VLOG: Slipper on Escalator Prank | Don’t do this

Ken Rix “Kin Rex?” Sarah He has just returned from. . .? From where? “Dymer” than Dim Prinsisa… (Princess) Danny Danny Rudi Remember Dani Rudy? Patrick Video? “Jeremy!” Please.. don’t… We can zoom it actually Ariel Harlem Oops! It’s me again Ken Rix What are we doing here, Ariel? We’re here to… to move on to eat! To move on? Doray! Doooor! Come here!!! [Basically playing some children’s TAG Game] Why can’t I see myself here? There’s no front cam! Oh, sorry Alright, here I am Say “Hi” HI! Mini Reunion with mini-people Mini reunion with “Mini-ME” Describe VERANZA I can’t see my self on the camera Poor me. Describe “Veranza” Refrigerator Refrige-ra-toor Re-fri-ge-raa-toor Really? Full of zeal What do you think? Right! Right! Filipino word for “Night Mass” This is really what GenSan looks like Amazing! GenSan is great! We have a song Yes, what? Filipinos are amazing Greater than Iiindians But, Americans are still greater Really great! Just roaming around Like Sarah’s (Geronimo) Song? Just roaming around Go on try the escalator Go ahead Oh my God! Bye, Pat! Is this an airport? Pat, write us a letter Bye Cess Where are you two going? What are you, Teletubbies? Where are you going? According to size? Ken Rix is next! Saint Peter Bye Oops! Sweet Wasabi, what? Sweet Wasabi There’s Spicy Chocolate, too Yes, there is That’s how “Matrix” my friends can become [I was referring to the action movie] No matter what happens, the slippers should be saved The slippers are valuable Cessa EO oh-ah-ah Cheng-cheng wala-wala bing bong EO Cheng-cheng into the room I know you want it (sang differently) Cheng-Cheng, all over you Cheng Cheng into the room I know you want it Cheng Cheng, all over you I’ll let you have it Wait a minute This is Ari Jessie and Ari – – – – – – – – Ari Filipino: “Sinong may ari?” Who sang that? – Nicki Minaj Coz Jessie J be like She got a body like an hourglass And then Nicki Minaj goes “Bang – Bang Bang-ba-bang..” I am Ariel Mamites Jr. and that is my LOVE That’s him He’s so near That’s him! That’s him There are couple shirts again! What’s the problem with couples wearing couple shirts? Nothing They will break up, after all! They just waste money on printing Exactly! RIDES! (Carnival Rides) They’re on a walkalator but we have a healthy(ier) lifestyle

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