We BUILT the GREATEST thing in Minecraft – Minecraft with Jacksepticeye – Part 4

Green pewdiepie: oh welcomeee baacccckkkk gaaaameerrs!! seh. Jack: no… I… hate myself Felix: I wanted to join. I’m like no, I can’t. *Laughter* Pewds: Intro completed. Pewds: Welcome Back! Pewds: Wow!! We traveled so far!! Jack: What are we doing? Felix: We are… Jack: I climb mountain now, Felix: Oh, climb mountain, very epic. Jack: I’m going up here to see what the hell is up here. Felix: Heck HECK Felix: Thank you SWORE! SWORE! Felix: Now I have 2 fight you on top of mountain, to show Susan I am not actually bad. *Laughter* Jack: Susan, look I play Minecraft now. I’m nice. Felix: She’s like, “I give you good ads,” “don’t worry.” Jack: She’s like, “I put you on trending.” Jack: “Please play more.” Felix: Every day. *gasp* ALPACAS I’ll get the left one. Jack: Are those Wild Alpacas? Felix: They’re wild! Epicly! Jack: Oh my- *laughter* Felix: *hh HAAHH* Jack: I want one! We don’t have any saddles. Felix: Aw *fkaaa* *Kqqq* Felix: Maybe we can ask them for em’. Jack: are you spitting like the alpacas? *chuckles* Felix: no-*laugh* *gasp* BEHBEH Pewds: Behbeh alpaca. Jack: TWO behbehs! Pewds: Ok, how bout this, we put them in a hole, so we can just grab em’ later. *alpaca noise* Jack: ok *laughing* J: that’s..horrible.
P: I think this one likes me. Pewds: Holybull? Jack: Hey- go in the hole! No- stop climbing! Pewds: is yours in a hole yet bruh? Jack: NO- J: Oh I hit one. Pewds: Min-mine is in the hole. Jack: AHH THEY’RE SPITTING AT ME Pewds: ahh they’re spitting on you Jack! Jack: I’m sorry. Pewds: Stop spitting on Jack! He’s innocent! Jack: I don’t have a shovel. Jack: Did you put one in a hole? Pewds: Yeah of course. Jack: Oh, you’re on you’re on this now. that’s easier. Yes. Pewds: Stay in the hole! x2 J: You don’t need a dad. P: We’re your new papi. P: AY! J: sorry Jack: Oh come on! It’s not fast enough at digging! Use your tiny hands! P: Why- it’s too fast. He can’t be stopped. J: There we go. There we go. Push him in– push him in. Go in. P: Oh my god. You pushed him out. J: I did not. I did nawwt. (The Room reference) P: I think they will despawn, just so we’re clear that- Jack: No, no, this is gonna work. Perfect Pewds: Stay in the hole. We’ll find you guys. Jack: It’s because we care. Pewds: I put a lid just to make sure it’s safe. Jack: Okay, and I give sacrifice. Pewds: To Water Sheep? Jack: No, to Golden Alpaca. P: My inventory is full! It’s a mess. J: Really? I have like 5 things. P: Can I give you some?
J: Yeah, please
P: here’s a gold nugget. J: Where did you get all this?
P: And wheat seeds… Redstone J: Can you give me food? That would be great. Aaawesome… *chuckles* That’ll be so cool if you-
-I’m so sick- Alright I have food. *Jack Laughs*
-and mutton. God Lord, you’re like a McDonald’s. I’ll take it. McDonalds has mutton apparently. I want a pet dolphin in my game. -God me too! -Why can you not? -Bullcrap.
J: I don’t know. I trapped one before- –
P: *Gasp* Flower biome!
-Is that special? -No, never mind, it’s not it’s regular.
-Cause I have a flower. Island in my game. Is that special? Am I special?
-Yeah. Yeah you’re special. J: OHHH MYY GODDDD!!! P: Did we just emigrate to new world because I feel like that’s what we did. Even though it’s equally bad. J: Pretty much. We left Scandinavia. We need new accents. Felix: ehh J:I kill you with diamond pickaxe!
P:[Russian accent] We went to Russia. It is very epic. -“Riasha”. -“Riasha”. J: Oh my god kill skeleton skeleton too scary. I don’t like him
P: Skeleton too bony. P: Everyone my family because we don’t feed.
J: Okay. No go back. This is way worse. *Laughing* F go back. Sheep!! Sheep! Wait, why is it long string in the sky? What is that? Oh, it hasn’t loaded yet.
-Wow, look at that epic mountain! It looked really cool, dude. I don’t like this. Do you like this? No, I don’t like anything of what we’re doing. *laughs* We’re not doing anything. I’m trying to figure out. Oh, let’s go to spruce place. I like the Spruce place. We could have had like seven storey house by now.
-Witch! P: Kill the witch! P: OH Help me please.
J: They’ll put a spell on you. I don’t even know where you are. Please help. I’m about to die. I heard that.
Please help.
I’m coming.
Please help. My sword went out. -I only have is a pickaxe.
-Wait I have an axe. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. -No I’m dead I’m gonna die. I’m serious.
You’re not!
I have one health. You’re not gonna die. The witch is dead.
-We need to sleep Otherwise, we won’t respawn. -SLEEP. Oh my god, you have arrows everywhere. Oh my god! I’m about to die. I saved you though!
You did bro. Thanks, bro.
No problem bro.
Three hours too late. Cringe. (three hours later.) Okay, we should sleep- (Enderman!) J: Oh God, there’s creepers(aw man) everywhere. P: Umm… Okay, wait. I don’t- should we go back? What do we do? (I don’t know keep pushing forward.) Okay, let’s go to the spruce. Okay, I’m there. I have diamond pickaxe. I really don’t want to lose this. -we have to kill sheep if you see. J: OH OH OH! We need to sleep Jack. We need to sleep. I know but we need to- Oh there’s a village here. We can sleep in the village. Hurry. Follow me. (Sweet Oh God wait-) There’s wolfies. Woah- tiny doggos! -Okay, watch out for berries, they hurt. They sting. They sting like tears from your eyes.
-Oh god, you have special technique of jumping? J: I didn’t know that makes you go faster.
P: Oh my God, noob. AAH NO I DIED! GET MY PICKAXE!
(NOOO) It’s right out side of the door. NOOOOO WHYYY?
-GET MY PICKAXE AND SLEEP! I got it! get my pickaxe and sleep. Okay, (Oh God wait where the hell do I respawn, ) I told you bro we were supposed to sleep you died outside. Oooh no I’m in the original place… *Dying scream* Wait, I have to sleep I have to sleep otherwise bad. Wait, do we have to sleep at the same time? Three two one sleep. There’s no beds I’m sleeping. (There’s no beds!!) I’m sleeping.
(Ooh, I found diamond.) I can’t sleep! -Wait wait wait, it’s not bad-
-The whole series is me dying. I have a diamond bro! Three diamonds (cool.) Cool! Now sleep. Okay. One second. (That’s awesome!) Sleep is the safest. -So happy for you. There’s no b- *gasp* There is frickin black panthers bro. You’re missing out bro. Okay. Wait, I- I will sleep in that I will dream of you and maybe that will make you teleport. What do you think? (I will teleport to you?) If I if I sleep okay, I’m sleeping. I’m dreaming up Jack. Dream of Jack. Dream of dream oceans. Oh look good morning top of morning!
Top of morning. Okay – 727 *chuckles* -2000. I’ll make a boat. Are you actually gonna walk? No, I’m gonna sail. I’m not walking all of this. I respect, I respect- there’s gold. You need to stop dying. J: I do need food though. J: I wanna make bread! P: Ow. J: Yeah, I can’t make bread. P: I think this is a cool place. I like this place.
J: Yeah, it’s awesome.
P: Yeah, it’s so cool I mean, I can come back if you want. Jack you’re not gonna believe what I just found (What?) Not one not two, Seven (Hundred.) potatoes. J: *Gasp* Oh my god it was so worth it!
P: You better come here. You better come here straight away. J: This is why I made the sacrifice. J: Um. P: That’s why I thought we could emigrate to new planet. Just like Elon Musk. J: It’s good when you plan it. P: Yeah, Mars, it’s like hey Mars. Hello? Hello Mars. It is me. J: Hello, it’s me. P: Hello it is me, Elon Musk. Hello. J: Elon Merusk. P: Elon Merusk. *Laughing* J: Elon Meursk a bloo bloo. J: Okay, wait, what’s your coordinates? P: Oh I see okay. -729 J: It’s not THAT far. P: No, no, it isn’t. J: I’ve gone further. Maybe I’ll just go through the nether and dying lava five times again.
P: Oh my god. See it’s funny because I could joke about it now. *Laughing* Not that it hasn’t happened. J: I did the exact same thing in my own playthrough again. Whoa, there’s armor racks.. I went into the nether and forgot. Sorry, tell me. J: I went into the nether and forgot flint and steel so I had to use a ghast. -No! And then he disrupted the lava and I died. P: Oh my god. J: I have a problem. Jack, you keep dying! I know! I’m horrible! You’re gonna love this. I built like one two, three, four, five. Six houses. Wow. Yeah. It’s great. Built or stole? Does it matter? Stealing them is better. Okay, stole. I stole. Awesome. I love stealing people’s houses jumping in stealing all their stuff sleeping in their beds. I like how I was so amazed by our place the first time and then I was like, oh, but there’s nothing else here… I like the spruce area though. It reminds me of the fjords. J: The fjords back in Bjork? P: Yah, you’re kirik They say they say you Bjerke enough time. You become a Bjerke. J: Say once you Bjork you never go. P: Yeah. The way you speak, Jack, the words.. Reminds you of the motherland? P: Reminds me of my mother. Aw, that’s nice. My mother’s land. I’ll make sure that… If I ever meet her I’ll talk like this to her. [Russian accents]OH! Hello. P: Hello, do you understand? Felix meom? *Laughing* P: Felix mama. J: Okay. It’s so good to meet! J: He’s big bouncy baby. He’s You’ll meet her at the wedding. J: Oh, right. I wanna do that. I’m gonna give a speech. P: Skeetch! P: Speech speech. Hello Swedish. I speak like this. So you understand me. J: Water Sheep Water Sheep. *Laughing* Don’t even know what half of the stuff from your series is. I haven’t watched the episodes. I just keep getting secondhand knowledge from everybody. It’s literally just, ah, Water Sheep. J: That still doesn’t explain anything you say that like it’s a normal thing in the game. P: What do you mean? Sheep sheep. J: Is this a sheep that’s in the water? P: Don’t make me talk about it. It’s too painful. J: Okay, I get it. Sorry. P: You lose enough Water Sheeps. I break any man. I’m not scared of no, man, but that Water Shee p.. J: It frightens me. Okay. I’m at 700 700. P: Damn, bro. No, -2000 -700. Oh, yeah – – I love this area. We should fence this city so we can protect and sleep. J: That is what vikings did! P: This is what we do we take their hot babes. Oh my God. So many hot babes here. J: Steal their house. P: That’s why old Scandinavian so attractive, we picked out all the good ones. Does that mean we become prettier and prettier as a species?
J: Yep. P: But then why you ugly? BRUH. God oh my god can’t believe. J: C an’t believe he just said that to me. What if I find something like totally epic? P: And I come to you and we make epic. If we find a horse that we tame, then we can give them both armor cuz I have two iron armors. J; For horse?
P: For horse, yes for horse. DAAAAMN. Wait, that’s not the armor. You were gonna give me is it because you think I’m a horse? I’m trying to make the potatoes into a heart, but it looks like fork. Haha, but understand what I’m trying to do. J: No, I get it. Don’t ruin the surprise. Every time an Irishman looks at a potato. It looks like a heart oh. haha Yeah, I I can see that I like how at the start of each episode I complain that we don’t get enough done and then I die and I spent the whole episode trying to get back. I kill cow now. Sorry cow. Hungry. I thought you were vegan. Oh They are vegan cows. Oh good. You don’t know there are vegan cows? Is this another thing like water sheep? No Actually never I brought up water sheep. Once you talk about water sheep. You never go back you never forget the pain Hey, there’s a bunch of sheep around me though that I can kill for vegan beds Because I kind of need the meat as well See why progress in Minecraft when you can just steal other people’s progress I make bed and I sleep make bed and sleep. Oh good night world. Okay. Good night. Good night. Sleep sleep I sure hope green boys thinking about me always Where is he? It’s almost like he’s speaking in my brain, but why he had to die. I’m here Masaka? ha ha ha. Masaka?! I smell potato Is you it’s me. It’s my deodorant. Oh my god i see him oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Okay Oh, thank you (on to neh) for you and for me. Iron chestplate… Yeah for you and follow me good d-bag You can take – oooooh Heart potato heart potato and also look soft potatoes. I know you like soft po ta toesssss you’re a gud fren. diamond pickaxe Yeah, I don’t know how many times I got it It’s the gift that keeps on giving thank you the keeper gave it This village is massive, like look, it goes all the way even up here Jeepers, what should we call the village? They all have eye patches. I know they’re like blacksmith kitty so cute I think we’re in a pirate village pirate blacksmith’s a Viking village pirate Viking Not eating the bread that you gave me telling you man, my brain just turns off Just as long as my my crab pick egg is okay Pickaxes go on forever that’s really part of our problem right now. We really need you like tame Wolf, we need our dogs foxes here, but we need a leash for them. So sad you can still breathe them. Oh No, they have a baby already the two babies make them more baby. Oh wait, they need to mate with someone else Yeah, it’s just a mom with two babies. Ah, dummy mom. Oh look. He’s with us now. Oh, if only we had a leash We’re two leads. We could have two foxes. Now my god, that’d be so cool Maybe we could build house build a mansion right in the middle of all their houses Yeah on top of all of theirs. Yes, wait, which is who has the biggest house if we build a house on top of Like a two-story house back here I haven’t built anything, you know while I’m down this one seems good I’ll get some wood at least now, you don’t have to worry about dying as well. I always worry about dying in this game Wait, there’s no lab around is there hey How about we just use this house right in the middle the hill from what else is out? Yeah, I just build on top of it I like you thinking these are gonna have to go not offense, you know like those now It looks like our house in the middle of the shop shop shop I’m doing some renovations cuz I think it has Marcie blocks all We need to do up the house a little bit. Angry. I agree. Maybe we can add a floor to it Pop up morning cuppa morning disco. Hello. What happens when you ring the bell? We did the old runaway wave creatures attack. You can ring it and they all go into the house. Oh my god, they cool They went to our house Excuse me. Yeah, row when in the same building am I gonna have to commit a murder? Don’t do it jack I know it’s tempting but you’ve been for young murder. He has a sweeping edge iron sword for 11 emeralds How many emeralds do before this is so sad, but he have six soft potatoes for one whoa Arthropods, it’s four against spiders and son bane of arthropods two and knock-back one for sixteen emeralds Yeah, I never traded with the most type of villager Hello Hey boarding iron Oh gets up here, bro. Hello, you know sit see me, I do. Okay. Oh These blocks are not gonna do they have moss all over them. How did you guys live here with mold? Just go Stan. It was one of those guys Fang Yeah, we definitely improve this place. Absolutely. You’re welcome so much. We should be lately. Hey watch this Bounce out of the bed. Yeah, you can. Oh my god. You are babe. Get out get out. We should probably sleep actually Okay, I got this one. There’s one downstairs go. Okay go. Oh excuse. I’m here masa guy. Yeah Get out of my house Jack, I don’t know how to tell you this. I’m making my own house Haha, I wonder why I want our house come on, let’s be lured together. I don’t want to steal other people’s house We can be the mayors of this town. That’s true, and then they’ll have to listen to us We ring the bell every morning. We start the morning. We top of the morning to them How about we make like a reverse tower? So it’s skinny on the bottom, but Jake antek on the top like my peepee just starts at one block Oh see now the good idea come then then two by two or Yeah, yeah Maybe we should go in the mines then there’s a mine there down here. Where’s the mine here? Perfect. Oh, oh, oh Gollum Hey, bro, you want to help? Oh my god Trying not to hit you nice. Oh my god, sometimes the moms lag and then they just attack you even though oh, sorry Yeah, that’s okay, bro. I see her Enderman possible in Minecraft and they’re men in Minecraft. I was so shocked the first time I saw one and then it’s like oh they’re everywhere Yeah, I had no idea what it was. Yeah Work pillar house for us. That’d be cool. If you can employ them me like Hank Yes, but we’re not under contract. We have no Union to protect ourself we have to unionize and Became papers, please all of the sudden Maybe the diamond pickaxe is like your thing like Voldemort like your attachment to life my Horcrux your Horcrux. Yeah Yeah, that’s it that’s Why you haven’t died yet Cuz every time you mention to your diamond pickaxe somewhere last second So what are you doing in your minecraft
right now? I redid my entire castle. Oh, it looks awesome Giant Irish flag on top. Oh, you finally got it. Nice. I got a girlfriend for my dog Oh Me too, bro, except boyfriend. It’s pretty nice. What’s his name Sven’s boyfriend So original Give him a name bro. He’s not person’s boyfriend’s Feelings. Yeah why it’s such a badge months for pets on YouTube Well, I’ve got a comeback through minecraft. Uh oh, -Jack in danger noises- I like that. Do you hear that? Yeah, what did you do? I was building stairs So you get in and out of this hole and a creeper came up behind me. Okay? I got a few mats if you want to start building see that’s it’s just sounded like fortnite all of a sudden again Oh, is that a foreign? I think yeah do the metal mats Whoa, you make excellent entrance entrance to cave thing Wow I can fit a whole bus full of children down here. That’s the plan bus full of children go down the hole There’s a cover up these holes as long we take their taxes and we put it back into city. We make it good Look everyone nice place. We give back to people, i found bed before anybody else – its mine dibs I feel like they just looked at Squidward more like yeah, that’s You know spongebob is in the game right? Have you done an ocean temple yet No, then you’ll see spongebob Well, it did make a character based on Slenderman and just called him Enderman. I Like a challenge that’s good enough Good job Dude me and fire do not cooperate obviously XD – Blazor Should we do it like this where we build only in the edge out and not like yeah So it’s like a reverse pyramid almost That’s sick. You just be like, (i honestly dunno) How do we get on it we’re gonna have to build some like mega stairs going into the front of it ooh So, how about we like leading from this pathway? We have stairs. Oh, it’s Hold up, one second but we can we can change we can make it more Center we Center this and then we have like badass like Imperial steps going all the way Yes, and then we hollow out some of the middle of it and then go up into the middle and inside we’ll have a bunch Of parrots and a jukebox and they will be a priority. Yeah Take a little long there I was on board but i just didnt didn’t fully grasp the full concept of it. Uh-huh. Yeah. All right I got blue screen again from playing Minecraft. This is the fourth time we could make a piston door We can keep the symmetrical shape of the you can still have an entrance coming from the bottom. Ooh, yeah Like that this became our new mine. I like that build this whole entrance thing. This is just for now This is just to steal rock. I see the other one is ceremonial we borrow from earth Too late Nom nom nom so what if we burn down village? -evilness noises- Build our house. The only thing that will be just to be a temple of fire -more evilness noises- Spit out flames. We brought fire to your village I’m just happy that we’re doing something that doesn’t involve you dying. That just doesn’t involve us talking in a Swedish accent for an hour. Oh -breathing noises- Remember back in the day when I did like the montages, right? Yeah what I was trying to create those moment as much as possible Like I went always having that in mind just because oh yeah got it Okay, if I exaggerate a little extra head then perfect for the mountains later when we completed it Everyone be like how you built that you must have used creative My meatball people say that about my castle it was even saying as well like oh I built it using creative I mean survival because I tripped myself up thinking about creative so much Everyone was gonna be like he did it He said it Exposed drama alert. I want to see this from our other spawn. I’ll be able to see it from space Chinese wall and upside and peering me They’re having a party might a few yeah we’re doing last time. Okay break it up You guys break it up go home actually work. I refers to go polish touch people in a party 2009 Their outfits look like Dutchman’s I guess so, right mix up touch and Where’s the sound of music recording Austria? That’s very different. It’s the same country It’s gonna say maybe we should take out the block at the very bottom. So it’s a floating permanent OSE are you holding up the pyramid? Oh my god, it’s up of my head jack big brain My brain How do you get in now is how you answer Maybe you could build a water elevator underneath it. See that’s what I wanted you to do now It looks like it has it pooping pooping pyramid. No, it’s gone now Alright, no more of it. Speak no more of this and then when it’s done We steal the bell and we put it on top of her So that we can just burn and we snipe all the villagers What are you gonna keep see pictures of you with peepee? Poo-poo written all over? I feel like I don’t even need to watch your series at this point Everyone else will just give me all the information baby. Boom. That’s all you need to know See you good was he a good pig it? Sound like you died in the winter fight. No, not really either die PB read a poop No, either die irrelevant or live long enough to play Mike. Oh All this I can’t help it if minecraft is legitimately fun I recorded minecraft today, and then we’re recording now and then later on another livestream minecraft You got to do it man Getting cobblestone. Are you lost old man? I think he’s senile come on follow me. Is he down there? He’s down here. But don’t worry. I save you. It’s too dark. I- You can barely see him *imitates creeper* Get out Where’s the entrance? If you’re not out in 10 seconds, I kill ya to be to war swore It’s always that thing you never know what you’re gonna build in Minecraft and then suddenly personally genius stroke of genius I think I have one of your axes by the way. I just realized so good man. Sure He’s caring sharing is caring and building is the best part of Minecraft. Oh, yeah. Dude, looks so sick bro. haha surprise second stack Who are you surprising? JACK: myself Hey, has it been windy for you in Brighton? Yeah. Yeah, it’s wild I- I got those like rent-a-bike things Uh-huh And I went to the shop in them and then the freaking wind like keeps blowing the bike sideways as I’m going down the street See I was gonna go with the paddleboard and then I looked at the weather and this is like yellow warnings Not that bad and then just a storm hit and I’m like, okay This is the wind stops, I’ve been waiting Ok, so we have one started in the middle here, oh you should make four Everything has to be symmetrical. Yeah. I like it though. It’s very pleasing to the eye. Okay I need more stone Peasants, you’re all a bunch of fools Nya hahaha JACK: it’s not even finished and he’s already a dictator Poor a basket oh glory. There’s not even any like Subtlety to it anymore. It’s just poor weak Small brain Me big top of Egypt. So how do you get out of the Pyramid? And how do you get in? That’s something we figure out later you build the pyramid first PEWDS: jump the trees! Hello, did they- did they invent how to extinguish fire first before inventing fire? I don’t think so Alright, I never thought of that you’re just blowing my mind, right now. Yeah, probably the demise of humanity it’s the fact that we always invent stuff before we figure out how to Put it out. Yeah, the safety measure comes second. Yeah destroy first Rebuild second. I’m a fool jump to trees stay with the peasants. Oh, I saw you jump that was epic Dude, they’re having a pool party stop Stop go back to work. Stop break it up back to work build our Tower Yeah, help build the tower. The tower build. Our tower as an affront to God I feel like we have to take down one of their houses? It would look better- it looks better without their houses I’m gonna destroy the ones around the tower. Should we blow it up? Do we still have that TNT? Ah no, it’s in the base Remember you used it to try and kill me? What you never played tuber simulator? That never happened, come on bro Oh, no the Golem stood in the fire, what are you doing? Idiot. What happened? He stood in the campfire and almost died. And then he’s walking away like ‘oh, that hurt’ I feel bad now. I guess I leave. Do they heal themselves or I don’t know this- it looks pretty cool But I think I should double up the stairs or triple it. The excessiveness is happening But you spent a long time building your house yesterday. Yeah, you get that a trip like I have to finish this no matter what? Matter you put something in one place. It’s like I wonder what that look better. It’s like oh my god, it looks way better I have to change it all now Yeah, that’s what I’m doing that I feel like Doing bro. It has to be done, bro. See that looks better Oh, how should we lit it we got to make sure we lit it symmetrically as well for now I’ll just put stuff in the corner. Oh that yeah, that’s one in each corner onions level Mm-hmm. Yeah good. You think both Smith will be in this rewind he’s in the new rewind Yeah Yeah, this is him reacting to him going. Yeah, yeah That would actually be pretty good double. Yeah. Good self awareness on YouTube spurt Maybe we should put beds in the ground outside of it So we jumped YouTube is watching right now what write that down write that down write that down? Sorry what we think I’m saying we should jump off the tower into beds. Oh, oh Yeah, we can do that. Oh They’re shooting how they killed our Angolan today. Yeah Means I can grab his iron that probably means we sleep sleep sleep. I’m going to make it I have to make it to this house We still have to figure out how to get in. That’s tomorrow’s problem Tomorrow’s prob tomorrow’s Shawn and Felix today is just big brain ideas Yeah, we invented before we figure out the countermeasure exactly to err is human and also arrogance and all other bad traits Do you think a dog has ego? No, just human I just realize this is gonna sound very big brain the more we build then more we need Where are you you must have so much yes, but yet the more we build every layer requires However, a number of mass of block more. Yeah, could I have some because I don’t have any Thank you. I worked hard for this. All right. All right. I respect it Just let me just I want you to know I respect you dizzy. Boom. Do we not have enough? I Don’t need to regret it now dude, we should put a campfire in the middle and smoke will come out of it It looks so good. How do you make a campfire? I keep forgetting you need like there’s one on the ground Just steal that one Yeah, but it it becomes charcoal and when you take it, oh, you need cam tax you need a flint in the middle So oh, it’s his coal. Oh cool Oh To the mines. It’s called right there next to it to the left rock wall with tons of coal in it Oh my god, I could just jump to this area up here now and jump to tree break my ankles Morning Jack, I always die in this game Okay, so if I put the campfire you heat? Yeah, I just love how this thing is in every shot of anything. I’m doing Gigantic it’s beautiful. We should name it to Burt our to bird tower Wait, does the smoke actually come out? I don’t know.. Is it? I can’t see the top from down here. No, oh it is! That’s so cute. *laugh* Little poof! Little poofies! Poof, poof! Oh, why is there a hole here? Oh! More poofies! *indistinguishable jack words* Oh! Lot of poofy! Ohhhhh yeah, look at this jack. Oh yeah! That awesome!
*Cough, Cough, Cough* Smoking kills, Felix! That’s what I want, that’s what I want.
Smoking kills the youtuber. Just don’t jump down in the hole.
Don’t jump the hole?. Oh, yeah, we’d die if we jumped that. Wait, wait, what if we uh- *Felix groans* Smoke signals!
Oh! Yes! Okay gamers, minecraft is the best game I got this game check out Porter for next bye gamers bye gamers remember pyramid Remember pyramid think of it when you sleep at night the power of the pyramid (awkward) WHAT?! You haven’t tried Tuber Simulator? Seriously? *bark* After 50 million outros? *Maya barks* Maya! shh *bark* Maya! (laughs) God damn it Maya? Come here (continual barking) Dow-just downl- it’s still relevant just download it *outro music plays, download tuber simulator right now* Maya: bork Also Maya: bork

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