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  • Corporate media is meh

  • In a capitalistic country, people get what they deserve. With Donald Trump as President, it is nice to know America will get what it deserves as well… M.A.G.A.

  • Go Bernie! I voted for Bernie in California!

  • Stupid NH Democrats ignore the only peace candidate.

  • Why do they only ask Sanders voters if they'd fall in line and vote Blue? Why not the rest of the candidates?? The media is gross and biased.


  • It’s pathetic ur still selling this ‘let’s combine everyone else’ to push moderate nonsense n bash the winner. Amy, Pete, Warren are done after these mostly white states. Bernie has the path w/ a diverse coalition of support 43% of under 45 voted Bernie, he’s dominating the Latino vote, rising to nip Bidens heels on black vote. Honestly if u did ur job you’d be saying wat #risers is….the obv only Bernie has a real path to nominee w/ wins under his belt.

  • awesomely epic

  • I enjoyed the video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • Bernie 2020

  • I’m a union member. Healthcare for all would gives us the ability to negotiate to move resources from health insurance to wages.

  • Bernie2020!

  • America is a unique country. It's a nation of people who move forwards. No matter what obstacles are in our way. We move forwards. We are the ones, or we are the descendants of those, who crossed oceans, who crossed deserts, who left everything behind, who risked everything – to live here. We are a people who move forward.
    And now we are moving forward to a more social democracy.

  • Really going to miss Yang!

  • Bernie's second win and you say he didn't win enough. I can't wait to see your heads explode when he sweeps Super Tuesday.

  • @6:12:15
    Yessss for interrupting Pete-Bootyass speech for Bernies victory speech. NOW THATS PAYBACK!!!!!!!! Gotta love Karma

  • I'm for Bernie2020. If he loses I will support the democratic nominee to remove Trump. Then Trump can meet his fate with the judicial system.

  • So if Sanders wins both in Iowa and New Hampshire but Pete has the most delegates? Maybe the Democratic party should just let the Russians run their primary.

  • Lol the like to dislike ratio…

  • How could Pete claim PTSD when he had a cushy job.? Veterans _ need to educate selves so not disappointed. Study Tulsi a more genuine veteran.

  • I gotta say…those Boot-edge-edge chants are quite hypnotizing.

  • Just for those who didn't notice: All of the candidates (except Biden, of course) reiterated that the party needs to come together to defeat the greater evil. Bernie + Warren pretty much outright criticized Biden for his new, divisive campaign ad ridiculing Buttigieg. That should tell you flat out that Biden is NOT the right Presidential candidate.

  • C'mon y'all. Everybody knows here its going to be Trump for four more years

  • Has anyone noticed Buttigieg's resemblance to the cartoon Mad Hatter?

  • Bootyjdge is Gay. People can't seriously believe he can lead the free world. What have we come to? No world leaders would take him seriously? There is something very wrong in the minds of people who believe this could be. Those people have lost there way. Nothing to do with homophobia, it's just rediclous. Trump 20/20

  • The issue isn’t about the President, healthcare, racism, guns, illegal aliens or some down trodden clique seeking more equality than they already have. It’s about whether we will continue to live in a representative republic driven by a capitalistic economy or kowtow to a socialist castle built upon sand, mortared with emotion with Saul Alinsky as the contractor. A place where equality is implemented by the clenched fist of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. To paraphrase Robert Rourke, when you take from a man his country, religion, family values and way of life you had best replace it with something of value. The socialist offer nothing but a paradise bereft of any diversity of thought that cannot exist unless it’s enforced by the same iron heel that gave us Tiananmen Square.

  • This guy doesn't know anything! Mike Bloomberg WILL WIN in 2020. Mike Bloomberg is the only logical choice, folks!!!

    This comment paid for by Mike Bloomberg™


  • bunch of idiots, you gonna feel the Bern in your bank account.

  • Who is “Q+”?

  • A Democratic Socialist would like to talk about recent news coverage

  • Yes look at the numbers in New Hampshire…all of the numbers, the Democrats are in PANIC MODE, America is once again is Awake!

  • Barnun and Bailey could not have put together a better stage of clowns

  • They removed the comments and bot shocked the like this is Disgusting

  • Go Bernie! Go Bernie!! Go Bernie!!!

  • Socialism Will NOT Prevail, #45 4 more years keep on crying ya commies

  • Dem elitists live their lives in hypocrisy. They preach climate change but fly in private jets. They preach gun control but have armed guards. They preach higher taxes but have an army of CPAs to make sure they don't pay much. They preach open borders and helping the homeless but live behind walled properties. They preach no vouchers for schools, but wouldn't dare send their kids to their local public school

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