“We Don’t Have a Name For This Show….Yet” : Adidas Alpha Bounce Beyond

What’s up guys(!)? Ahhhhhh, its been a long while since we had errrrr (Oh, sorry. Hihiha) Tell you this fella ahhh, last video he hijack, this video also he wanna hijack Eh, can you please.. (get the hell outta here) Can you please find.. *PIUUUUUU* your own show ah? Anyways, err its been a while… (Ahhh) I think the last time we had a video was three weeks ago? So, as you all know… if you follow me on IG, I went on a holiday to Australia and I apologize to some of you guys who sent me shoes and I have not reviewed them So sorry Adidas. So as usual, we will start off the show Its been, becoming a tradition, we ask a question every week. Before the review of the shoes.. The question for today is… Would you have shit outfit but dope sneakers, or shit sneakers but dope outfit? Which will you prefer? Mauf auf in the comment. (#IntroThings) Music Lalalalala~ Alright, ahhhh. Without further ado The first shoe… ummmmmm that we’re gonna talk about after our long break is none other than You can see here. It’s the….. Alphabounce Beyond. Alright! So uhh for those of you who don’t know, like you know along the years, we’ve actually been doing this video review, shoe review thing for about 2 years and in this past two years, umm if you just joined… The FIRSSSSTTTTT shoe we ever did on this program is actually none other than the Alphabounce the first edition of the Alphabounce. Uhhhh, that was back in 2016 The Alphabounce actually has a special place In We Don’t Have A Name For This Show’s heart It’s because, it is the first shoe that actually kickstarted this whole show *cue stupid images and stupid videos from the first edition* HARLOWWW! *cue Timbaland Bounce music* *cha cha cha* So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna talk about how this two are different. And, as you can see Just by looking at it Its very different in a sense of the way it looks… Andddd alsoooooo Material wise, its much different so initially when the Adidas Alphabounce came out it was marketed as a running shoe. Soooo, its meant for… the way its designed its meant for one directional running and Alphabounce Beyond is not just about running it’s about training. So, its gonna be multi-directional That’s why they made the outsole wider, errr, tooooo… give you more stability when you’re doing multi-directional stuff. They added twoooo.. They added two sides to the heel cup. Previously there was only like, the heel cup is actually lower so they actually increased it. So, they give you more support. And they actually improved on the forged mesh. So, what is forged mesh? Forged mesh is similar like forged knit. *ding* which Adidas came out with they take two materials, like example, in this case the mesh they put them together and heat it up to make it thicker or at certain places they make it thinner. So, like for example, you can see here, this part, and this part, this part its actually using forged mesh and they have meshhhh The materials together… They have forged the materials together *epiphany* (OhhhMaiiiiiiGourdddddddd) Stressnyaaaaa. Okay so basically what they did was, they forged certain parts of the material to make it thicker so that it will last longer. And also previously, the first edition did not have Continental soles. And, right now it comes with Continental soles for extra traction Yah, a lot of people say that this is actually a poorman’s Yeezy like if you can’t afford the 350’s, you buy these. If you look at it, its pretty similar in terms of the way it looks. If you just look at the silhouette, it kinda looks.. the shape kinda looks like a 350. And if you look like, look at this. This part here from the top down you can see that it has the similar characteristics of a 350. You know that very wide broaddd outsole. Thick lah, thick outsole lah Yah, so if you can’t really afford one, just go and buy these. It’s only 450 ringgit. Previously, the first edition is actually only three-nine-nine, back then? And they only raised 50 ringgit for this new edition with much more features. BUT! I gotta talk about, a bit about this is because this is the Parley edition Andddd, how you can tell whether it’s a Parley edition is by this usually they have this signature, sewing at the back here… Uhh, what is Parley? Parley is a organization that takes plastic bottles from the sea And they make them into materials to uhh, make into shoes. Or other things.. SO! What’s amazing about it is for the Ultra Boost, this is the Alphabounce, they have another Ultra Boost edition One pair of Ultra Boost, they use about 11 bottles from the sea. And, from what I heard June is gonna be a huge, HUGE date! So, mark your calendars, its gonna be very VERY big for Parley and Adidas in June. And I just want to let you know that You can also look cool, while saving the environment at the same time. From the first impression, I like the design. They look very sharp right now and it kinda have that, as I said earlier, that Yeezy 350 feel to it. Err, I have not tested it out yet, so… maybe i’ll test it out and We’ll have a part two on this, we’ll see how. But, from what I seen online and also from friends who have tried it out. The stability is really, really good on this pair. Anddd this, wider stance really helps with multi-directional uhh movement. Also, the Continental sole. So…. my guess… three fifty..FOUR FIFTY! 450 ringgit, good price for a training shoe to beat up or all for everyday use. With that said, thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you in the next episode of We Don’t Have A Name For This Show Yet. (whack 9 you) (Eh, I throw the… I throw ah, I throw ah. Eh catch ah)


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