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I’m only 13 and I almost have 3000 followers Ava wants to be a social media star just like her hero self-proclaimed Beverly Hills brat Nicolette gray She recently defended her lifestyle choice and staggering allowance Which got as high as five thousand dollars a month on the dr. Phil show But I enjoyed the lifestyle, you know people are gonna hate on me, but they wish they were me So today we’ve decided to put up. What would you do spin on this story? Ava is more than a social media wannabe. She’s also a rude and obnoxious Shopper honey. This bag is so hot. All of your friends are gonna be so jealous There you go. Ew… that is not my style. Go get me something cute Okay, miss I’ll be right back. We have a lot of money to spend here You think that’s stupid worker will get it, right you’re at a clothing store When suddenly you spotted a bratty bossy teen who’s being incredibly rude and disrespectful Do you let her shop away and continue with her ugly insults or do you step in and tell this little diva? She’s a fashion don’t Uh. excuse me. Get out a shot. What would you do? Why is everyone in this store? So annoying? UGH! We’re rolling an Urban Club a popular and trendy boutique in Wayne, New Jersey These aren’t cool enough. I need like oh, oh, I’m sure I can find something then Ava is taking being bratty Gosh she has no idea, to the extreme So what about these? No This is cute I found awesome stuff here before you’re just giving me junk. Ava’s rude behavior Has the attention of this woman kids want to be Instagram famous like me I think people should have better taste in this store. And with that she’s pacing around the store. She’s just circling around her So maybe a dress this is cute. Oh no, you have a completely different style than me She alerts the store’s owner who’s also working with us. Just listen, it feels uncomfortable to me Thank you so much for telling ya but as Ava continues Traci brings out a shirt and she throws it back at her This is horrible. You don’t know what you’re doing. She decides to handle the situation herself, sweetheart. You gotta calm down She’s working here. She’s doing her best for you. It’s just not good enough. I’m sorry. It’s not. You’re entitled But she works here and does not deserve to be treated this way I honestly don’t know why you got involved when I see somebody acting unkind. I feel like I need to say something *SIGH* Time for us to let her know she’s been heard. Well, you have to say something What were you thinking I mean I just felt terrible for the woman who was working here and I do want to make sure that we’re raising Empowered girls to speak truths, but not to mistreat people but now that Mistreatment continues. Ooh, that’s so last year. I’d never wear that don’t you have anything else? That’s cuter this mother decides to engage with Ava How old are you? Thirteen. You’re thirteen?I have a I have a four year old Fun? I mean the workers here just don’t know what they’re doing What are you looking for? Something now make me look. Nice. Like she can’t find anything cool What’s cool? Point to her own outfit what I’m wearing like I put this together step by step So I have these. Okay. No, I don’t like camo. I’m not a camo. Oh, yeah, that’s a problem. That’s horrible You could definitely do better her calm turns to disgust and on her way out She lets Ava’s mom have it my daughter snap? If my daughter snapped at someone or rolled her eyes, I could promise you she wouldn’t do it twice. Ava’s mom makes it clear. She’s enabling her devilish daughter. I told her to expect the very best I’m a mom We all do the best we can We we do what we think is right And I definitely won’t let my daughter stand with her hand like this and her eyes rolling at a grown-up that wouldn’t happen either well I’m just… when your daughter is fifteen just when your daughter is 15 then tells you to *beep* *Beep* Don’t know why maybe you just don’t understand fashion likely to clearly not and that’s not my priority, buddy No, it is my priorities little girl, who knows that time to tell her it’s all been in that lady’s Social media has changed the way we interact with people and we see these little girls taking on these adult personas these adult Mannerisms and they’re rude and they’re you know, it’s some of it is parenting and some of it really just is an immaturity I don’t want to listen to a little girl act like it. Sorry. I don’t know Well today many other shoppers feel the same who’s your boss this woman is in disbelief Some step in by supporting our worker Looks cheap looks like what the poor kids aware and this teacher Attempts to teach her a lesson Hi there, how are you? I’m gonna cry because when I heard her say this stuff’s for the poor kids. I Almost left out our last shopper of the day She’s a teen herself you take a picture of me so I could add to Instagram sure Thank you so much I love it and she quickly befriends the polite Ava Dean But cute little Ava, oh my gosh, you know is about to show her true colors So do you like something like this No, and now Jessica Goldman has changed from friend to fold. You can’t do that I deserve the bathroom all Right there now. She’s about to find out where Ava gets all that mom attitude Idiot she’s not helping. You know, she’s not we don’t have a budget We’re gonna spend a lot of money here right now and that’s kind of a part of what they do. She’s just a worker And As Ava storms out. I’m done I’m out of here this young woman isn’t afraid to give our mom some parenting tips I Teach her that she can have whatever she wants I think my mom would kick me out of house. Great. Great. Well, very good. Why are you so upset? You shouldn’t be getting involved Good service. How are you? It happens, you know Why did it touch you so? So nice, I love all of them They’re my family friends and stuff and like my mom’s friends with them and they’re not me but something tells me even if you didn’t know the store owners you would still because I hate when people Disrespect people who are like helping them and serving them and to see her be so mean that made me so upset She wanted more followers. She wanted to look cool. Yeah. Yeah, that wasn’t cool. Definitely wasn’t cool. And of course, you know the owner Hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here. 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