in the world without being squished. I have developed a fondness for these shoes I feel like they’re rejected by a lot of people and I just want to care for you. You know you like these. Weirdly, they show off my pedicure while keeping my ankles warm. In case I ever pull a Martha Stewart and do some insider trading, they could cover up the ankle bracelet. I don’t think these are the ugliest shoes in the world. I don’t think they are fashionable in a conventional sense. I think that they are interesting, comfortable, quirky, lovable, futuristic, hobbit-like I don’t know, something about them. They’re so weird I love them. You guys can let me know in the comments if you think if you think these are the ugliest shoes in the world. If you roasted me on Instagram, feel free to continue to roast me for wearing these things. If you like this video, make sure to sMASH that like button and if you wanna see more videos like this, make sure to sMASH that subscribe button. And make sure to smaSH that bell icon to turn on post notifications. You get a notification every time that I post. Here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my Next Beat I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q&As on there. I’ll see you guys a-next time (:


  • HAPPY FRIDAY MY LOVES! have a great weekend! i'm feeling a ~bit~ under the weather rn, so the 3rd vid this week may be delayed, so sorry about that. Much love to you all! And where is my beautiful notif squad!? ???

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