Wayne’s World (6/10) Movie CLIP – I Will Not Bow to Any Sponsor (1992) HD

The fact is,
he’s the sponsor And you signed a contract
guaranteeing him
certain concessions, One of them being
a spot on the show. That’s where I see things
just a little differently. Contract or no, I will
not bow to any sponsor. I’m sorry
you feel that way, But basically,
it’s the nature
of the beast. Maybe I’m wrong
on this one, But for me, the beast
doesn’t include selling out. Garth, you know what
I’m talking about,
right? It’s, like, people
only do things
because they get paid, And that’s
just really sad. I can’t talk about it
anymore. It’s giving me
a headache. Here.
Take two of these. Ah. Nuprin. Little. Yellow.
Different. You can stay here
in the big leagues And play by the rules Or go back to
the farm club in aurora. It’s your choice. Yes. And
it’s the choice
of a new generation.


  • My Little Bossings in a nutshell. 😛

  • There's a right way and a wrong way to do product placement.

    Wayne's World not only satired the genre, but did it in such a funny, interesting way.

    Meanwhile, Transformers 4 pans a camera over a crashed Bud Light truck before Mark Wahlberg takes a sip from one.

  • I've been sponsored by them too….just I never negotiated or got paid ??

  • Damn Doritos used to look noce

  • Youtubers be like

  • Mmmmm buy Reebok

  • The worst movie Ive ever seen in the theaters

  • Is this movie actually good ? I never seen it but I’m hesitant when ever I go past it

  • it’s almost like they predicted influencer culture

  • Has anyone else ever had that same exact feeling when calling the cable company for technical supportand having to sit through a half an hour of upgrades, sales, and random pitches before they'll help you?
    "Upgrade to gold and have 300 more exciting channels that you won't be able to see because it still won't work!"

    That's exactly the same way I feel about overly obvious product placement in movies.

  • Unless the price is high enough…

  • A really fun movie..

  • I haven't had pizza hut in a long time might go tomorrow

  • I always thought this scene was hilarious. It never fails to make me laugh.

  • omg Rob Lowe looks exactly the same.

  • maybe this is the reason, i drink Rebook and wear Pepsi … :O

  • Now I want to drink a pepperoni reebok yellow and different soda.

  • And all of this made me crave a Pizza Hut and some Pepsi

  • It’s sad how sponsors put pressure creative people forcing them to sell out , they need to relax and have a Big Mac from McDonalds ?.

  • i hate product placement, and i like this movie. this scene hurts me so much because if you do something ironically, but still do it, you're still doing it.

  • 0:25 why does that look like a baby's arm grabbing chips?

  • Is it me or does Rob Lowe not age?

  • I’d rather movies just do this and get it out of the way lol

  • Yes, and it's the choice of a new generation

  • "It's like people only do things so they can get paid keep living, and that's just really sad."

  • Mark devos loves waynes world while pedalling along in his wagon

  • Does Rob Lowe not age?

  • Nice cold can of Pepsi would be nice about now

  • You know I never really see or hear people wanting Pepsi just coke and Dr p

  • I was 4 when i saw this. When i fell in love with black licorice

  • This would be a good moment for various charities.

  • Nice thumbnail

  • Every youtuber in existence

  • Maybe I've had one too many Nuprin, but is anyone else disturbed that they make pizzas in huts?

  • I skipped the ads to watch this.

  • Still funny

  • Pizza looked good in the 90’s

  • I forgot what the old Doritos bag looked like! Or the old Pepsi!!

  • austin powrmers and the number 2 guy from dr evil team

  • Good for him for …not…selling out?

  • Need some doritos and pepsi now …

  • Is that jimmy fallon ?

  • This describes the disgusting society of today perfect

  • Shhaaaaweeeeing!!

  • They really need to show this in marketing classes

  • he got paid for that scene commercial

  • This is just amazing

  • These were the best ad placements ever for Pepsi / Doritos / Reebok / Pizza Hut… I doubt that they expect the movie to be such a hit and become a classic.

  • Wayne will become the face of Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Doritos, and Nuprin. And Garth will be the face of Reebok.

  • Even to this day, that's a funny scene.

  • Not buying Pepsi not buying Doritos and defo not taking those tablets

  • They got that Pizza from the Pizza Hut on Route 25 in Montgomery, IL.

  • real advertising, disguised..not as fake ..real advertising…!

  • Product placement? Like Rob Lowe's hair?

  • How many products were shown in just that clip?

  • Nah still think they should’ve ended hate with the pepsi smh ..they were so close to greatness..

  • He litterally just did an ad

  • The balls on every side of this equation is phenomenal

  • He had 2 Nuprin exactly left ?

  • I totally forgot that Nuprin was a thing. And I'm pretty sure Pepsi changed it's slogan from "The choice of a new generation" a few months before this movie was released, and had moved on to either "Gotta have it" or "Be young, have fun, drink Pepsi". Seems like Pepsi would've insisted that they use their current slogan if they were actually in on the gag. Then again, the new generation thing had been around for several years, while the other ones never really caught on so well.

    Fun fact: While researching this topic I just discovered that Pepsi hasn't actually come out with a new slogan since 2012, when they had 4 different slogans over the course of that year.

  • Video will play after the Ad

  • The asmr is real

  • most ironic product placement ever

  • This is amazing lmao

  • I was literally just watching Rob Lowe Goes Nuts.

  • Cinematic brilliance right here all in 1 minute, better than any of the commercials any of those products have ever done on their own.

  • Didnt realize this movie was all dad jokes.

  • That's the funny and sharp Mike Myers

  • Wowwwww didn't know Rob Lowe was soooooo good looking back then!

  • 00:38 Capitalism

  • So subtle…

  • Good ol days

  • Welcome to my world.

  • how to make ads fun

  • Is that jimmy fallon

  • I miss the 90s.
    Everything sucks nowadays

  • They predicted YouTube 20 years before it even existed.

  • Funny thing is this probably worked really well, lol, even decades later when I was watching this with some people it reminded one of my friends to go get pizza from Pizza Hut afterwards

  • The most brilliant product placement ever

  • If every movie took the time to just get the product placements out of the way like this, I wouldn't mind.

  • It was awesome meeting Mike Myers super nice guy. ❤️?

  • They brought some of these old logos back .good marketing strategy

  • Little did he know Pepsi is garbage ?

  • Lmfao

  • You cut off the end you MONSTERS

  • STILL A CLASSIC!!! ????

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  • 27 years later, and that's still how I drink my Pepsi!

  • into the pit for 1k years then.

  • If you look very carefully you can see subtle product placement. I think pepsi might have sponsored this scene

  • I will not bow to BEPIS

  • if ur dunna do product placement, this is is how U do it

  • How has Rob Lowe not aged!?
    This came out a quarter of a century ago.

  • This movie is the only reason I’m fine with drinking Pepsi

  • Twitch streamers:

  • No stairway to heaven

  • God I hate Rob Lowe…

  • Funny

  • Well, that's a relief. I thought they end up selling out at the end. How do YOU spell relief?

  • The second I saw this in my recommended I went and rewatched Wayne’s World

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