Wearing Our Parents Clothes for 3 days!!!

This video is sponsored by POPJAM. We gotta do a catwalk
and a fashion show.>>I just wanna
look in this box.>>Wait wait wait wait wait. I just saw something, and I really want it. Ronald you don’t know
anything about fashion. Hey guys it’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald from SIS vs BRO!>>And today we’re going to be
wearing our parents clothes for 3 days challenge! We did a challenge
very similar to this but we wore each others
clothes for seven days.>>Oh no.>>Now that was a challenge. So basically we’re going to be going
inside our parents closets. We’re gonna pick
an outfit for the day. We’re gonna wear it, do whatever
we have to do for that day. We’re gonna go to sleep. We’re gonna wake up. And then picking another outfit. We’re gonna do that for 3 days. And for this challenge, we’re not
going to be wearing our own shoes. We’re going to be wearing
our parents’ shoes. Thank God my mom has small… And Ronald can
join in on the fun.>>With high heels. With high heels. And at the very end of the challenge,
we’re going to post pictures of all of our outfits and we’re
going to post it on POPJAM. POPJAM is a app a free app
you can download, you could post pictures
and you could comment with drawings. It’s super cool and fun to use. Easy peasy to use. Yeah. And we’re going to be posting
our pictures on there. And you guys are going
to comment down below not here but on POPJAM who has
the better outfits. And if you follow us on POPJAM,
we’re going to follow you guys back.>>Oh yeah.>>Rock paper scissors. Who’s going first.>>First yeah. First yeah. Rock paper scissors shoot! I tricked you. You’re not going to use
those papers today. Alrighty.>>I’m going to wait here
while you go to the closet. Bye-bye.>>Okay guys I am in front of the door
of the magical land of their closet. It’s big! Okay. So, it’s big. I don’t know what to pick. Let’s look over here. We got a pretty nice shirt. It looks like a casual
everyday home shirt. I’ll put that in the options. This. Some nice pants. They’re really big. Belt? Oh right here. There’s a belt. Is there a different look? There’s lots of belts. I like this one. Yeah I’m gonna go
with that one. That belt goes into options. Now the shoes. So for my shoes I have
to choose my mom’s shoes because she has the same size as me. And my dad is just
has really big feet. Before we touch in the casual shoes,
I just want to look in this box because there’s lots of Gucci
and Louis Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton. Ooh la la. Somebody call the doctor. It’s like a shoe store in here. But for free. Are you ready to see? Tada! [inaudible] I look so good! Look at me! So guys surprisingly
the shoes fit me. The pants are just
the biggest things in the world. The belt really helped. Or else the pants
would fall off. And my shirt which
is the biggest. It’s like halfway in the pants. Karina come see me. I look so fashionable. [inaudible]>>You look like a grandpa with those pants.>>I’m a grandpa.>>So guys it’s my turn to pick an outfit. Let’s go inside the closet. Alright. So, what do I want to wear? So this section is
filled with dresses. I don’t really like them. I like this. But it’s way too big for me. It’s way too long. I mean look at that. I like this one. Actually I might want
to try this one on so I will put this on the door. I’m going to still look
for another option. This is nice. I like this one. I like this color. I’ll put this also here. So guys I’m actually
gonna try these two on. I’m going to find a belt
and a pair of shoes for them. I want a black belt. I don’t really like those belts. This is a belt no this is a tie. So guys I can’t find
a nice black belt that I like so I’m not going
to try this one on but I’m going to try this
one on because it comes with a matching belt right here. And now it’s time
to choose some shoes. All right I think I already
know which ones I want. I just need to find them. They are right over here. These are the shoes I want to wear. See you guys when I’m finished. So guys look at my outfit. I look like I’m ready for a party and I look like, I feel like I’m so tall
in these heels. But I don’t I don’t think
I’m that much taller but I feel like a giant. Okay I want to look
at myself in the mirror. Oh I do look tall. I look so cool. I love it. I love the dress. Ronald come see me in my outfit.>>Oh!>>Do you like my outfit?
>>Oh! Oh! No.>>What?! Do you like my shoes?>>I’ve never seen you
in high heels before. There we go. So guys if you think that I won
round number one, go on POPJAM and comment down below that I won. Great. Beautiful. Marvelous.>>So guys if you think I won
in round number one, go to POPJAM and comment down
below Ronald wins round number one.>>Guys, let’s see dad’s reaction.>>No way. Karina.>>Okay this is crazy. Guys guys what’s
happening here? So guys now let’s go for a walk. So guys it’s day 2
of our challenge and now it’s time to do
rock paper scissors who’s going in first. Rock paper scissors shoot! Yeah I picked the exact same thing.>>Oh yes. So guys now it’s time
to enter the magical land of my parents’ closet. Right off the bat, I’m going to choose these shoes. I had these as an option yesterday
and they’re pretty good so I’m going to put them
in the options again. For the shirts
we’re gonna go… And nice red shirt ooh la la. It’s pure red. No embarrassing things on it. So I’m going to put that
in the options as well. Now for the biggest part, the pants. The panty pants pants pants. These are some suits. We got some white
pants over here? Calvin clean? Calvin clean? And for the belt. This is a different belt. It’s basically the same but it’s brown. So, I guess we could
put that in as well. Okay guys this
is what I picked. So let’s change. See you in a minute. Don’t look. Did you look? Hopefully not because this is how I look! Basically the same thing as yesterday
but different colors. And these pants are bigger. Hello. Karina.>>Coming.>>Hello! Hello!>>Ronald why are you
wearing gym shoes?>>Because that’s the only option I have.>>Really?>>Yep.
>>What about the high heels?>>That’s on the side.>>You look pretty cool actually. I like this shirt. And that’s it. But yeah now it’s time
for me to pick an outfit. Okay. I’ve already planned
the entire outfit I have it all done in my head. All right. So, I need this dress. And this belt. And these shoes here. And also I want to have a bag. I want this one. I’ll see you guys in one second. So guys this is
my outfit number two. I really like this dress
because I have a similar one in my closet. I also like the belt but it’s kind of loose
because it’s just like flopping up like that. So I gotta keep it tight
because it’s like not really holding itself together. I also really like the bag
because it has this chain and it’s really pretty. I also like the shoes. These shoes are a lot more
comfier that the first ones. The first ones had a really
tight band around here. And now there’s no tight band. Ronald I’m ready!>>Ooh!>>Do you like my outfit?>>With belt? Why do you need the belt?>>Because without it,
it’s not going to stay together. Ronald you don’t know
anything about fashion. Of course you need a belt for this outfit.>>Shoes [inaudible] high heels.>>So guys if you think
that I won, go on POPJAM and comment down below
that I won round number two.>>It’s all about the angles.>>So guys if you think I won
round number two, go on POPJAM and comment down below Ronald
won round number two.>>So guys it’s day 3 of our challenge. Rock paper scissors
who goes first. Rock paper scissors shoot! All right scooch, scooch. All right. I like this dress but it’s way way way way too long for me so, I’ll look over here. I’m thinking of wearing a jean skirt. This as pants. Pants. This one this is skirt. I don’t think this is gonna fit me. There is a belt like strap thingy so
maybe I could wear a belt with this. And I’m going to need
a shirt for this so, Wait wait wait wait wait, I just saw something and I really want it. This shirt. I actually have the exact same shirt
except in a smaller size. This one is in a small. I have one in an extra small. This will fit me. This will fit me though. So I’m gonna wear this one. Okay. And I want to find myself
a belt that will fit in here. Okay. This belt fit. I need some shoesies okay. Shoesies okay. These ones. I like how they’re black and I like this bit and I like them so I think I’m going
to wear these ones. All right! So guys, this is my final outfit. I’ll see you guys in a minute. So guys, this is my outfit. I really like the skirt. The skirt fits me really well
the belt is a bit too big on me. But I mean like I don’t
have any other belt. The shoes hurt my ankles
a little bit right here but I think I can last
with it for at least a day. And I really like the shirt
because well I have the same one. So yeah. I’m gonna call Ronald now
to see what he thinks of my outfit.>>Wow! Different. You look very different.>>A good different
or bad different?>>Good, I guess.>>Okay. Alright.>>Alrighty.>>So guys if you think
that I won round number three, go on POPJAM and comment
down below underneath the picture that Ronald just took that I won.>>Okay guys now it’s my turn
for round number three. I need to do really good
because I want to win. What have we got for the pants? We got some blue! Some nice blue shorts,
they’re very big but actually one of the smallest which is pretty good. So I’m going to put that
on the floor for 100% picking. Here are the shirts. We got some shirts. I’m going to pick this turquoise
one because I like it. And for the shoes or no belt. I could pick this belt. Now for the shoes. What shoes have we got? We got some blue ones but
I already had those. A bunch of high heels except
for this one some in the back. So these are kind of girly. But they’re still going
in a hundred percent picking. I have no other choice. So guys I’m going to change, and I’m gonna see you in a minuto. The magical land
of Ronald’s awesome clothing! Look at me. Ooh la la. Look at me. Look at the pants, belt, shirt! Karina, are you ready to see
the Ronald wins amazingness?>>Okay.>>Oh yeah! Ronald wins!>>It’s basically like no different
from all your other outfits. You still look the same.>>Well I got awesome shoes. Tap shoes. Ha ha ha ha ha.>>I’m not sure if those
are tap shoes but okay. Cool. Guys I think now it’s time
for Ronald’s picture time. In his grandpa outfit. All right. I need to get your shoes in. Interesting pose. Good. Great. Amazing. Okay.>>So guys we all agreed
that I win so go to POPJAM, find the picture, comment down below, and say “I agree”. So guys since it is
round number three, and I look the best in this outfit, we are going to do a fashion show.>>So guys this is our profile on POPJAM. Our username is SISvsBRO. We already have a bunch
of pictures posted onto here and we’ll post the pictures
from this challenge on to POPJAM. If you want to download POPJAM,
you just gotta click the link in the description down bellow.>>Oh yeah.>>And remember if you follow us,
we’re gonna follow you back! And remember to comment down
that I won because I am so cool.>>No no no that I won because
I look so fab in this shoes! We hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye!

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