Wear Testing the Lebron 15 Sneakers | Esquire Sneaker Review

I’m Kevin Dodson. I’m Vice President of Basketball Footwear for Nike. This is the Lebron 15. The shoes were amazing. I feel like the cushion is incredibly new and different. What’s happening here? There’s a couple thing going on: One What we tried to do with the shoe Obviously we’re building it for a massive explosive guy But Most consumers Most basketball players like ourselves we want to be able to get up and down and run up and not feel like we have too much under the foot Those are literally air bubbles? Yeah, this is like the max form of Zoom Air so Zoom Air is this incredible combination of sort of bouncy responsiveness with protection. But you have fabric inside the air unit that keeps it maintained at one height and it compresses and snaps up so you get just like that kinda umph! bounce up and down the shoe you just feel that pop What about the material? Why that material? And what is it? This is a flyknit battle so we had flyknit in the brand for a number of years It’s amazing in terms of performance. It gives great comfort. It’s breathable. And it gives a really amazing sock-like fit What’s different about this one is we worked really hard to engineer some structure to give you support. So when you cut side to side in basketball You stay on top of that amazing air unit but you still get the grace of support When you design a shoe Do you think style or performance first I think you gotta think performance first but performance and style isn’t mutually exclusive you need both You gotta feel confident wearing them with
a pair of denims and getting on the streets and how would your rock that on the street I think if you see kids out on the street their going to show us how to wear it and as long as we give them a product that
feels fresh and feels modern and feels simple at the same time innovative they’re going to teach us all sorts of new
ways to wear it that’s what we love to see

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  • Nice video of the Nike LeBron 15 test wear and interview with Kevin Dotson. The Lebron 15 is definitely a dope and great shoe have the ashes and ghost colors gonna try to get all of them

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